The son died, and his daughter -in -law suddenly became pregnant 2 years later. The mother -in -law was angry and was driving away the daughter -in -law. The ending was unexpected.

The son died, and his daughter -in -law was pregnant for 2 years, and her mother -in -law was angry. She was going to drive away her daughter -in -law.

My name is Yang Fang and is an ordinary rural woman.

My son Xiaowei was found to have advanced cancer shortly after marriage. This blow is undoubtedly a huge blow for our family.On the day my son left us, I almost felt that my world collapsed, and my heart was full of endless grief.

After his son left, his daughter -in -law Su Su never looked for anyone again.She has been supporting herself with a strong smile and tears, becoming a hero in my heart.

We spent two years together and silently support each other.During this time, I saw Su Sua’s strong and fragile side. She never complained and laughed at the world’s injustice to her.

However, when Su Su’s sudden pregnancy came, I felt angry.I thought my daughter -in -law stolen people outside, and I couldn’t accept this fact.

My heart was full of anger and suspicion, and I decided to drive her away and let her leave our home.

I treated Su Su coldly, hurting her indifference and ruthlessness.However, when I was determined to drive her away, I heard a doctor’s unexpected news.

It turned out that Su Suhuai was the grandson left by her and my son.After my son learned of his condition, in order to ensure the continuation of the blood of the family and satisfy the wishes of our old couple, he saved his sperm.

When I learned this news, I felt guilty and shame, and I had always been unsatisfactory for Su Su’s doubts and indifference.

I misunderstood her. This young girl, in order to leave my son to leave her blood, even chose artificial conception and bears physical pain and loneliness.

I deeply regret my behavior, and I really realize my harm to her.

I hurried to Su Su’s room and looked at her face with tears and fatigue, I felt very guilty.I hugged her tightly, tears could not help but flood my eyes.

"Su Su, I’m sorry for you, I misunderstood you. How great you are! For the blood of our family, you have suffered so much, but I am indifferent to you. Please forgive me, I really regret it","

I said with a trembling voice.

Su Su raised her head, her eyes flashed with tears, but at the same time there was a trace of comfort and forgiveness.

"Mother -in -law, I know you are worried about my derailment, but I swear that I have always been loyal to Xiaowei and never betrayed him. The child he left is our common hope, and I have been waiting for them silently."

When I heard Su Su’s words, I felt that my soul was washed.I finally understand how much she loves my son and how much she wants to continue his blood.

I wiped my tears and decided to give her all her support and care from now on.

From that day, I have carried out comprehensive care about Su Su.

Prepare her nutritious meals for her, accompany her to take the pre -delivery course, take a walk with her every day to cheer and encourage her.I tried my best to make up for my past fault, and hoped that I could tell her how I cherish her.

Life passed day by day, Su Su’s belly gradually became round.During her pregnancy, I accompanied her to spend every hard time and joy.

Let’s go to the hospital for a checkup, prepare clothes and beds for children, and look forward to the arrival of new life together.

Finally, the child’s birth day is here.Su Su and I walked into the delivery room together and witnessed the occurrence of miracles.

When I picked up the red -faced little life, tears poured into my face again.I hugged him tightly and felt the infinite hope and happiness he brought to us.

In the advent of this little life, my relationship with Su Su has also been completely changed.

We have become the closest mother and daughter of each other to take care of this cute child together.Whenever I see Su Su holding my child gently to sleep, my heart is full of gratitude and joy.

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