The unique smells of pregnant women are embarrassing, and the second one is disgusted with her husband.

Moms will have various changes in their bodies after pregnancy, which is also caused by changes in hormones in the body, and during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, it is easy to have various pregnancy reactions.It is also easy to make mothers uncomfortable, and it is easier to slowly produce some taste on the body.After women are pregnant, they will inevitably appear these three flavors, one is more embarrassing than one, and see how many kinds you have.


During pregnancy, pregnant women still have a taste, that is, the smell of urine, but it is often difficult to control, because as the fetal volume continues to increase, the uterus and bladder will be oppressed during the third trimester.It is prone to symptoms such as frequent urination.Other pregnant women often leak urine, so they need to change their underwear. If necessary, you can use adult diaper to prevent excessive embarrassment.

Bad breath

During the pregnancy, women often have bad breath, especially when they are in the middle of pregnancy, women in this period of time are the most likely to have bad breath. This not only makes themselves feel very embarrassing, but also communicate with others.At this time, it is also a more embarrassing thing. After pregnancy, bad breath occurs because the baby is constantly growing and developing and compressing to the mother’s uterus, so it will cause gastrointestinal motility and the deviation of the mother. At this timeStomach.During the pregnancy, women can eat some coarse foods appropriately, so that they can speed up the peristalsis of the stomach and stomach and improve constipation.

Sweat smell

Women usually have a large sweaty smell after pregnancy, because after women are pregnant, our bodies are more faster than usual.There will be a lot of more, and if a woman often takes a bath during pregnancy, it will inevitably cause some harm to the baby, so cleaning personal hygiene during pregnancy will also have a big problem, which will cause sweat on our body.The odor is relatively strong.Therefore, mothers will inevitably appear such a taste after pregnancy.

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