The treatment of sagging of the stomach is not necessarily raised

1. Treatment of stomach sagging, appropriate to regulate qi

Sinicarding is one of the more common digestive system diseases, which belongs to the category of Chinese medicine "under the stomach" and "stomach slow".

Regarding the disease, doctors in all ages mostly believe that the training of "Zhongqi Slow" is caused by the training of "Zhongqi Slow".

However, the author has found that if the "Six Conditions are used for use" and "in the same way" are used as a supplement, and the product of "regulating qi and stagnation" is given as appropriateShorten the course of treatment and reduce recurrence.


Such as Ji Xu, female, 15 years old.Diagnosis on May 18, 1990.Self -prosecutional stomach bloating and pain, no hunger, food is swollen, often vomiting acid rot, loose stomach after vomiting, slower swelling, the body is thinner and thinner;The stool is dry, astringent stagnation; the tongue is red, the moss is slightly yellow, and the pulse strings are slippery.

) 钡 钡 钡: (1) Stomach content and material retention; (2) gastric motion weakness; (3) the corner of the stomach cuts 4.5cm below the skeletal pupa.The diagnosis is stomach sag.

The certificate belongs to the stomach, and the accumulation of food and drink.Treatment to regulate the qi, guide the stagnation to the stomach.Hou Pu Sanwu Decoction.

Prescriptions: 20g each of Hou Pu, Zi Shi, 6g of rhubarb, 10g each in Pinellia, Amomum, and Mu Xiang, and 30g each of Divine Comedy and Lai Lai.Decoction daily take 1 dose.

5 doses of medicine, smooth stools, once a day, knowing hunger; following 10 doses, stomach bloating and other symptoms have improved significantly;Decoction daily take 1 dose.For 6 weeks, the disease is lost.

Review of the meal radiography: (1) The gastrointestinal retention disappears; (2) the gastric motility function is returned to normal;The follow -up has not recurred for 2 years.


Different foods and drinks have no time to stay in the stomach.However, no matter what kind of food and drink, it should be emptied from the stomach within a certain period of time, and a normal hunger (stomachache) appears.This is the normal physiological phenomenon of the stomach.

If you are full for a long time and not hungry, when you are hungry or not, it means that the food and drink in the stomach is not emptied in time, and the stomach is "dull".For a long time, it will cause stomach sagging.The stomach is drooping for a long time, its qi is further decayed, the chemicals are weak, and it is more likely to make food and drinks stop.

In the long run, the gastrointestinal and intestines have the same disease, which further promotes the stomach of the stomach and sagging, forming a malignant cycle of stalemate.

Therefore, it is necessary to "regulate the qi and the stagnation, guide the stagnation", to mediate and mediate the gas machine in order to turn its stalemate and re -transparent.In this way, it is "dull" to wake up and sag.If it is blindly raised, it will be more stagnant to urge its stalemate.It is necessary to study for the doctor!

Because the pathogens of the stomach drooping are the abnormality of the spleen and stomach gas machine, it can be seen in the clinic to see no hunger, abdominal swelling, hidden pain, and benefit after eating.Glamor or yellow greasy, pulse strings or tightness.

This is the time of accumulating stagnation and qi resistance, which can be given to the Sanwu Decoction and flavored, and "regulate qi to regulate the qi, guide the stagnation to the stomach."The mixed time can be given to the product of the Sanwu soup, and the Qi Qi supplement the Chinese products, and make up for it, and take care of the names to go to the Chen Chen and re -pass.

Fang Xuanu Sanwu Decoction, with the stagnation of Qi Pu Qi, removing accumulation, eliminating food, eliminating fullness, and stopping spasm and sedation;The gastrointestinal function is excited; the rhubarb has stagnated, the stagnation of the rhubarb, the stagnation of the food, the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal, and the push of the gastrointestinal motility.The three medicines are different, you can remove the accumulated food and wake up the stagnant stomach;In this way, the stomach of the drooping.

In short, the sagging of the stomach should focus on "Lingtong", and the other must focus on "lifting".

In this way, we can play a role in "awakening the stomach" and achieve the purpose of removing the "sluggish" of the stomach body. Furthermore, while the diagnosis is used, it is necessary to pay attention to combining with disease discerning.

The disease is mostly related to the spleen and stomach, but it is mostly related to liver stagnation and qi stagnation.It is used as a common clinical symptom of fullness, sorcery, pantomy, sourness, and stomach pain.

If you do not pay attention to "spiritual through" and "lifting", you can exacerbate the symptoms.Even if the symptoms of spleen and stomach qi deficiency are obvious, and the quality of ginseng, qi, art, and grass is good at qi and the spleen, it must also be used by Chen, Xia, Xiang, and sand, and mediation of gas machines, mediation gas machines, and rating.

Therefore, Yu Yita’s certificate, the unique Wu Jutong said that "the middle coke is like a balance, not peaceful".In this way, Jiao Hengping can recover, and the stomach of the drooping rises.Therefore, the governance of the stomach is not necessarily raised.

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