The shame of human nature was almost torn by him.


The director who loves to tear off the humanity and shame is here again:

Francois Ouro.

Director of French ghosts, loves derailment, incest, murder.

What eight women are pregnant with ghosts and unexpectedly "conspiracy" to kill the luxury man.

△ "Eight Beauty Pictures" Dead corpse perspective

What a stern girl brought her different uncle home and random in front of her mother.

△ "Swimming Pool Love"

What the society is afraid that the teenager is a novel material and play with his classmates and professors’ wives.

△ "Ascending the Room"

In short.S

Watching Ou Rong’s movie, you only need to do a good job of psychological construction:

Three views are to be destroyed.

My crime

Mon Crime

Last year with the palace goddess Sophie Masso, Ou Rong came to the "Everything Sasisp", which was euthanized. Sir thought that Ou Rong was old and wanted to transform the warmth route.

But the return of the new film, Sir saw the familiar taste again.

The story takes place in France in the 1930s.

Don’t be afraid of it, because you will find that you will find that the age is not important at all.

Luxury villas screamed.

The woman was embarrassed to organize her clothes, and Lihua escaped.

This is an actress who comes to the big city to find a chance to find a way to squeeze into the entertainment industry.

She knew that she was flat and there was no daily life.

She only wants to get one role, only to pay for rent.

A few days ago, the fat -headed producer took the initiative to find the heroine, saying that she would give her a role, and invited the hostess to her own unique villa to "exchange and exchange."

The French Thirty Edition “ME TOO case?

But soon, the plot developed in the direction of guilty:

The producer was found to die at home.

All evidence is not good for the heroine.

Strictly speaking, the police are full of stereotypes and extremely scribbled investigations.

for example.

A huge sum of huge sums received by the producer in the morning disappeared.

The female lead has owed four months of rent and is ready to be driven away by the landlord.

Also, the producer was exploded.

The police found a left -wheel pistol just turned on in the heroine’s house.


Who is a gun?Intersection

More critical:

After the hostess left the villa, she had a one -hour journey, but she walked for two hours.

In other words, the heroine has not been present.

Police and judges were sinned to the heroine in their hearts:

Actresses love vanity, not surprising.

It is definitely not possible to come to the door. He killed people because of love and hate.

Good guy.

In order to quickly settle the case, even the small theater was made up:

In the end, I also added:

It doesn’t matter, you are a passionate killing and you are pregnant. The jury will understand you and can only be sentenced to five years!

How about, high efficiency.

The police rushed to solve the case, and the heroine could not confirm her innocence.

Now I have to defeat the magic with magic:

Seeing that this injustice can’t escape.

As soon as the heroine had a clever machine, I simply recognized the sin. I also came to a plot of being sexually assaulted and anti -killed.

Thanks to the good taste of the roommate lawyer, the actress’s behavior does not constitute a crime, but it is right to self -defense.

In the end, the actress was not guilty of release, and it was accidentally popular, becoming a female hero.

The classic small composition is here:

It turns out a small star in the eighteenth line.

Now anti -killing industry leaders, encouraging the "her power" of all women.

Suddenly, his career reached the top, and the film continued.

Originally, it was an periphery that wanted to marry into the giants.

Now the giants take the initiative to send her an olive branch:

The second -generation boyfriend of Wo Bao, in order to save his father’s company (his own heritage), was divided into hands and married the rich female.

Now, he was moved by this powerful "female power", and the heritage was not needed. He wanted to be with the heroine and want to be the forever little milk dog behind the female lead.

You may understand when you see this.

This is not a crime film.

It is the story of a woman who eats the bonus by the “Me TOO incident.

No wonder feminists are angry:

However, Ou Rong is not to ridicule feminism.

It’s just that he believes that interests are the first iron law of this world: even feminism, he has to cooperate with its absurd performance.

In the movie, you can see that Ou Rong shoots French judicial justice.

Yu Pell’s excessive actress was originally a real murderer.

After seeing others’ crimes, I couldn’t sit still and took the initiative to vote:

I should be famous.

But admit that you are a real murderer, do you just face the police, judges and jury?

You should know that they have just been praised because of their ability to solve their cases, and some have been promoted.

But don’t worry:

If you want to surrender, we still have other headless cases to let you claim.

The judge was even like a salesperson.

The crime has turned into a capital that everyone competes with each other, and it becomes a trading buying.

Therefore, women are not feminine.

Those who want to make a profit always profit through all effective routes.

Just like the heroine himself did not kill, and did not take the initiative to advertise herself as a female fighter.

If it weren’t for the murder case, she wouldn’t have intended to expose it at all.

Because she knows that a woman who has no power and wants to fight for the community of interests of the whole body is tantamount to the eggs over the high wall.

She could only cry to her girlfriend and dispatched herself in two hours of walking.


It was precisely these two hours that she became her murderer.

So, can’t she explain that she has encountered salty pig hands?

Because explanation is useful, there is no need to "female composition".

Just like she said the gun was for safety.

But will the investigation be assured?

Therefore, the most ironic is not that the actress became popular by fabricating and killing Shuangwen.


An innocent woman who is injured by hidden rules can only be used by drilling legal loopholes and using all acting skills to argue in order to escape the charges of stereotypes and hasty.

It’s like there was a suspect in the killing case.

He is a rich man who owes more than seven million deceased. It is reasonable to say that the motivation to commit crimes is more sufficient.

But it doesn’t matter.

There is someone in the judiciary, and the suspicion of elution only needs a hug of love.

These are reminding us.

Today, all the equity movements are often as a disadvantaged group as a disadvantaged group.

But all dominant and violent origin.

It is always the incompetence of class and power, and between circles and circles, the interests of interests are wrong.

The pursuit of equal rights is of course progress and liberation.

But the vulgar and folds of human nature will not be erased by equality.

In the movie, a total of three versions have been experienced.

First, the "self -defense murder" made in courts in court.

Second, it was adapted into a stage play, a non -risk version of Girl Helps Girl.

Actress was violated by the producer in the villa. At this time, another actress arrived in time.

She shot and saved the heroine, and the two escaped from the producer’s magic claws.

There was also a classic line:

In this powerful and cruel world composed of men

There is nothing better than the hug between sisters

Can bring you comfort more

The above two versions are like the counterattack and mutual fairy tales we see in film and television dramas today?

But what about the truth?

Whether it is Shuangwen or a small composition, it is a good -looking model on the table.

Without the reality of packaging, it must always be entangled with eternal interests and human nature.

Yu Pell has been to the villa.

But she perfectly missed the heroine’s violation.

Yu Pell also killed people.

But it is not the first time for the sisters:

She had no place in the movie circle. That day, she wanted to ask the producer to read the old feelings and give herself a role.

If the other party refuses, she will do it in one anger, and she can do it.

If you do n’t get the role, you will kill people if you ca n’t borrow money …

Is it that simple?

Sometimes people are simpler than beasts in the face of interests.

But in the aspect of maliciousness, people are much clever than the beasts.

As a result, there are all kinds of strange and strangeness, the decent decentness that is difficult to distinguish.

And if we are pursuing the decentness, we cannot withstand Ou Rong’s offense and piercing.

Then we may also think about it.

Have they been reduced to a stage performance in a golden jade.

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