The symptoms of pregnancy abdomen are uncomfortable?8 methods to improve, each is effective

Pregnant mothers will experience bloating during pregnancy, and the number of farting times has gradually increased. What are the reasons for?In fact, this is because the pregnant mother’s normal physiological performance during pregnancy. In fact, the pregnant mother will slowly grow and rise because of the uterus during pregnancy. It will press our stomach.Go next to it, so that the mother’s gastrointestinal peristalsis will be reduced, and the phenomenon of stomach burning will also occur. This is not conducive to the exhaustion of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.Pregnant mothers will have the concept of eating two people to supplement one person during pregnancy. They start to eat the sea and drink to absorb more nutritional supplies to the baby’s growth and development. In fact, this does not allow pregnant mothers to absorb more nutrition in daily life during pregnancy.More robust, such a wrong way of eating will make the pregnant mother aggravate the gastrointestinal burden, the flatulence becomes more obvious, and the gastrointestinal peristalsis will also be weakened.

(1) Eat less meals

Then we understand the cause of flatulence during pregnancy, and we can better solve the symptoms of abdominal distension during pregnancy. So how should we solve it?Of course, it should be maintained throughout the pregnancy. The diet intake is balanced and eat less.Why do pregnant mothers eat this? Because a small amount of food in pregnant mothers can increase the stomach and intestines to fully consume better nutrition in food.This can reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, and the intestinal peristalsis during pregnancy can normalize the residue of a small amount of food ingestable in the pregnant mother.And more meals can ensure that pregnant mothers sufficient nutritional intake during pregnancy, and can be reserved to provide reasonable nutrition to provide the baby’s needs and their physical functions.In addition, the flatulence of pregnant mothers will also decrease, so the phenomenon of fart will be greatly reduced.

(2) Chew slowly

Then your mother must switch to herself when eating during pregnancy. I like to watch TV during meals, like to talk, and like to watch the bad habit of watching my mobile phone.EssenceWhy do pregnant mothers keep chewing slowly during pregnancy?Because pregnant mothers swallow food and chewing food during pregnancy, it will cause food to not be crushed by the teeth, and it is still a state of hard particles when the stomach of the pregnant mother is directly reached.By enough nutrition, and gastrointestinal motility will also weaken.This will cause pregnant mothers to have flatulence and indigestion. It will also appear to keep this bad habit without correction in the past, which will cause pregnant mothers to have malnutrition symptoms.Therefore, the good habit of maintaining a slow chewing during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers to absorb nutrients in food, and can reserve more nutrition and energy to the baby.The behavior, because it is possible to chew slowly, let pregnant mothers reduce hunger during pregnancy.

(3) Avoid eating gas -producing food

Pregnant mothers must avoid excessive foods that can eat too much food for pregnant mothers, such as potato, chestnuts, bean fried foods and spicy foods.The body has great help and benefits. However, too much use will cause the gastrointestinal of the pregnant mother, the poor bowel movements, and the behavior of always farting.And sometimes it is not necessarily that the better the body, the better the body, and too much consumption can cause some discomfort and some oppression and influence on the organs.

(4) Wen Kaishui

Pregnant mothers must not know that warm water will help and benefit from our bodies during pregnancy. Although drinking water will make the pregnant mother blew the bladder and always want to go to the toilet, but drinking water can help us in our bodySome wastes are discharged, such as the protein that we can’t absorb in our body, some sugar, and inorganic salts and some wastes are discharged through urine.And warm water has another effect, pregnant mothers must not miss it.Small warm water can be able to achieve the laxative effect of the intestines, can supplement the appropriate amount of water for our body, and avoid too little amniotic fluid, but remember to drink warm water, because some pregnant mothers can loveDrinking cold water or eating some cold drinks or ice cream, this will cause some irritation to our stomach, which may cause abdominal pain in pregnant mothers.This is very unfavorable to the intestines of pregnant mothers, and it is also very unfavorable to the health of pregnant mothers.

(5) Cellulose food

We mentioned above that some foods should be eaten in a small amount during pregnancy to avoid causing flatulence. So what foods should we eat during pregnancy to relieve flatulence?Pregnant mothers can go to a lot of foods that consume dietary fiber. For example, spinach, celery, loofah, and lotus root, and we can also use some fruits properly. These pregnant mothers should know, such as bananas, such as bananas, whichApple kiwi, which is rich in cellulose, can promote the intestinal peristalsis of pregnant mothers, and can supplement sufficient water for the intestinal tract of pregnant mothers, avoid dry stools, and constipation.And the appropriate amount of edible vegetables and fruits can supplement rich folic acid and a variety of vitamins, minerals, and can promote the baby’s physical development and bone development.

(6) Keep a cheerful mood

The mood of depression will cause the blood circulation in the pregnant mother to slow down, and it will also affect the intestinal peristalsis of the pregnant mother, and negative emotions, and the pressure is too great. It will cause the increase in waste in our intestine and the unbalanced bacterial flora.This will also be the reason why pregnant mothers lead to constipation during pregnancy, so we must relax our mood during pregnancy, and we must not doubt and suspicious. This will also hurt the feelings between our family and family. We can go more during pregnancy.Reading some positive books can not only relax your mood, but also pass the prenatal education to your baby’s positive textbook that corrects energy.

(7) Simple abdominal massage

If we have constipation abdominal distension, we must think of the first one to touch our belly to alleviate our abdominal bloating and pain, then most of the stomach of the pregnant mother during pregnancy is uterus and baby, then we can be able toGo abdominal massage?Will the baby have a umbilical cord around the neck?These are the doubts of pregnant mothers, so in the case of flatulence during pregnancy, they dare not touch their belly. In fact, abdominal massage to relieve abdominal distension massage during pregnancy is not horrible at all, and it will not cause the baby’s umbilical cordWith around the neck, we can rub the palms first, so that the baby in the belly will be more likely to accept the phenomenon of not severe fetal movement, because the sudden cold things are placed on the belly, and the pregnant mother’s skin blood vessels will shrink sharply, so the baby willIt will also feel that pregnant mothers can take a clockwise direction. Start from the abdomen in the upper right corner to massage softly. Do not work too hard. You must avoid.The stomach is to relieve abdominal distension. It is best for the pregnant mother to touch the belly to relieve the abdominal flatulence, because this kind of careful work should not be given to the prospective father to do it.Because boys’ strength will be much larger than girls, the prospective dad will think that this is the lightest force, but the expectant mother does not think.Pregnant mothers and prospective dads may have disputes or affect the baby’s sleep.

(8) Appropriate exercise

If pregnant mothers have abdominal distension during pregnancy, then the body is reminding the pregnant mother that you should do exercise.Then the body is lying on the bed or sitting in one place and not acting. It will increase the phenomenon of constipation and abdominal flatulence during pregnancy.Then your mother can add walking, yoga, gymnastics, or swimming during pregnancy to increase the amount of exercise during pregnancy and enhance their physical resistance and immunity, and properly maintaining exercise is to alleviate the stomach flatulence and gastrointestinalGastrointestinal disorders and can improve gastrointestinal motility, so they can also maintain the body shape of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Then pregnant mothers have learned these 8 methods during pregnancy to relieve abdominal discomfort, and stomach flatulence occurs during pregnancy. Mom can take a reasonable way to solve it. If the pregnant mother’s stomachs become more and more serious, the pregnant mother will be restless.Then pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital for timely examination.

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