The unexpected harvest brought by pregnancy

Many women see pregnancy as a "suffering", thinking that pregnant in October is more like an unpleasant experience before happiness.The impression of expectant mothers seems to be a bulky body, bad temper, vomiting, leg cramps, tiredness and troubles … In fact, the baby is not the only gift that you bring to you for 10 months.

Pregnancy can bring healthy living habits

After pregnancy, many women abandoned their original habits.Experts believe that pregnancy is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking, and it is also a great motivation for women to breathe fresh air and exercise.Especially women with diabetes will make full use of the stage of pregnancy to learn how to control their condition.These new health habits will benefit you for life.

Pregnancy can prevent disease

Pregnancy and childbirth can exercise, integrate, and improve various functions of the body, thereby enhancing the body’s ability to detoxify, anti -infection, anti -cancer and anti -cardiovascular disease.Compared to women who are born with age, women who have no fertility or postponed fertility are more likely to suffer from diseases such as uterine fibroids, breast cancer, ovarian benign tumors, and even ovarian cancer.Breastfeeding after childbirth can effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer.Recent studies have shown that pregnancy allows women to produce an antibody against ovarian cancer, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of ovarian cancer.

Pregnancy can treat endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common disease of gynecological diseases. It is a disease formed by the endometrium tissue with growth ability and function.EssenceUnder the influence of ovarian hormones in the ectopic endometrium, periodic bleeding also occurs. When pelvic endometriosis occurs, common dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, sexual intercourse pain and infertility.During the period of pregnancy, because there is no cyclical bleeding, the endometrium in the ectopic uterine may shrink, so some patients with endometriosis can achieve the purpose of cure by pregnancy and baby.It will also be reduced.

Pregnancy can treat dysmenorrhea

It is often seen in daily life that when the menstruation recovers again in the past, the troubled dysmenorrhea was inexplicably reduced, and some women even found that the dysmenorrhea after production had basically disappeared.This is a common phenomenon, but no one understands its exact reason.The greater possibility is that fertility eliminates some prostaglandin receptor points in the uterus.Prostaglandin is a hormone with a variety of functions. One of the functions is to cause the uterus to shrink in exercise, which is one of the causes of dysmenorrhea.

Pregnancy can relieve the symptoms of sagging stomach

The young women who are pursuing "skinny" are thin and weak, with narrow thorax, weak bones, lack of subcutaneous fat, muscles and ligaments in suspension and fixed gastric positions, which will reduce the entire position of the stomach and weaken gastric peristalsis.After pregnancy, on the one hand, the expansion of the uterus may top the sagging stomach; on the other hand, after pregnancy, women generally gain weight and become fat, which will also enhance the tension of the stomach ligament and reduce the symptoms of gastric sagging.

You can enjoy more "sex blessings" in the middle of pregnancy

During pregnancy, you don’t have to worry about how to contraception. Not only will sex improve, but the role of hormones during pregnancy will also make you more attractive and sexy.Vomiting and exhaustion in the early pregnancy make you unable to mention any "sexual interest"; in the late pregnancy, the bulky body is not suitable for sex.But in the middle of pregnancy, more blood flows to the pelvis, which will increase the sensitivity of sensory when the husband and wife are close, making it easier for women to reach the peak.Don’t worry about the intimacy with your husband to hurt the fetus, unless you encounter special circumstances, such as the placenta front, as long as the husband is gentle and add, you can enjoy it in the second trimester.

Pregnancy makes the feeling more sensitive

Pregnancy can enhance your sense of smell and even taste.Of course, such a sensitive sense of smell may exacerbate the nausea in the morning in the early stages of pregnancy, but in the later period, it will make you enjoy all kinds of deliciousness.Some experts blame this "radar nose" on the estrogen content of pregnant women; the other person thinks that the sensitive sense of smell will make pregnant women consciously resist harmful substances, such as cigarettes or expired foods, and learn to protect themselves.

Pregnancy makes you understand your body’s potential

Pregnancy is a project that needs to be done by yourself, and a special way to build self -confidence.Some women found that their physical condition had changed a lot during pregnancy.For those who once thought they can’t have birth, pregnancy is a kind of liberation, which makes them convinced that their bodies can also complete this magical mission.

Pregnancy makes women more healthy

While pregnant and having children make women mature, they will be healthier.Sociologists point out that a person’s complete "socialization" process should include the experience and experience of childbirth.In the process of breeding of life, women will deepen their philosophy of life. From the hard middle school of raising children, selfless love can also make couples cultivate valuable feelings for the same way. It is an important emotional pillar of the family.Pregnancy and fertility will give you a more optimistic attitude towards life. When you realize that a small life is breeding in your body and bringing you to this world, I believe you can’t treat him well.These are the accidental gifts that women are pregnant in October. While having a healthy baby, they really get unexpected gifts.

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