The wine friend story meeting: the wife reports to the husband after pregnancy, but the husband knows very angry when he knows

Xiaowu is annoying!

He walked around for a while, and stopped stopping with frowning for a while.


Because his wife Oda is pregnant!

It stands to reason that pregnancy is a good thing, so why is he so irritable?

Because he knows that this child is not his!

What is going on?

It turns out that things are like this:

Half a month ago, Xiaowu called Oda from the Provincial Company and said that the company had to go home on the same day.

Xiaowu’s company is a startup company, which is in its infancy.His company also set up a store in the county where Xiaowu is located. Xiaowu is the manager of this shop.At the same time, Xiaowu is still the backbone of this startup company, so he often runs on both ends of the provinces and counties.

Oda made an external interface at a beef -beef factory in the county seat.

After receiving Xiao Wu’s phone call, Oda said, "It’s better not to come back first, let’s go directly to the outing."

Oda wanted to go to the suburbs for a while, but Xiaowu’s work has always been busy. She couldn’t get out of her with her, and she felt boring to go alone.

Xiaowu just wanted to relax and agreed.

The two agreed to meet at a certain attraction in the suburbs and booked a homestay by Oda.

Xiaowu’s provincial capital and the county where Oda is located next to each other, and the attractions they go are in the middle.

According to the agreement, Oda drove directly, and Xiaowu took a taxi directly from the provincial capital.

In this case, they can basically reach their destinations at the same time.

Oda arrived first, Xiao Wu later.When Xiao Wu arrived, it was about to be dark, and they planned to spend the night at the homestay and go to the attractions the next morning.

B & B and dinner, this was asked by Oda in advance, so she also told Xiaowu to dine at the homestay in the evening.

After they arrived, they looked at the room, which was pretty good.

This homestay is not large. There are 20 rooms in total, and a dozen rooms are pulling a dozen rooms. The door is not very good, but the closest to the scenic area is not so much.

The two had a month before the month, and just a word of interest, they called them to eat.

The two passed.

Good guy, two large round tables, full of farm foods, are really rich!

The boss said that if the meals are eaten casually, but if you drink, then just count it.

Xiaowu and Oda usually love to drink. Xiaowu Bai’s beer is Ocean. Oda usually only drinks beer and red.

"Drink something?" Xiao Wu asked Oda.

"Then drink some." Oda said with a smile.

Xiaowuxian took two bottles of beer for Oda and was trying to get a half -pound of white wine. At this time, he heard someone pat his shoulder: "Isn’t this Xiaowu?"

Xiao Wu turned around and saw his high school classmate Xiao Deng.

It turned out that Xiao Deng also came out of his heart.There are two cousins with him.

The relationship between Xiao Wu and Xiao Deng has always been good. When Xiao Wu got married, Xiao Deng also passed with overlap.

Seeing the acquaintances of acquaintances, he is enthusiastic.Both knew that the other party could drink, so they took two bottles of liquor in the past, greeted the two cousins of Oda and Xiao Deng, and several people sat together to drink and chat.

Oda didn’t want to drink liquor. He couldn’t hold Xiao Deng ’s persuasion. Xiao Wu knew that Oda could drink some liquor, but just said to her," Then you drink less. "

Several people talked lively and excited. Other people quickly finished eating. Only they and the three men at the other table were drinking.

After Oda drank two or two white wine, he replaced beer.

One of the cousins of Xiao Deng was very enthusiastic. I don’t know when to talk to several people at the other table, and invited them to drink at the same table.

Just right, eight people in a table, pay attention!

The table was large, and they sat scattered scattered, caught Hu Kan in three or two.

After Oda drank two bottles of beer, he signaled that Xiaowu should withdraw.

Xiaowu usually sees the wine to walk, let alone the old friends reunite now and they are dedicated to their hearts.

Seeing that Xiaowu didn’t leave, Oda wanted to leave by himself.

However, when she just stood up, Xiao Deng said: "I heard that you have a lot of drinking. Come, I want to respect you for a drink today!"

As soon as Oda recently held up, he was also happy, so he went to take a bottle of beer and opened it. He poured a cup and Xiao Deng.

After a cup, Xiao Deng said that good things were double, and the two did another.

