The second victim accused Chen Jianzhou!Lead home when Fan Fan was pregnant, and twice sexual harassment

Another actress accused Chen Jianzhou sexually harassing!

After Chen Jianzhou issued a lawyer’s statement to sue Da Ya, Da Ya then responded that after the court saw, another actress came out to sue black sex harassment!The actress "A Yuan" Guo Yuanyuan posted a post on the social account, revealing that Chen Jianzhou was a sexual harassment of sexual harassment, and described the details of the sexual show in detail.

Guo Yuanyuan said that the first occurred in the black office. At that time, he sent a message saying that he wanted to send Guo Yuanyuan some brands of things. He hoped to take pictures to promote it. When Guo Yuanyuan arrived in the office, the black man suddenly hugged her from behind, and then reported her to the office chair.On his leg, the woman was panicked and struggled crazy. In the end, the black man said that he loosened her, so the woman really kissed the black man in order to escape the environment.Essence

Guo Yuanyuan specifically mentioned that at that time, the news of Chen Jianzhou and Fan Weiqi flying all over the sky. At that time, Fan Weiqi happened to be on pregnancy. She never expected that black people would have such a move, which made her unable to slow down for a long time.

The second time Chen Jianzhou used the same way to send messages to the woman frequently, saying that something had to be given to her. After the woman couldn’t refuse, she met on the road. I thought it could be safe.Going to her "home", then poured her alcohol, forcing her to take a big sip. After the woman got something to leave, the black man suddenly hugged her again, started sexual harassment, and took her to the room.

After holding the room, she threw her to the bed. As a result, the black man said, "This bed is not possible." It was suspected that the room was his master bedroom with Fan Weiqi. Then the woman was hugged and went to another room.The woman was scared to struggle crazy, but the other party became more excited. I started to vague because of drinking alcohol. In the end, she cried, and Chen Jianzhou reluctantly stopped.

After these two pieces of sexual harassment, Guo Yuan will still reply to the information of the black people. The second occurred in 2015, and then she will participate in the black show as usual, thinking that this can be used as everything, but she finds that it can not be over at all.It is very painful and unacceptable to get up.

After the outbreak of the entertainment circle in the next desk, she gradually realized that she wanted to let go, and only faced it, so she chose to make public.In the end, Guo Yuanyuan also shouted that the big teeth were "big teeth, you worked hard". In his heart, there was no original forgive black people. Instead, she wanted to say it. The reason was that she didn’t want to face it alone.

Immediately afterwards, Da Ya also responded to Guo Yuanyuan: "I cried, I knew your fear, I cried. It turned out that his magic paw was so long, and it hurts you. I am not alone, and you are not alone."

Many people inside the circle have also made essays. It can only be said that only 0 and countless times of sexual harassment, Chen Jianzhou is obviously a criminal!

Earlier, Chen Jianzhou also issued a lawyer’s letter to sue the big teeth, saying that he would damage his reputation.However, he was spit out in the industry and dared to use a civil lawsuit. He did not dare to slander with criminal defamation, thinking that he himself was guilty.

Da Ya did not admit it, and responded to his bravery to face this time, shouting that Chen Jianzhou Court saw it!

Now that the second victim is alleged, it shows that Chen Jianzhou is no longer a statement, and it is still harassing girls during Fan Weiqi during pregnancy. It is completely a collapse of a beloved wife. I hope Chen Jianzhou will come out as soon as possible!I also hope that people who have similar actions in your circle will not be lucky and put away their own magic grabs, otherwise they will lose their name sooner or later!

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