The reason why children are "rotten" are not all sugar, but the 7 improper nurturing methods of parents

Our family Jingjing is more than 5 years old and has made up twice to make teeth. When I was 4 years old, I took her to closure. As a result, I found a big teeth when I was checked.Only change.After communicating with Jingjing, she was willing to make up her teeth, so she made four second -morale ditch closed, and she also made up a teeth.It ’s okay when the ditch is closed. You do n’t need to get the teeth directly. However, when the doctor wants to use an electric drill, the child will involuntarily nervous. Later, he manually picked the dental dental tooth to make it up.Later, the child reminded us to brush her teeth every day.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

I found that she had changed her teeth for the first time last two months.So he took her to extraction again, but it was checked that the four teeth that had been closed before the ditch had two filled substances, so she re -closed the ditch.

It was found that there was another teeth that was broken, and the second molar was changed until the age of 11. For the long five or six years, we decided to replenish the teeth.Essence

The doctor said that her teeth were not very good. Indeed, Jingjing grew her first teeth in 4 months. After a few days, she found that there was a black hole, because it was an incisor, it was not easy to make up.In addition, we will change, so we have no control.

And the early teeth, the lateral tooth of the early caries also shows that her teeth are the incomplete teeth.This has a certain relationship with heredity, and it has something to do with the nutrition and care of the day after tomorrow, but we can still do nutrition and care.

You must know that the teeth are not renewed. Our teeth have only two triads in their lives. The first is deciduous teeth, the second is permanent teeth, and the third pair can only be dentures. No matter how rich, no matter how good the dentures are, there is no ourselves.The teeth itself is good, and the teeth are good and the appetite is good. The impact of the health of the teeth will not only affect the mouth, but also affect the digestive function.

Think about the bad teeth, and the things are not rotten. You can only swallow jujube and give greater pressure to the stomach.

If the teeth are not good, it may cause bad breath. It is not willing to talk to others a little about others;

The teeth are not good, a mouth is full of tooth decay, which affects its external image.

So tooth health is critical.

The teeth have a lot to do with our acquired nourishment, and parents have the following seven things after pregnancy and their children are born, it is very likely to unknowingly hurt our children.

After 35 days of pregnancy embryo, the deciduous embryo mechanism has been formed, and some sedative drugs will affect the formation of children’s deciduous embryo.

Most of the deciduous teeth in the middle and late pregnancy are calcified, and the permanent teeth of the minor part are in the formation. At this time, medication will affect the development of children’s teeth.

Some drugs may not affect the development of the child’s brain, but it is also troublesome to affect the child’s teeth.

Many mothers think I have no symptoms, and the fetus is normal. I don’t need to supplement calcium, and I don’t have cramps.Maybe you are young, your own compensation is good, so there is no symptom.

For a simple example, the same anemia will be dizzy, but some people do not respond, so they have something to do with their tolerance.

It is recommended to eat more orange fruits and fruits in the early pregnancy, such as carrots, pumpkins, and oranges that can be converted into vitamin A, and eat some animal liver to supplement vitamin A in a week.

It is recommended to drink more than 300 ml of milk a day. It is best to make pregnant women’s milk powder, which can supplement high -quality protein and calcium.

Vitamin A, protein and calcium, are important for the healthy development of deciduous embryos.

According to the recommended intake of Chinese residents’ dietary nutrients: take 1,000 mg of calcium per day in the middle and late pregnancy, eat more soy products, 500 ml of milk per day, or supplement it through calcium supplement tablets.

When buying calcium tablets, pay attention to buying vitamin D, which can promote calcification of deciduous teeth.

Jing Mom went to work and talked about the child’s sleep. A parent said: Our child sleeps well when he sleeps. He sleeps with a bottle with milk. After sleeping for ten minutes, take the bottle away.It’s right.

This trick is very spiritual, you can try it.

I said to see the teeth of your children.And the mother also said with a word that she would change it in the future, just change it ……..

In improper feeding of breast milk or milk powder, there are mainly 3 points:

1. Drink milk at a time

For example, milk sleeps, and many mothers think that sleeping is a good way, but do not know that it hurts the child’s teeth.

Just like we know that letting children watch TV can make children quiet, but they cannot let children watch TV because they want their children to be quiet. This is the destruction of children’s vision.

Especially breastfeeding, milk sleep seems to make children feel more secure, and mothers are convenient, don’t have to hold the house to coax.

But after drinking milk for a long time, milk and teeth have been in contact with the teeth for a long time. The sugar in the milk will take root on the child’s teeth, become organic acids, and organic acid will corrode the child’s teeth.No matter how hard the teeth are, the corrosion of the day and day.

And if it is a bottle feeding, it will cause dental caries.Seeing those children’s mouths of the cauldron is bad, it is a bottle caries, which is caused by drinking milk with breast bottles.

It is recommended that children drink no more than 10 minutes after 6 months.Especially milk powder, you can finish drinking in about 3 minutes. Don’t let your children drink while drinking.

2. The bottle wears sugar water, wearing juice for children to drink

First of all, it is not recommended to drink sugar water for babies. Only calories and nutrients are not nutritious. The juice is also high in sugar and organic acids. These are the enemies of the teeth.Want to eat fruit and give your children directly to eat, do not need to make juice.

The child of a girlfriend of Jing Jing especially likes to drink something for a baby bottle. The old man in the family also likes to buy her drinks such as excellent yogurt. It is full of feeding bottle. At the age of 2, she also takes a baby bottle to drink milk and drink drinks.

Some time ago, it was said that the child had 20 pieces of teeth, and it was broken for a half, and three were broken.

