The traitor also had feelings for the first time after arriving in Taiwan to dream of the mother’s son.

("The Life of the defending pilot Liu Chengji" Chapter 20).The previous chapter said that the Taiwan side gave two units for Liu Chengshi to choose, one was the Taiwan Air Force Museum, and the other was the Taiwan Air Force Radio.When Liu Chengji heard these two units, he was really cool and cool. Do you think you are serious? I am a fighter pilot who was just in the early 20s.How many pilots, why do I let me work in these second- and third -tier departments?Could it be that this is to let me go to the elderly?Of course, he just thought about it, and did not express his emotions. He knew that he was not qualified to do this. The only thing he could do was obey.In the end, Liu Chengji chose the Air Force Radio, which is better than any museum.At that time, there were very few mobile phones and no networks on TV. Newspaper and radio station were the two most important promotional media. Therefore, although this Air Force Radio belongs to the second -line department, it is not the cold line department. Besides, his dream lover Chen Menghua is still there.Work.

On August 5, 1962, Liu Chengji officially left Taoyuan Air Force Base to report to Taiwan Air Force Radio to work. He served as assistant director. On the surface, it was still promoted. After all, that radio station was a right -level unit.But his assistant was not a manager, but a deputy director who was in charge of logistics.Director Zhou of the Military Love Bureau has passed with Liu Chenggou, saying that the service soldiers who were assigned to him should not bring it over. When you arrive at the stage, you have to do things in accordance with the rules of the stage.Full -time service soldiers.If you do n’t bring it if you bring it, what else can you do.That afternoon, Deputy Director Tang of the Military Intelligence Bureau, that is, the deputy director of the Taoyuan base from Taoyuan Base with a bullet -proof vehicle, and sent Liu Chengji from Taoyuan Base to the Air Force Radio from Taoyuan Base.The Air Force Radio is located in the third section of Renai Road, Taipei City, and is close to the Taiwan Air Force headquarters.After arriving at the radio, there was a small welcome ceremony in the stage. All cadres and some employees at all middle levels in the stage participated, and even the general deputy commander of the Taiwan Air Force headquarters arrived in the field.Since it is a welcome ceremony, Liu Chengshi will inevitably say a few words.He recalled that he secretly listened to the various scenes and feelings of the Taiwan Air Force Radio when he was on the mainland, and especially emphasized the important role played by the radio in his sincerity. He said that he can come here to work here. He is very happy.Give full play to his personal background, helping radio station to fight for mainland pilots to come to Yunyun.At the ceremony that day, Liu Chengshi tried to find Chen Menghua’s figure, but he had not found it. He was very disappointed, but he thought that he may have a broadcast task. Think about it, and he was relieved a lot.After the ceremony, the head of the radio station, Ma Xiaoguo, personally accompanied Liu Chengji to turn around in the stage.Ma Xiaoguo, a native of Xinyang, Henan, is close to sixty years. The rank of major general. Three years ago, he was mobilized to be the director from the Taiwan Magong Air Force Base as a base commander.There are more than 200 staff members of the Air Force Radio, with the editor -in -chief department, planning department, news department, program department, the voice department of freedom, technology department, supervision and monitoring department, logistics department and other departments.Among them, the voice of freedom is specifically responsible for broadcasting the mainland Air Force pilots, and the number one broadcaster in it is Chen Menghua.The radio also arranged the residence of Liu Chengdi, and in the radio courtyard, two rooms and one living room with a bathroom with a bathroom.However, there is a cafeteria in the radio, and the food is also good. This kitchen Liu Chengji has not been used later.Perhaps because of security reasons, the Taiwan Army Love Bureau asked Liu Chengji not to go outside to buy a house, although he had money.That night, in the private room of the Radio Canteen, several heads of the radio station accompanied Liu Chengzi to drink a meal.And that night, Liu Chengji really dreamed of his mother’s mother since he was in Taiwan for the first time since he was in Taiwan.

When he came to Taiwan these days, he certainly thought of home, but it was strange that his mother had never appeared in his dreams.That night he dreamed that his mother stood at the door of the home and shouted: "Three sister -in -law, go home for dinner." He was playful when he was a child, and often played with his friends to forget to go home for dinner, and then his mother would stand at homeHe shouted at the door.The village was not big, and he could hear him when he shouted.After waking up in the dream, he had a tears and painful.He can no longer eat the meal made by his mother.He has a deep relationship with his mother.In his memory, his mother was never reluctant to beat him, not even loudly.From a young age, his mother looked at him, and he was warm and loved.No matter whether the meal is enough, the mother has never let him be hungry. No matter how much patch he has made up, his mother never let him freeze.Mom wrapped his small feet with a small broken step, and he was busy all day long, and his housework never let him reach out.The family was difficult, and the brothers and sisters could only have one person to study in school. The mother insisted on letting him go.Mom said that Sanzi was smart and could read the famous hall.The day before the soldiers left the house, the family was happy. Only her mother wiped tears in the house. Although she was also happy, she couldn’t bear to see her son who would leave so far and couldn’t see it for a long time.He has a wish in his heart. When he grows up in the future, he must make a head -up and let his parents live a good life.This is good. After all, Guangzong Yaozu became a pilot and could be able to return to his parents, but he betrayed the mainland and ran to Taiwan alone.This son is not only painful, but he will be lost forever, and he will definitely bring them a disaster.I don’t know what the parents and brothers and sisters are now. Well, I must not be over … I don’t want to, don’t think about it.Now that I have money, I have too much money, but what’s the use, I can’t give them a penny.Can you see them again in this life?There should be no chance.(Pay attention to not getting lost and not to be continued)

The mainland defeated Taiwanese pilots to take a group photo.The far right is Liu Chengji

(Pay attention to not getting lost, the next chapter is more exciting)

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