The uncle who is just an adult, the husband’s approach is admirable.

Recently, big melon has been eaten. Although I feel that there are big melons every year, there are many melons after the epidemic this year!

Best Hand Hand in the Year

The above are all celebrities. After the incident comes out, I will search quickly. Today I will talk to you about the ordinary people who have happened today.In order to protect personal privacy, the protagonist uses a pseudonym. Please do not get a seat. The photo quotes some networks, and the infringement is deleted!

Ms. Tang and Mr. Wang in Suzhou are a couple. Ms. Tang looks beautiful. Mr. Zhang is handsome and upright.

Ms. Tang likes fitness. Although she is over 30 years old, she is very devil. When men see men, they have to flow water.

Ms. Tang’s fitness photo

Her husband, Mr. Wang, is very handsome, 180cm tall. He is general manager of South China, a listed company in Suzhou, with an annual salary of more than one million.

It is said that every family has a difficult scripture, so that everyone’s envy couples are unspeakable and have no children for more than ten years.

After verification of the hospital, Mr. Wang was lost due to a car accident and could not have children!

The couple also asked for medical treatment many times, and they tried IVF many times but eventually failed.

Ms. Tang and Mr. Wang were originally college classmates. The relationship was very deep, but even deep feelings could not stand the torture of life without desire.

However, Ms. Tang did not cross Lei Chi from the beginning to the end, and she has been going to the gym to exercise to vent her irritable emotions.

There are many men in the gym asking Ms. Tang for contact information such as WeChat, but Ms. Tang has always been a high -cold gesture, rejecting thousands of miles away, and no man to ask for boring.

Mr. Wang has a younger brother, referred to as Xiao Wang for short. Xiao Wang is just 18 years old and is 186cm tall. He has the title of Xiao Wu Yanzu in his hometown school. Just after taking the college entrance examination, he came to Suzhou’s brother Mr. Wang’s house for a few days.

Due to the epidemic factors, Ms. Tang did not see such a handsome brother in a few years. Today, she saw the young handsome younger brother who was similar to Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang was on a business trip for a few days, and he left Xiao Wang and his sister -in -law to live alone, and also laid a foreshadowing for the development of the matter.

Ms. Tang drank a few more cups, and because of her alcoholic, she was drunk. After the guests were out of the field, Xiao Wang naturally took a taxi with his sister -in -law home.

Under the influence of alcohol, people often lose their rationality. Ms. Tang once refused the pursuit of 100 men. There are handsome small fresh meat and how much gold are uncle.The bottom line and moral constraints fell into the arms of the uncle who just turned 18.

Xiao Wang’s blood is qi, young and vigorous, but also at the age of adolescent restlessness. He can’t stand the temptation of sister -in -law. He also takes advantage of the relationship with Jiu Jin and the sister -in -law. Although he regrets himself afterwardsLin’s hunger has occurred many times a week.

Xiao Wang and Ms. Tang dreamed that Mr. Wang would go home in advance, just hitting the scene where Ms. Tang and Xiao Wang were rolling the sheets on the bed.He was his younger brother who was just an adult.

Yes, because of physical dysfunction, he cannot fulfill the obligations between husband and wife, and he has been guilty to his wife for many years. His wife has not proposed a divorce, nor did he secretly say his secret to outsiders.I don’t know how to choose from smoking!

As the saying goes, the ugly family cannot be raised. In order to continue to maintain the feelings of the husband and wife, and the future of not destroying his brother, Mr. Wang finally chose to forgive and swallow.

Mr. Wang and Ms. Tang are both expected and scared. Although they are not pregnant with Mr. Wang, they have a blood relationship with Mr. Wang.The younger brother’s child is afraid that the subsequent younger brother will ask for asking, and finally make the brothers look revenge, and the family is ugly!

I am the protagonist "Mr. Wang!

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