The same room is still not pregnant during ovulation, and pregnant parents may ignore four "links"

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It has been 5 months for pregnancy, and the aunt is still here. Looking at the aunt who arrives in the appointment this month, Kiki is extremely disappointed.

"I know that it is easy to get pregnant during the ovulation period. I have been in the same room during ovulation, but I still have no arms, so suffer!"

At the same time, Kiki is also very confused: "There is no problem with the health of both husband and wife, and they also pay attention to the time of the same room. They are calculated within the ovulation period. Why isn’t it still?"

Sometimes pregnancy is really a magical thing. Sometimes the more you don’t want your baby, the easier it is to get pregnant with your baby. It is really unintentionally inserting willow, but you can win a bid at a time.When I really want my baby, I take medicine again, and it is considered to be prepared for pregnancy, but there is no news.

If you want to get pregnant, the prerequisite is that women’s developed eggs need to be combined with mature sperm in men as scheduled.

Entering the sperm of the female reproductive tract, the journey is equivalent to the length of a three -kilometer tour of an adult, and it is possible to encounter the eggs that have been waiting there.If the eggs do not wait there, the sperm will be motionless and wait for the eggs, but one thing is in principle. Both sperm and eggs are not patient enough to wait for the other party. Both sides have any parties. Both sides have any sides.Limited time.

Under normal circumstances, the eggs can wait for 1 to 2 days, sperm can wait 1 to 3 days, but as the waiting time is extended, the chance of fertilization gradually decreases.Usually within 24 hours after ovulation, sperm enters the female reproductive tract to meet within 20 hours, and the opportunity for formation of fertilized eggs is great.

Once the sperm and eggs encounter are combined with fertilized eggs, the beginning of new life.The fertilized eggs quickly performed cell division and tissue differentiation. After pregnancy growth and development, they finally developed into a cute baby.

Whether it can be able to get pregnant smoothly and getting pregnant is very important for this sperm and eggs, which is the ovulation period that we all know.If you can accurately calculate the ovulation period, you will not be so difficult to conceive.

1. Calculate through the physiological cycle

If the female physiological cycle is regular, it is generally called about 14 days before the tide of menstruation, and 5 days before ovulation to 5 days after ovulation as "ovulation period".

If the physiological cycle is irregular, the ovulation period cannot be calculated based on the physiological cycle.

The physiological cycle is also related to the mental state of women, such as fatigue, physical weakness, mental tension, and emotional fluctuations can cause functional menstrual disorders.Therefore, the expectant mother who prepare for pregnancy should relax the nerves and welcome the arrival of new life with a calm mood!

2. Basic body temperature measurement method

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can go to the hospital to buy a basic temperature gauge, and fill in the ovulation period carefully according to the above method.

Specific method: After waking up every morning, I ca n’t get up. It is best to measure the body temperature in the same period of time.

Under normal circumstances, the body temperature is always around 36.5 before ovulation.The body temperature drops slightly during ovulation.After ovulation, it rose to about 37 degrees, an average increase of about 0.5 degrees, and continued until the next menstrual tide, and then returned to the original temperature level.

Basic body temperature generally needs to be tested for 3 months, and each day is measured within 1 month. If the basic body temperature of the three -month period is measured continuously, a more accurate ovulation date can be inferred.

3. mucus method

Prepare the pregnant mother to wash their hands first, touch the cervix through the little finger and middle finger, and then check the mucus sticking to the finger.

Generally speaking, mucus appears sticky, indicating that it is now on the ovulation date.

The secretion of mucus increases, the mucus is thin, transparent, like egg white, which is constantly pulling growth, indicating that it is ovulation, which is also the best time in the same room.

4. Through ovulation test strip test

Ovulation test strips are not used during ovulation, but before ovulation.Generally, the tenth day of menstruation starts to test, and test paper once a day with ovulation test strips.If you find that you are gradually turning, you need to increase the frequency of measurement. It is best to measure it every 4 hours. Try to measure the strong Yang and grasp the moment when the strong yang turns weakness. Ovulation usually occurs when the strong yang turns weak.

How to use ovulation test strips:

The test strip will immerse the urine of the container planting in one end of the arrow logo line. After about three seconds, take out the flat and release, 10-20 minutes.

Observe the results, the result is subject to reading within 30 minutes!

It should be noted that the depth of the test strip into the urine cannot exceed the MAX logo line, and the morning urine cannot be used.

1. Irrey itself irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation means that the ovulation date is inaccurate. The ovulation date is difficult to calculate well. Endocrine has problems. The health of the eggs cannot be guaranteed, and it will be more difficult to get pregnant.

If the menstrual cycle is inaccurate, the same room can be started 1 week after the end of the menstruation, and once every two or three days can be used to increase the chance of conception.

2. Poor mentality

Preparation not only requires physical quality, but also is also important.Some couples are anxious to have children, and even become anxious and tense, which may also reduce conception.Therefore, in real life, when we often encounter some pregnant couples paying special attention to, the child is not delayed, but when it is no matter, there is actually.

Therefore, prepare for parents to relax, arrange houses reasonably, and pay attention to nutrition.

3. Age

Compared to men, women’s conception opportunities are still closely related to age.The age of 25 is the period when women have the strongest ability to conceive. In the future, with the slow decrease in age, it will drop rapidly at the age of 35, and the quality of eggs will be greatly reduced.

Because young people are generally married late, they will also reduce the chance of pregnancy.

4. The frequency of the house is too high

Many pregnancy couples think that during ovulation, the number of times the same room is increased, which can increase the surrogacy rate to a certain extent.

There are ten days of ovulation during ovulation, and the day when the eggs are excreted are called ovulation days.If the number of rooms in the same room during ovulation is too frequent, it will directly lead to excessive indulgence, the number of sperm reduction will not be said, the quality will decrease, and some sperm will not be mature, which will also reduce the chance of conception.

It is recommended to stay in the same room during ovulation, it is best to keep it once every 2-3 days. The time can be selected at 5-7 in the afternoon. At this timeConception rate.

In fact, in the process of natural conception, it is not when we want to get pregnant when you want to get pregnant. Even if both the husband and wife do not have any infertility, the chance of ovulation and conception for women is only 25%.Fortunately, I was pregnant in that month, and some women would wait until one year to get pregnant naturally.

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There are many factors affecting conception. More than 80%of couples can be pregnant as expected after about 1 year.Both husband and wife adjust their bodies, relax, and use the ovulation period to reasonably have the same room during ovulation. They can have their own baby as expected.

However, if you plan to get pregnant for more than one year, you still have no pregnancy, and the husband and wife should see a doctor.

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