The wandering female red sister is still broadcast live after pregnancy, and she is admired by hard work, "For the 19 -year -old boyfriend"

Some boys suggest to netizens:

Brothers, when you marry your daughter -in -law, you have to marry your favorite. At the age of 24, I was happy to sleep all night.

More than 20 days of traveling for more than 20 days, high -speed rail planes ran around … If you go home late at night to see her sleeping face with the child, you will feel very happy!

The man’s words were approved by many people.Boys want to marry the girls they like, but not everyone is so lucky. People who like it. She does not necessarily like you, and she may not marry you.

The same is true for girls, only to marry what they like, can they have the motivation to struggle.

The first generation of wanderers in Guangdong, "Red Sister", married the person she likes, and is now working hard to engage in her career.

Recently, Sister Red began to broadcast live again, facing the camera, twisted dance she was not good at, and looked awkward.

Of course, most of the time, the Red Sister was chatting with netizens. Only when the fans asked and brushed the gifts, she danced and sang. After all, this was not her specialty.

However, Hong Sister smiled at her live broadcast. During this time, she was very moisturizing. It seemed that the live broadcast was just her hobby, and she was not worried about her income problem.

Because someone raised her, it was very intimate for her.

It can be seen from the live broadcast that the stomach of the Red Sister was slightly bulging. Obviously, she was pregnant for more than 4 months, and she would be a mother.

Everyone who follows Sister Hong knows that her boyfriend is a 19 -year -old guy, very young and handsome.

"I don’t regret it!" This is the original words of Red Sister.

Many people do not understand that Sister Hong chose a 19 -year -old boy as a boyfriend.

Over the years, Sister Hong has been wandering, and the two fingers chasing her two fingers can’t count them.Ask her to eat, take her to sing, buy clothes, buy cosmetics, etc., but she has never been tempted.

I would rather sleep on the street without promising any boy to fall in love.Until the 19 -year -old guy appeared, Sister Hong fell in love and announced it together.

Soon, netizens found that the red sister after love was slightly larger than before, and seemed to be pregnant.And she did not deny, nor did she admit it, obviously she didn’t care.

I just do n’t know, did she promise to be with the guy first?Or are you going to ask for a child?

It is admirable that Sister Hong is even more diligent after pregnancy.

It may only be broadcast once or twice a week before, and now she can see her on the live broadcast almost every day.

Netizens can’t help but tease. Is this for the 19 -year -old boyfriend to reduce the pressure and make milk powder for children?Such a "sister -in -law love" is indeed more sensible.

However, when I saw that Hong Sister had her own home, she was still a expectant mother. Everyone still blessed her.At least there is no need to wander again.

The topic that makes everyone care about is that Hong Sister and 19 -year -old boyfriend are together because of love?

Needless to say, her boyfriend is only 19 years old, and the psychological aspects are not mature. Boys of this age belong to the type of love.Now I am going to be a dad again. I wonder if he is prepared to be mentally prepared?

Another thing is that he did not reach the legal marriage age at the age of 19, that is, Sister Red and he did not register to get married, but just announced on the Internet.

If the child is born, he brings the child to his parents and abandon the Red Sister. At that time, the Red Sister is estimated to be hit, and the spirit will be more abnormal.

This kind of thing is not impossible to separate the belly.

Most boys think that this is not love.

A 19 -year -old boy, how can he like girls who are so older than herself, even if the Red Sister is more beautiful, it will not be more vicissitudes of age.

Girls also like young and handsome boys. This is probably because of the choice of Red Sister to be with him.

However, it seems that their ending is not very optimistic.

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