The symptoms of "early pregnancy" are a bit similar to the precursor of the "holiday". How can I distinguish the clearing?

The symptoms of "early pregnancy" are a bit similar to the precursor of the "holiday". How can I distinguish the clearing?The editor of the small pulse pregnancy treasure introduces that in the early stages of early pregnancy or early holiday, there will be more or less a precursors to, which can make women notice in advance.For example, the body temperature is rising, tired and drowsiness, etc., but sometimes these two precursors are relatively similar. It is easy to make women stupid unclear, and it is inevitable that the oolong incident is inevitable in life.

To correctly judge whether you are "winning" or "Lai Auntie"? It is not difficult, and it is still different to distinguish them.

Different one: body temperature

◆ Pregnancy: The temperature will continue to rise during early pregnancy, maintaining within the range of 36.9 ° C-37.2 ° C, and will fall after three months.

◇ menstrual period: The body temperature of women in the childbearing age can increase by 0.3-0.5 ° C after ovulation, and the reply is normal after the menstruation is over.

Different two: breasts

◆ Pregnancy: The breasts have tingling, expansion and itching. This is the physiological phenomenon of early pregnancy. In addition, there will be changes in the darkens of areola, obvious veins under breast skin, and obvious nipples.

◇ menstrual period: Female friends are in the menstrual period, there are small nodules in the breast, painful pain, and easy after menstruation, but the pain will appear again before menstruation next time.

Different three: waist acid

◆ Pregnancy: There will be no symptoms of back pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Only when the fetus increases during the third trimester, it will feel backache.

◇ Menstrual period: Menstrual period generally feels uncomfortable with backache.

Different four: appetite

◆ Pregnancy: Many pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy will feel nausea and vomiting, especially when they just get up in the morning.These symptoms are different from person to person. Some people are very mild, and some are very serious.

◇ Menstrual period: Menstrual appetite increases greatly, and the amount of meals increases. Some people prefer to eat spicy stimuli, and eat a lot, and have a sense of satisfaction after eating.However, some people have severe symptoms before menstruation, and they are seriously uncomfortable. There may also be anorexia, but this is necessary to compare with your previous menstrual conditions.

Differential five: abdominal distension

◆ Pregnancy: Bloating is a relatively common phenomenon, which is related to changes in hormones in women.

◇ menstrual period: The lower abdomen will have a feeling of swelling, which will obviously feel signs of bleeding in the body, which is also a feeling of a woman’s unique feeling.

If there are still female friends who can’t distinguish between these two signs, don’t worry. Generally, after these signs, you can see if menstruation comes.If you find that menstruation does not come, you must consider whether it is early pregnancy. At this time, you must go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination to avoid errors.You can pay attention to more knowledge. If you have any questions, you can comment on the message below ~ (the picture comes from the Internet)

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