The wealthy woman Sheng Fangyi: married with a huge sum of money but was tragically left out. He was born in 7 years in 27 years.

"Ah, you can’t protect me, why should you be so used to me?"

In 1949, in a shabby rental house in Shanghai, a woman with a pale complexion looked out of the small window and swallowed the raw opium in her hand.

Under the influence of spirits and opium, the woman stopped breathing instantly.

The woman who desperately died was not someone else, it was Sheng Fangyi, who was the youngest girl who was the first richest man in the late Qing Dynasty.


At the beginning of the Republic of China, the Shanghai Beach was located on the Shenggong Mansion on the middle of Huaihai. It was a legend of the rich country in Shanghai.

There are more than 100 acres of garden -style houses, and there are more than 200 servants of the Shenggang House.There are luxury cars in front of Sheng Gongguan, and the song and laughter, the scenery of Huasheng seems to never fade back.

When Sheng Fangyi was born, his father Sheng Xuanhuai accumulated for decades, and his reputation, glory, and wealth reached its peak.

Compared with her brother and sisters, although she was born in the side room of Sheng Xuanhuai, Mrs. Xiao was not the best, but she was still loved by Sheng Xuanhuai.

Sheng Fangyi has been eating and jade from a young age, and his meals come to open his mouth and reach out. As long as she wants, her father will immediately satisfy her.

From a young age, there was something that did not agree with himself, and Sheng Fangyi fell away. Sometimes he cried so much that he couldn’t coax. A group of maids were even more anxious to look like an ant on the hot pot.

"I used to killing." Sheng Xuanhuai also knew this ancient training, but for most of his life, Sheng’s family had a great career, and it was easy to have some time. Sheng Xuanhuai just wanted to grow up with his children and fulfill his father’s love.

Sheng Xuanhuai did not expect this female doll to take the responsibility of inheriting the family business, so he was accustomed to Sheng Fangyi for more than ten years.

Sheng Xuanhuai often joked about this young girl: "Xiao Fangyi, the world is too chaotic, or we will not marry someone in the future, Dad will raise you."


However, in 1916, the richest man in the late Qing Dynasty died.

After Sheng Xuanhuai left, Mrs. Xiao had a large legacy, which made her feel at ease.Because she lost her husband’s dependence, her only daughter was her biggest reliance, so she was more accustomed to her daughter, and she followed her.

"The Sheng family has a daughter who has grown up and raised in the deep girlfriend." Because the Sheng family protects the younger daughter very well, people are curious about Sheng Fangyi.What kind of gentle and moving.

At the request of her daughter, Mrs. Xiao began to arrange new communication for her, allowing her to participate in various high -end singing halls, dances and dinner.

The ten miles of the Shanghai Beach, the small flowers grew up in the greenhouse, are curious and fresh about everything.She likes the glittering exquisite dresses, a drama that is lingering, and the opera that is euphemistic.

From the perspective of outsiders, Miss Sheng Ba’s gorgeous clothes hidden a playful and cute fairy.

Her purity and cuteness, wealthy background, made many wealthy sons covet.The married son -in -law buddies even died of emptiness.

Ms. Sheng Ba took his followers to watch the show, and the gentle opera on the stage attracted the applause of the stage.In the auditorium, a man looked up and down to Miss Shengba with his eyes.

After watching the show, Miss Shengjia Eight took the car and went home.

Staring at the man she watched in the theater, he secretly drove behind.Seeing Miss Shengba’s car slowly entered Shengfu, the man’s car also followed up.

Seeing that he followed Miss Bay’s car, Shengfu’s gatekeeper thought that it was a friend who brought back from Miss Eight, and put him in. Only when he went in, he knew that it was actually not known.


For this handsome guy who came to the door, Mrs. Xiao was never assured, so she investigated the person.

It turns out: He is Peng Zhenming, the grandson of Zhou Fujiu, the big salt merchant Zhou Fujiu in the late Qing Dynasty, known as "Peng Laoqi".

At this time, the Zhou family had declined, and compared with the financial resources of the Sheng family, it was a sky and an underground.These young people have nothing to do, and they are entertaining when they are fine, and they are a swaying children who are lingering in the venue of Fengyue.

Therefore, Mrs. Xiao warned her daughter that they must not have half a bit of featuring such people.

But Peng Laoqi’s sweet words easily captured the city in the heart of the girl.

Miss Sheng Ba is unhappy, Peng Laoqi will change the way to coax her happily; Miss Sheng Ba likes to listen to the euphemistic opera, Peng Laoqi will sing for her on the stage; Miss Sheng Ba likes a new party, Peng Laoqi will take herGo to the most fun ballroom.

From then on, Sheng Fangyi had only Peng Zhenming’s heart, and he couldn’t sleep all night without seeing his heart.When the two were together, Peng Zhenming talked about the ghost of deceiving the girl, while Sheng Fangyi listened to the love words that his lover talked with affection.Since childhood, she has hardly as close as men outside her own house.Therefore, she thinks that this is the love she wants to dream, beautiful and romantic, not to be missed.

Although Mrs. Xiao has repeatedly selected her, Ms. Sheng Ba not only disappeared, but also made a hunger strike, dropped things, and refused to go home to protest.

Miss Eight regardless of her mother and daughter family, regardless of her face.

Can’t change her daughter’s stubbornness, Mrs. Xiao had to agree with the marriage.

In addition to the conventional dowry, Mrs. Xiao also spent a huge sum of money to build a garden -style house for her daughter -in -law to marry her daughter to worry about her food and food. She also gave her daughter several houses for their rent -to -rent life in the future.

