The same pregnancy, why do some people feel severe, but some people don’t feel it?These reasons are related

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Pregnant mothers will face various discomfort during pregnancy, and the most common of them is the pregnancy reaction, but not all pregnant mothers will have pregnancy.The same pregnancy, why do some people feel severe, but some people don’t feel it?

After Zhang Yiyi was pregnant, she was often exposed to some new things during pregnancy.At seven months of pregnancy, Zhang Yiyi exposed her gangster’s pregnant belly and laughed at the food residue.Some netizens asked her under Weibo: whether the response in the early pregnancy was serious, and Zhang Yiyi said that her pregnancy was relatively good and there was no feeling of pregnancy.

And the same pregnancy, Zhang Yiyi did not feel, but Zhu Dan was sick seriously.Zhu Dan went to the hospital for examination because he was disgusting, so she knew that she was pregnant with her second child.In the early pregnancy, Zhu Dandan’s pregnancy vomiting response was very severe. Because of repeated pregnancy, Zhu Dan’s stomach was still burned by gastric acid, which made Zhu Dan feel that he couldn’t hold on.Nutrition is required, but this reaction still has not improved.

It was not until the second trimester that Zhu Dandan’s pregnancy reaction disappeared.In comparison, Zhang Yiyi, who does not respond to pregnancy, is very lucky during pregnancy, and this is also an envy of many pregnant mothers.

Many pregnant mothers will experience the suffering of pregnancy during pregnancy, but the degree of pregnancy is different.Some pregnant mothers are just mild nausea, so daily eating will not be affected too much.

Some pregnant mothers have a fierce response to pregnancy, and they even have to eat.And this is related to the physical and mental condition of the pregnant mother. Although the pregnancy is unable to prevent it, the mother with severe pregnancy can take some measures to achieve a relief effect.

The reason why the pregnant mother who is also pregnant will be different, mainly related to the following reasons.

Reasons for different reactions of pregnancy vomiting:

1. Different hormone changes

The hormone secretion in the body during pregnancy will change a certain change, and the human choric membrane promotes hormone, progesterone, etc. is related to the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.Some pregnant women rose too fast during pregnancy, and the pregnancy reaction will be more serious.

2. Different mental stress

Some pregnant mothers have a greater burden caused by the fetus during pregnancy and worry about the development of the fetus. Therefore, some pregnant mothers have a greater mental pressure during pregnancy. In a state of anxiety and nervousness for a long time, they are prone to more serious pregnancy vomiting.reaction.

3. Weaken gastrointestinal function

Many organs in the body of the pregnant mother will "give up" the fetus. As the fetal volume increases, the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal of the pregnant mother will occur, so gastrointestinal function will weaken.Therefore, some of the taste that makes pregnant mothers feel "unwell" is easy to irritate the stomach and intestines, and induces the feeling of nausea and vomiting.

1. Eat less meals

Some pregnant mothers have a bad appetite because of pregnancy, but if the empty stomach will exacerbate the pregnant mother’s pregnancy reaction.Therefore, pregnant mothers who react to pregnant vomiting should pay attention to eat less and eat less, but also choose some lighter, digestible foods, or small snacks that usually like to eat.Avoid some greasy foods, and you can also eat some acidic food appetizing.

2. Outdoor sports

When you go outdoors, breathing fresh air can relieve the negative emotions of the pregnant mothers. Therefore, in the stage where the pregnancy reaction is relatively obvious in the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother can go to the outdoor to take a walk.When walking, try to choose a venue with fresh air and lush flowers.

Pregnancy is a common pregnancy reaction in early pregnancy, and many pregnant mothers will be "tortured" by pregnancy in early pregnancy.Pregnancy is too severe and will also have a certain impact on pregnant mothers and fetuses, so you must master the method of alleviating pregnancy during pregnancy. If the reaction is too serious, you must seek help from a professional doctor in time.

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