The Thai Star Pat announced her pregnancy, and has not received a marriage certificate with her rich husband, and she has not received a certificate.


Among the new generation of female stars in the Thai Entertainment circle, the little Pat is definitely the most smelly and bloody person.

As the three most popular post -95s actresses, all the actors in cooperation between the little PAT are first -line nuns. However, she is not red.

The ironic is that the little PAT is the most circled to this day. She and Peach and Hiso Note that had a fierce triangle that year.

It has been more than three years since the time has passed, and Peach is still a golden single man, and the little Pat married his Hiso Note as his wish, becoming a grand wife.

At the end of last year, Little Pat and Hiso Note held a luxurious and romantic wedding at a famous hotel in Thailand.

On the wedding day, the two wedding dresses worn by the little PAT were all from a high -definition brand, and the ring wearing it was also very valuable.

Less than 3 months before the wedding, the little Pat came with good news.

Recently, Little Pat uploaded a whole set of baby clothing through personal social platforms, including hats, clothes, shoes, and text: surprise!Very excitedly announced that our little baby will be born in 2023.

When attending a business activity last month, the little Pat revealed that he was making a new drama "Advocate Love Game". He also said that he was ready for children.

Unexpectedly, before a month, Little Pat announced the news of pregnancy, which was quite fast.

According to the tradition that has not been announced for three months, the child’s child should be pregnant before the wedding. No wonder she will urge the progress of "Love Game".

In the background of the wedding, the little Pat and his Hiso Note all vowed to take good care of and endure each other.

When asked if there was a marriage certificate, the little Pat vowed to say that he would definitely receive it in the future.

But I do n’t know if there is no good day, or there are other reasons. Little Pat and Hiso Note have not yet received a certificate.

However, everyone holds a wait -and -see attitude towards Little Pat and Hiso Note. After all, her star 妯娌 Chippoo gave birth to 3 baby and did not receive a certificate.

Chompoo is Thai Entertainment fashion godmother and the goddess of Thai drama. It has classic works such as "Miss Farm and Sweetheart", "Golden Orange Flowers", "Love Fire" and "Crazy Marriage".

Recently, Chompoo’s husband Hiso Nott was exposed to raising a little wife outside, causing great attention.

It was not until Hiso Nott claimed that all the property of tens of billions of baht was left to his wife in the show, so that the wind direction completely changed, but some netizens questioned why he would not get Chippoo.

Although Hiso Nott has a will, the will can be changed, and it is far from the marriage certificate.

Chompoo and Hiso Nott have been married for more than 7 years. They have two children and one daughter, and they have a birth of a child.

After marriage, Chompoo almost gave up acting, only receiving business performances, models, hosting, endorsement and other activities.

Hiso Nott also boasted that Chompoo was a good wife and a good mother, but just did not get a certificate with her.

My brother Hiso Nott is a faction, I don’t know if Hiso Note will follow it.

So, do you think Hiso Note will have a marriage certificate with a small PAT?Will the small Pat’s giants have always been happy?

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