After climbing the Gao Zhi of the Sheng family, Peng Lao Qiba could not tell the world.He asked the Zhou family to smash the pot to sell iron, and held a century wedding for the oldest Dahua Hotel at the time.

He even got a "0708" license for their wedding car, meaning: Peng Laoqi and Miss Sheng Eight.

At first, the handsome guy must be accompanied by his love wife, and the new woman sleeps at night.

Soon after, Sheng Fangyi became pregnant, and the rich family was at a loss.

However, pregnancy is uncomfortable and did not get the distress and care of her husband. Even Sheng Fangyi was sweaty when she gave birth, and none of her hair and body were dry.In addition, because of excessive force, the consciousness has been blurred, his mouth is slightly open, leaving only a shot -like breathing, and you cannot get the guardian’s guardianship.


At this time, Peng Zhenming took advantage of his wife’s pregnancy and unloaded his pretend before his marriage.

The handsome face value gives him a disturbing capital.He could ignore his wife’s uncomfortableness during pregnancy.He can also be beside his wife during the childbirth, but with a enchanting dancer for vacation.

For the child who was born in October, he only needed to be given the identity of a father for free, but he did not need to be responsible for this.

Even if the child was crying, his wife could not sleep with the child’s crying noisy, and he would not reach out and hug the child to coax, or kiss his wife to comfort it.

But when he was quiet at night, he sneaked into his home, and he stomped away his wife’s dowry to go out to buy fashionable jewelry to coax his lover.

As long as she likes what she likes in childhood, her parents will satisfy her.Now that there is a problem with marriage, she suddenly disappears.

Ms. Eight began to compromise, hoping to support the care of her husband, but the sword dangling son is proficient in eating, drinking, gambling, and those who come to the door to ask for gambling debts are often ashamed of Sheng Fangyi.

At first, Mrs. Xiao will help her, but soon after Mrs. Xiao died.

Seeing that the gambler splurked his dowry by one by one, Sheng Fangyi had no other way, could not get people, could not get heart, and couldn’t keep money.She began to soothe herself by sucking big smoke, and everything around was not related to her.

Even their children broke their heads because of naughty playing, and she didn’t care about her blood flow.

Once the smoke addiction is difficult to fight, the child bleeds too much, and is frightened. Outsiders are distressed when they look at it. Sheng Fangyi only sucks his big smoke and does not want to look up.

A good gambling, a drug addiction.

Sheng Fangyi was unwilling to let her loved ones know how unbearable the marriage she chose is now.They gradually sold their properties and rented others’ houses.

Miss Sheng Ba, who married a lover in the dream, no longer dances and sings, no longer yearn for romantic love.In the smoke, she could find a little sustenance and comfort.

As the economic strength is not as good as one day, the big smoke purchased by Sheng Fangyi is getting cheaper, but under the influence of inferior big smoke, her smoke addiction is getting bigger and bigger.

Because of the long -term smoke, under the erosion of the big smoke, her body was not as good as one day. Her teeth were relaxed, her eyes were dull, her skin was rough, and her body was as thin as firewood.

Ms. Eight no longer has the temperament of the rich family. The meaning of life is that she is a big smoke gun without a hand.She felt that she was a mud, and the people around could not help her on the wall.

After 27 years of marriage, she gave him 7 children.

But every day of Miss Eight seems to be the concubine in the ancient deep palace. I don’t know when I saw Lang Jun again?She misses her childhood happiness.

In 1949, a vigorous smoking ban started nationwide, and opium transactions had no place to hide at all.

Sheng Fangyi felt that he had lost his sustenance for life.

Putting down the rusty smoke gun, Miss Sheng Ba looked out of the small window, and all the time was vivid, but she couldn’t go back.

She wants to ask her parents: "Why don’t she have the right guidance to her during a suitable period?" Then, she chewed the bitter cigarette paste with a strong wine, with tear swallowing.Go down …

After Sheng Fangyi died, Peng Laoqi complained that she would become a crumbling home.Miss Eight said that she was in a good words, and when the seven children were waiting to be fed, they were even more controlled by eating, drinking, and Lazar.

Because he has never fulfilled his father’s responsibility, he chose to ignore the noise of 7 children. He couldn’t immediately let them stop, feeling that the child was drizzling by themselves, and he could grow up with an adult.

In 1950, Peng Zhenming rolled into a money case and was sent to labor transformation as a reactionary.

As soon as the labor transformation was over, he caught up with his family and criticized, and he was disturbed all day.

One day the detention center asked him to talk the next day. He thought that the difficulties were here, and he was scared to end his life with a rope that day.

From then on, their children have become orphan in the true sense …


In his childhood, Sheng Xuanhuai and his wife did not guide their loved daughters at an appropriate age because they were afraid of their children.

They set out in the name of love, but used the wrong method to implement the wrong education method, delaying her daughter’s life.

Sheng Fangyi insisted on marrying an unreliable dream lover regardless of his mother’s dissuasion.Once a sensational century wedding, after being washed through life, now only leaves a joke and sighs.

Parents are parents, and they all want their children to be smooth and worry -free.But Mrs. Xiao’s love for her child was too hot, and she turned her love into doting.So after entering the marriage, Miss Sheng Bayi suddenly felt complex and varied marriage, making her unable to "control everything" as when she was a child.

The difference is too big to be independent, and Miss Sheng Ba fell step by step.

References: "Longxi Sheng’s Episities" Volume 32 1943; "Sheng Xuanhuai Family"

Author: Lan Zijun

Guidance: Snow Lyne

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