The wife was derailed many times when I was 2 months pregnant.

There will be a lot of unwillingness between husband and wife. It is normal for a small noise, but it is all the bedside of the bed. How can you always like it!Of course, the husband and wife must cherish this family. Do n’t divorce if you do n’t move, and you ca n’t float after the living conditions are better.However, some husbands and wives have a blind eye. No, a couple in Zhejiang quarreled due to derailment, which caused physical conflict. Let’s take a look at the specific situation!

Early in the morning, Sister Yu took the mediator to the door of the husband and the elder brother’s house. After a while, I wish the elder brother back to the bike back.Stable, the mediator quickly told his brother to the advanced door.

When the mediator took Sister Yu to enter the house, the new brother Yao Yao, the new girlfriend in the house, closed the door immediately.The elder sister communicates.

Sister Yao was also very excited. She said that she wanted to go to the police station to handle it. The mediation officer told her to calm down and calm down. Then, the mediation staff went outside the door to soothe Sister Yu and let her calm down first. In this way, the problem could not solve the problem after all.Under the comforters’ soothing, Sister Yu calmed down.

Then the mediationman went into the house to see what the elder brother and wife would say.I wish the elder brother say that the ex -wife is mainly making trouble now because of these tens of thousands of dollars. At that time, the ex -wife found a new husband and said that when he got married, he had no money to set up a banquet, so he asked him to borrow these tens of thousands.This borrowing money often came to find him noisy, and even reached Sister Yao, which made him unacceptable.

At this moment, the village director arrived at the scene.I wish the elder brother that he and his girlfriend just couldn’t get used to his ex -wife and not treat his daughter, so he wanted to move his daughter’s account without any other meaning.After listening to the big brother, the mediator decided to open the door to open the door, and asked Sister Yu to come in to solve the problem.

As soon as I entered the door, Sister Yu’s daughter closed the door fiercely. Sister Yu started to cry as soon as she sat down and said that she wanted to kill him when she saw Zhu.stand up.Later, I wish the elder brother called the eldest daughter. The eldest daughter said that she is currently in the field. For her parents’ affairs, she ran back several times but still did not solve the problem. Since her parents have their own half, they have a good herself and have a good herself.That’s it. For this matter, my sister didn’t want to stay at home, leaving home every day, and running out.

The younger daughter couldn’t help crying, crying and saying that since her parents divorced, she had a birthday every time she had a puppy with her.The mediation officer didn’t want her to hurt her again, so she let her followers avoid her aside.

At this time, Sister Yu said that her ex -husband had not taken a point of support. Even if she couldn’t raise it, she had the right to move her daughter’s account, and often harassed her.In this regard, my brother said that he did not harass his ex -wife at all. As for why he moved his daughter’s account, because his daughter often ran away from home, so he picked up his daughter back and supported it, and his ex -wife agreed.Later, I wished the elder brother to take out his mobile phone and let the mediator look.

Sister Yu took off her coat and asked the mediation staff to look at the scar on her body and said that because her husband’s harassment and beating of herself, she had to say that she had to custody the right to the ex -husband.At this moment, the small follower came over and called the mediation offer to say that the little daughter told her just now that when she was 8 years old, she saw her mother with her current hook.She loved enough. Before talking about it, Sister Yu suddenly knelt down, and the mediator hurried to help her.

Regarding why she was derailed during marriage, Sister Yu explained that when she was 2 months pregnant, her ex -husband began to beat her.In this regard, I wish the elder brother said that the current husband’s current is gambling. Sister Yu immediately refuted that her husband would not bet, but occasionally playing a small card.

Subsequently, Sister Yu raised the 65,000 yuan.I wish the elder brother that he would not find it now. If his ex -wife didn’t want to pay back, he would no longer ask. As for the daughter’s account, if the ex -wife did not agree, he would no longer be reluctant.Hearing this, Sister Yu agreed to be very refreshing.

At this time, Sister Yu secretly typed and showed the mediation staff on her mobile phone. I didn’t want to let Brother Zhu know that when the mediation staff saw the information, she said that the main responsibility was exactly the elder sister Yu.The impact is still great.When he heard the mediator, Sister Yu said that the ex -husband asked her to bring it in, and he was incompetent.I wish the elder brother without a pot, how could a man ask his woman to find someone under his eyelids?I wish the elder brother that he found that Sister Yu was derailed many times before he hit her.

Hearing this, Sister Yu broke completely, throwing the bag on the ground directly, and kneeling, asking the elder brother not to hit her again. After speaking, she would fight with her ex -husband.The mediation staff hurriedly pulled the two sides away.After standing up, Sister Yu said that she would come here first, and after walking, she left angrily.

I think both sides are wrong, but the child is innocent!You live your own life. Have you ever considered your children?Does anyone care about their inner world?Of course, if you can’t go together, you can choose to divorce, but please deal with the child’s problem before divorce.

There is no deep hatred between husband and wife.I hope everyone can cherish their families. When a quarrel occurs, consider calmly, it is best not to divorce!

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