The truth of "essence" for men: It turned out to be 5,000 yuan?

"Complete all the essence donation processes can subsidize 4000 ~ 7000 yuan!"

Recently, the sperm donation initiative issued by the human sperm in many places has attracted widespread attention. This kind of "getting rich" "getting rich" has attracted many men to "want to move".

Donate more than 5,000 at a time, tens of thousands of yuan?Is this good thing that falls off the pie in the sky?

the answer is negative!

The high subsidy corresponds to rigorous screening conditions.According to public information: At present, the main force of domestic sperm donation is college students, but because sperm needs to be stored in ultra -low temperature, the requirements for sperm are high, and the volunteer pass rate does not exceed 20%.

Just signing up this level, most of the men stopped the door to getting rich.

"Good health is only an entry -level requirement. If you want to obtain" true essence ", you also have to go through the" 1981 Difficulty "!"

"Bald star who is less than 168cm, or is it a bald star who stays up late?"

Sorry, Shandong Sperm Studio disagrees!After all, Shandong green onions must be tall.

"Pig Peki tattooed upper body, applauded to the society"

Hainan sperm bank will refuse you.

"The degree below college? Height is less than 170cm? Do you grow" crooked melon and jujube "? Stay up late?

Beijing: Well, don’t!

History of height, weight, appearance, academic qualifications, diseases … The strict and strict preliminary screening conditions of overlapping are only the first level of "taking the road".

Before donating sperm: After a physical examination, you will also detect whether your sperm quality is qualified.Before the semen is collected, you have to abstain from 3 to 7 days (forbearance, too long and too long), and appraisal reports will be issued after the collection.

After three semen examinations, at least 2 times can be determined to be qualified as the quality of semen. At this time, you will enter the door of the exquisite rich and rich.

The sperm after the standard is re -evaluated after being frozen and thawed. After the evaluation is passed, you will really become a "sperm donor".

Donation: Enter the sperm donation room, there is a TV series or picture showing the "you know" picture, assisting you to focus on "taking the essence" (the playback screen has been filed by the Public Security Bureau).Generally, everyone must provide semen of about 30ml, so if you calculate it, you have to run 4 to 10 times in about 4 months.

If the qualified subsidy is 5,000 yuan and you can succeed 5 times, you can get 1,000 yuan each time.

After donating sperm: It ’s not that after taking the essence, everything is waiting for money, and the sperm library will also follow up and manage. Once the genital warts, herpes, ulcers, etc. are found, they will immediately require the sperm.Oh ~ ~

Even if the conditions for donating the essence are so strict, there are still some "sons of heaven" to obtain the true "essence" and get subsidies.However, the sons of these days to rely on exquisite richness are simply: the state stipulates that everyone can only donate sperm once in their lives.

In fact, you can always encounter the itch and pain point of men.

In order to prove that their sperm is "strong", some men choose to donate sperm and detect their sperm activity;

Some want to "give" through their own personal "giving" to let more families enjoy "the joy of God";

Although some people do not plan to have children, they are worried that they will change their minds after they lose their fertility, and they decide to make a "investment" in the sperm bank and leave a few milliliters to protect themselves.

Before donating sperm, you will issue an appraisal report. The number of sperm, quality, activity, survival rate and other indicators will be comprehensively evaluated. Only qualified sperm is qualified to enter the shared space.

According to statistics from sperm library, the sperm sample they collected is only 27%.

This mechanism seems to be an invisible evaluation of male sexual ability. This is an underground competition related to male dignity …

Unknowingly, donations seem to be an invisible competition between men.

If you go to the sperm donation agency for a few mornings, you occasionally encounter some people who come to donate ejaculation.If they come out when they come out, some steps are raised, and some brows are locked.

Asked, there must be someone who "lost".

“Australian men illegally donated exquisitely, which became the father of 60 children”caused a stir, and people couldn’t help but question: Will the donated sperm be used chaotic?

You can rest assured that donation involves serious ethical issues. It can also be seen from the previous article that domestic giving off -donation management is extremely strict.

my country stipulates that the commercialization and industrialization of the sperm bank is strictly prohibited, and there are strict information confidentiality regulations on the sperm donation.

Not only is the sperm supply and the couple of the recipients, they need to maintain "double blindness", but also the sperm supply and medical staff and future generations must also maintain mutual blindness.

The sperm of the human sperm bank is not directly provided to the fertilized couples, but to the auxiliary reproductive medical institutions.

In other words, thefenders and sperm donors are separated by two institutions.

Will donations cause close relatives to get married?

The probability is extremely low!

Scholars of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences pointed out in the article "Social Ethics of Social Aids for Premium and Assistance Technology" in 2021 that it is estimated that when the sperm of the same sperm provider enables five women to conceive, the probability of the third -generation close -up marriage is about 0.019%, The probability is very small.

No matter how bad, the sperm donor and the essence can also go to the sperm library for information to investigate, because all the sperm donation files and fertilized information of the sperm bank are permanently preserved.


According to medical surveys in recent years, one family has one family with infertility every 10 families in my country.There are more than 10,000 couples relying on artificial insemination for fertility each year. Objectively speaking, the demand for sperm is still large.

At the same time, the domestic sperm inventory and quality are not able to keep up with the demand, and they have made more sounds of advocating sperm donation, calling on the majority of healthy young men to set up "one essence" to solve the "essence".

If you are confident enough about your sperm, try "benefit others"!

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