The relationship between progesterone and pregnancy!Moms do n’t know how to do?The knowledge necessary for expectant mothers

Pregnancy is a very important hormone during pregnancy.

What is progesterone?Performatone is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian progesterone. It has a significant morphological effect on the endometrium stimulated by estrogen in the body and is necessary for maintaining pregnancy.The reactive diagnosis of progesterone clinical is used for threatened abortion, habitual abortion, amenorrhea or amenorrhea.Magnomone is also known as progesterone, which is eleges.It has a certain effect on manual adjustment of the menstrual cycle,

Reminder: progesterone is not a panacea.Magne ketone is a prescription medicine and needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor. Magne ketone has side effects and should be used with caution.

Causes of low progesterone:

There are many reasons for low progesterone. There are actually many reasons for women with low progesterone, because we can see that the range of normal values of progesterone is also marked on the normal test sheet of the hospital.EssenceSo from this value, we can also see that the individual differences in progesterone are actually very large.In other words, for me, progesterone 8 can maintain my normal pregnancy.Then maybe for you, 20 may be a bit low in you, not enough, and may have symptoms of miscarriage, so the individual difference in the individual of progesterone is very large.Absolute value is not of great significance for our clinical judgment.But it is still a very important indicator to judge whether there is a precursor to abortion.

Then the progesterone is low. In view of the following situations, first of all, your pregnancy time is the different pregnancy weeks of our pregnancy.The value is low at 7 weeks.So so we must first determine the time of pregnancy, then there are some pregnant women, and expectant mothers may have some cases with poor luteum function.Maybe there have been short menstrual cycles before the menstrual cycle, long menstrual bleeding time, pouring pricking, and endlessness, then these may be some of the previous prompts, reminding us that there may be some deficiencies in progesterone.Then there is a threatened abortion, and the luteal function is not enough.

In addition, there are some endocrine metabolic diseases.For example, thyroid diseases, such as some other endocrine diseases, may affect the entire pituitary endocrine axis, which causes a decrease in progesterone or progesterone.Endocrine dysfunction is one of the most common causes.Another common reason is that the endocrine of the luteum is abnormal, and there will be low progesterone in the development of follicle development.

What should we do with low progesterone?

Suggestion: When a general pregnant woman, when the progesterone value is at a certain level, the doctor will take the initiative to help you protect your fetus, but if your progesterone value is lower than 25 and there is no fetal heartIt’s right.It doesn’t make much sense to keep it.Because most of this situation is caused by poor embryonic development, but if there are still fetal heartbeats, you can continue to protect the fetus. The chance of success is quite high.

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