The same treatment as Faker, doinb studying a car to take care of her pregnant wife, and the sponsors sent him directly


Speaking of players who have been sent to the game, many people think of Faker.As a LOL star player, Faker is very popular, and sponsors depend on him.Previously, Faker didn’t seem to plan to renew T1, and these sponsors stopped together to see where Faker went.

Later, Faker renewed his contract with T1, and the sponsor also renewed the contract.Not only that, they also send Faker’s daily necessities. Clothing and shoes are just the most common. Other sponsor sent the car directly, let Faker take a driver’s license, and take team members to go up.Now, a championship has received the same treatment of Faker, he is Doinb.

Doinb learn a car to take care of his pregnant wife, the sponsor will send him one directly

After winning the championship, people often compare doinb with Faker.First of all, they are all championships, but Faker is the three crowns. Doinb has only one champion, so Faker won.Secondly, both are old -fashioned, and the two are comparable.

In the end, Doinb is very happy in the family. His parents are in LCK. The domestic mother -in -law and father -in -law like DOINB. They often give them various gifts, and the old sugar is beautiful and beautiful.Click Doinb to be a winner of life.

Some time ago, Uzi’s wife Omimi was pregnant. He talked about his bad appetite and always vomited. When he wanted to go to the doctor, he found that Uzi would not drive. He could only drive Uzi to the hospital by Ozi himself.Because of this example, doinb starts to learn a car now, and now I have passed the subject.Of course, Doinb passed it four times before it was passed.Sugar Xiaoyou said that if he had a driver’s license at LCK, he could change his driver’s license with a certificate of the subject one.

8 million Curin is reluctant to take out to learn the car.

However, Doinb is still learning to car now, and it may really not drive.Sugar Xiaoyou showed the photos of the players to learn the car. Doinb looked careful. The logo on the car attracted everyone’s attention. Obviously, this was not 8 million Curonan bought before Doinb, but a leader.So, where did I go to Doinb’s luxury cars?

In fact, Doinb is just a car training, and it must not use millions of luxury cars. Otherwise, there is a problem that it is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of repair costs, which is more expensive than someone else’s car.And if he goes out of Curry South, no one dares to approach Doinb -the car is too expensive, so that the purpose of the car is not achieved.So he drove such a relatively cheap car.

It happened that this brand is one of the sponsor of LNG. Is this to send him a car and give him a special car?Similar to Faker’s treatment, when you practiced the car before you practiced the car, he also drove his parents’ car. Learn to buy 8 million luxury cars, which is very big.

personal opinion:

Doinb is a professional player and a prospective father, because sugar Xiaoyou has been more than four months. He needs to spend more time to accompany his wife and prepare various preparations at the same time.This article is originally created by the cat head bag. Welcome to pay attention and take you to raise knowledge together!

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