3. After 1 and a half years old, use breast bottles

I believe that many parents are strange to see this because many parents think that their children have to use a bottle as long as they drink milk, drink until three or four years old, and the child grows up. The child will drink it.Drink, you can play for the first half of the hour.

In the "Guidelines for Chinese Resident Oral Health", it is recommended that children from 1 to 1 and a half years old have improved the mouth of the mouth of the oral cavity. Instead of using a bottle, they use a cup to drink milk.Essence

This can reduce the time when milk stays in the mouth and prevent dental caries.And it can also let children learn to drink slowly and reduce suction movements.

1. Eat soft and not hard

The mother of Jing once went to school to teach the children about nutrition. The teachers in the class just wanted to divide the fruit to tell you that the children took a apple all day, but at this time, there was a child very special. The teacher wanted the teacher.Help him cut the apple for eight pieces. I was curious and asked: This child is so big. Why do you want you to help them cut them?

The teacher said: He couldn’t eat too hard since he was a child, so if the apple was a whole, he would not eat it, so the parents had always explained that she would cut her into small pieces.It ’s also for him to eat.

In fact, this is particularly bad for children’s teeth. You must know that our teeth are used to retreat, and we often use it to be stronger. If we do n’t use it, then he feels that you do n’t use me.Anyway, I have nothing to do, my teeth will slowly become particularly lazy, and I do n’t eat hard food.

So slowly give the child from soft to hard eating according to the child’s age, making the teeth stronger.

2. No need to have teeth

Jing Mom still remembers that a colleague of a colleague at the time was very fast to eat, and everything was the fastest in the class, because he had been feeding his mother since he was a child, and his mother was an acute child.The belly went, and the child had not had time to chew. Later, the child slowly used to eat quickly. As a result, the child said that the stomach was not good when he was 7 years old. He also went to make gastroscopy and superficial gastritis.

3. Feed with your mouth

In the past few years, Jing Mom also saw an old lady in her hometown feeding her granddaughter. When she saw that her granddaughter couldn’t eat it, she put the meat and put her mouth in her mouth.It was a little disgusting to see. The old lady’s own teeth were not good, and they all made up several times.

Feeding will allow the bacteria in the population to enter the child’s mouth, and even enter the child’s stomach. Some children’s gastritis is contagious because of the pylori in the human body.

Just now, a fan asked me in the background, what should I do if my child’s tongue coating is thick?I asked her if she was washed her children and said she had never washed.Some parents are afraid that they will scratch their children when washing their mouths. The child is not so fragile, and it is either to wipe the mother hard. It is to gently wipe it with gauze. It is mainly to wash some milk stains that drink milk.It’s right.

I often wash my children’s mouth and let the child adapt to the mouth of the mouth. When the child grows up, he will be more willing to brush his teeth.

Many parents said that their children started to brush their teeth at the age of two. If the child’s mouth has never been washed, it is difficult to accept brushing, and the child grows up with his own consciousness and will resist.

The child of a friend of Jing Jing started to brush his teeth at the age of two. He bought countless toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and objective toothbrushes.The child cried and made trouble. In the end, the grandma didn’t let it go. He said that the child was so small, but he did not brush his teeth before the age of three and a half years old.

Until the age of three in kindergartens, the teacher often taught and slowly brushed his teeth, but his teeth were also broken.

It is recommended to choose the child’s age when choosing a toothbrush, and select the smallest toothbrush with the child’s age.

Jing Ma saw that many toothpastes on the Internet were not fluorinated, because many parents felt that their children would not spit water and did not dare to buy those fluorine toothpaste for their children.Fluoride of toothpaste is the most critical tooth protective factors.The nation’s kindergarten has begun to protect the teeth of fluoride, indicating the importance of fluorine to teeth.

In fact, this worry is superfluous.Jing Ma checked a lot of information. It is recommended that the child can brush the teeth without using toothpaste before the age of 3, brush with water, or use only rice grains to toothpaste.Spit it out, of course, if you accidentally swallow it, don’t worry too much.

Jing Ma checked the recommended intake of Chinese residents’ dietary nutrients. The highest dose for children aged 4-6 is 1.1 mg per day.

That is to say, so much a day is safe.

The national standard "Toothpaste" (GB 8372-2008) requires: The fluorine content in children’s toothpaste is between 0.05%and 0.11%.The fluorine content of 1 gram of fluoride toothpaste is 0.5-1.1 mg.

It is recommended that children over 3 years old use pea -sized toothpaste every day, about 0.08 grams of toothpaste, and contain up to 0.088 mg of fluorine, that is, the child swallows all, and it is 12 times the difference between the highest intake.So there is no problem with the child’s use of normal amount of fluoride toothpaste.

Experts also recommend that children use fluorine toothpaste.

And Jade Miller, Chairman of the American Dental Association of Children’s Dental Association and Ph.D. in Dental Dental:

Dr. Jade Miller

It is recommended to use fluoride toothpaste from the beginning, because fluoride can greatly reduce the possibility of tooth decay.If children’s toothpaste does not contain any fluoride, it will not be able to prevent tooth decay.

The deciduous teeth and permanent teeth are born in the same root. If the deciduous teeth are too bad, how can the permanent teeth be alone?

Generally speaking, if the child is dropped and it is not more and more serious, it can be ignored, like our family Jingjing, but if it is the first molar or the second molar is broken, it is recommended to pay attention to supplement.Because the child will not change until the age of 11, so many children’s teeth will affect digestion and absorption, and also affect the hygiene of the oral cavity.

Jingjing felt a bit odor some time ago, but since taking her to replenishment, I did not find odor.

1. The child is three years old to see the dentist, and the ditch of the second grinding teeth is closed

2. The child looks at the dentist once a year.

Topic: Is your child’s teeth okay?

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