The unmarried girl is pregnant at 40 weeks of pregnancy. In pain, I do n’t say who the child ’s father is, and refuses to notify his parents.

The unmarried girl was bleeding at 40 weeks of pregnancy. The child had to perform surgery immediately, but the girl refused to notify her family.

The girl was named Liu Li. When she was admitted to the hospital, she had no family members, and she refused to inform her family calls.

In this case, let alone perform surgery. Even the hospitalization procedures cannot be handled. For a while, the two sides can only be stalemate like this.The doctor called the Medical Office to report: "All the money in the pocket is pulled out, just 2,000 yuan, and then there is no family member.

Seeing that Liu Li was so painful, he did not say who his father was, and he did not want to inform his parents. Doctors could only persuade them hard, but Liu Li refused to relax, but begged the doctor to perform surgery immediately.

The obstetric director also came. Seeing that Liu Li looked like this, he was also anxious and angry: "Why are you so stubborn? You are a sober person.address."

Liu Li: "I broke up with my ex -boyfriend."

Nurse: "It doesn’t matter if you divide it. Are you going to help?"

But Liu Li did not listen to persuasion at all, and was still stubborn.

Director Li said that they have also seen this situation that patients should have any hidden hidden, but as long as they say clearly to their family, most of them will understand.

Then the director enlightened Liu Li again.If it keeps delaying, it may affect her re -fertility.Seeing that Liu Liyou salt did not enter, they could only choose to call the police in the end.

Seeing the police came, Liu Li barely reported to the friend’s mobile phone number, but the other party had turned off.

In the end, Liu Li herself signed on the surgical consent.

At this time, it was 5 hours before admission. The doctor immediately performed a caesarean operation for Liu Li, took out the dead baby, and then Liu Li was sent to the ICU.

A few days later, Liu Li’s situation was basically stable. The doctor came to her bed and told her about the medical expenses: "We have saved you very money, whether in the operating room, in the ICU, according to the cheapest, the cheapest is the cheapest.The method of treatment, but the owing money owed a lot, which affects your treatment. What should I do if I understand my meaning? "

Liu Li said that she would make people get money.However, after a few calls, the other party’s mobile phone couldn’t make it.

At the time of eating, Liu Li can only order takeaway by himself.

Looking at the pale girl on the bed, everyone sighed.

Thirty years of reunion, there was no relative around her. God knew what she had experienced.

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