The son’s intelligence is defective, the daughter is smart and beautiful, and the "beautiful woman in the past" life is so split

Speaking of the temperament actress of the 1980s and 1990s, Chen Chong is counted as one

Liu Xiaoqing, who loves tender now, is also a one

The two of them at that time were comparable to Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xunzheng or Tang Wei today.

At that time, there were also such female stars, known as "the most temperamental beauty in China" and "the most popular woman".Her big eyes and tall figure have a unique mixed -race temperament in the 1980s and 1980s. She is the famous actress, Wang Ji.

Wang Ji was born in Beijing in 1962. In 1980, Wang Ji, a 18 -year -old Wang Ji, was at a glance of Hong Kong Film Company.

Wang Ji was not a small jasper as the cherry mouth in the traditional aesthetic, but his temperament was generous.After that, she successfully entered the Beijing People’s Art Theater and became the classmates of Song Dandan and Liang Guanhua.

Perhaps there is a unrestrained heart in the bones. Wang Ji, who was only 25 years old, decided to leave the world outside.She came to the United States to work hard by plane alone.In the entertainment industry, many female celebrities have been made deep abroad, such as Tang Wei, Lin Yichen, Zhou Xun, such as Lin Zhiling, Li Bingbing, etc., but Wang Ji, who went abroad in 1987, was a relatively early batch of actresses.

Wang Ji’s husband is named Gao Feng. The two were former comrades in the army’s literature and crafts.However, after Wang Ji went to the United States in 1987, Gao Feng could not go to the United States because he could not obtain a visa. The two were forced to separate for three years.

The two did not get married in Los Angeles until 1991, and their daughter Gao Xiaotian was born in the same year.Later, the couple got the green card and established a trading company. Wang Ji assisted her husband to take care of the business.

For many years, Wang Ji thought he had withdrawn from the showbiz.But under the matchmaking of friends Chen Daoming, in 1993, Wang Ji played the heroine A Chun in the TV series "Beijingers in New York" directed by Zheng Xiaolong to play with the film emperor Jiang Wen.

Zheng Xiaolong is the directors of "The Story of the Editorial Department", "Zhen Huan Biography" and "Golden Wedding".

Zheng Xiaolong can also be regarded as discovering Wang Ji’s Bole.Because "Beijingers in New York" are eaten, Wang Ji has to work more than 18 hours a day, but two months later, 30 -year -old Wang Ji found that he was pregnant again!

Because the filming was too tired at the time, the body did not get very good conditioning, her husband Gao Feng advised Wang Ji to remove the child.Husbands and wives have also argued many times.But the Fengfeng failed to win Wang Ji in the end.In September 1993, Wang Ji successfully gave birth to a baby boy and named Gao Xiaofei.Large and round eyes, like mother Wang Ji.

But unfortunate things happened -when Xiaofei was just one year old, there was a phenomenon of twitching and spitting whisper.After diagnosis, children have epilepsy!IntersectionWang Ji and Gao Feng couldn’t accept this fact at all.Wang Ji was washing his face with tears in the end, and the two also quarreled and blame again and again.Wang Ji, who decided to regret the time, painfully proposed to the Fengfeng, and her son was raised by her.

However, the kind Gao Feng did not agree with his wife’s divorce request, so the two endured tears and spent all their energy to treat their son.Wang Ji returned to China again since 1997, and her husband stayed in the United States to take care of the business in the United States.In 2002, the child’s epilepsy was basically recovered.But in order to treat his son, Wang Ji and Gao Feng spent their savings.

Helplessly, Wang Ji’s son was eventually diagnosed with autism, and he was mentally different from normal children, and he refused to communicate with others.Gao Xiaofei is 18 years old, but Wang Ji still has to take care of his life like taking care of his children.

Fortunately, in addition to the husband who was in his face, Wang Ji also had a powerful assistant and an excellent eldest daughter Gao Xiaotian at home. Now the 25 -year -old Xiaotian is stunned and shoulder the burden of taking care of his sick brother.

Gao Xiaotian graduated from New York University. In 2011, she participated in the Miss Chinese New York Division. She seized the title of "Miss Master" and entered the entertainment industry.In 2012, Gao Xiaotian and his mother Wang Ji starred in the TV series "The Between Life and Death".In 2014, Xiaotian starred in the TV series "Growing up together" directed by Shao Bing, playing Huang Jiani in the play.Star Road is smooth.

Gao Xiaotian once gossiping his mother Wang Ji in an interview program: "Mom, you can rest assured that as long as I have me, I will definitely take care of my brother. I will care for him and care for him for a lifetime., I won’t let my brother be aggrieved at all. "

God won the health of Wang Ji’s son, but gave Wang Ji a daughter such a smart, beautiful, and kind daughter. We wish the Wang Ji family forever and happy. Although there is regrets in life, but fortunately, it is on the light!

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