Oda’s cup can almost fall down.After drinking two times, there are half bottles left.

At this time, a cousin of Xiao Deng got up and said to Oda, "I have to respect you too!" So there were two cups.

Then there was another cousin of Xiao Deng, and the three people at the other table, who respectfully worshiped Oda.

After some, the three bottles were finished. With the original two bottles, Oda drank a total of five bottles of beer and two or two white wine.

Xiao Wu knew that although Oda had a good drink, he had never drank so much, so he let Oda go back to rest.

Oda also drank it, so he went back to the room for convenience and rest.

Xiao Wu and Xiao Deng are still continuing.

At this time, they had already drank five bottles of white wine.

Xiao Deng proposed: "Don’t drink it anymore, let’s rest for a bean. We will go to the scenic area tomorrow.

Several people agree.

After drinking white and drinking beer, just rinsing your mouth!

Several people had a rest and two bottles, but after two bottles, they had no head.

The night is beautiful, the wind is refreshing, and several people drink endlessly. When some people stop, there is another person who said, "Just go back to the room if you drink another bottle."

In the meantime, because the beer was drinking too much, someone frequently went out to the bathroom.

Besides, after Oda hurried back to the room, the door had not had time to go, so he went straight to the bathroom.

After it was convenient, she lay down and slept.

I don’t know how long it has been, in confusion, as if I came in.

She thought it was Xiaowu, and said, "Don’t make trouble."

After the man left, Oda still felt a little strange, "Still … to drink?"

The man ignored Oda, and left the door directly

Several people did not go back to the room until they drank someone who vomited.

When Xiaowu returned to the room, he shouted Oda, and Oda complained: "How come back?" After saying, he fell asleep.

Xiaowu was asked to be confused, but he fell asleep without care.

Early the next morning, the owner of the homestay came over and shouted for breakfast. Xiao Wu and Oda couldn’t get up because they drank too much.

It wasn’t until the three poles of the day that Oda got up first. After washing, wake up Xiaowu, and plan to go out to play after lunch.

At this time, Xiao Wu’s mobile phone rang, and the company owner called him, saying that there was a tricky thing that needed Xiao Wu to solve it himself.

No way, Xiaowu had to go back.

However, Xiaowu needs to go back to the county’s home first to take something before going to the provincial company.

Oda was very lacking in drinking too much last night, and his mental head was not good, and he didn’t want to go to see the scenery. He said, "Let’s go home."

When the two returned home, Xiao Wu took things and went to the provincial capital.

After about twelve or three days later, Oda suddenly felt like I always wanted to vomit, so I took the test strip to test it, two bars!

I didn’t want to be pregnant for a long time, this time I was pregnant?Oda is very happy.

Xiao Wu and Oda have been married for more than two years, and have always wanted children to be unhappy.

She wanted to call Xiaowu to tell him this good news for the first time, but she thought again, don’t you be sure?

Therefore, she went to the hospital to take a blood test HCG, and the results showed that it exceeded the normal range and was pregnant!

Oda quickly called Xiao Wu home and said that there was a good thing to tell him.

Xiao Wu asked her what was good, and she sold Guanzi, "Guess? If you can’t guess, you have to come back and tell you."

Of course, Xiao Wu couldn’t guess this.

Since there are good things, of course, you have to come back.

Xiaowu asked the boss to leave on the day and returned.

After returning, Oda told him happily: "I’m pregnant! Isn’t surprise, no surprise?"

As soon as Xiao Wu heard it, I was happy at the beginning: I want to have my own child!

But when he thought about it, he felt that Wu Lei bumped again: No, I have never had a chance during this time!

Seeing Xiao Wu’s face was wrong, he asked, "What’s wrong? Are you unhappy when I am pregnant?"

Xiaowu asked coldly: "What happened to this child? Tell me which bastard is this?"

Oda was stunned, and immediately said angrily, "What are you talking about! This is not the day of staying!"

Oda said the confused memory that night, and Xiaowu resolutely denied: "I never went to the room during that night!"

"Tell me what is going on?" Xiaowu asked.

"It’s really not you?" Oda questioned.

"No!" Xiaowu answered categorically.

"I really don’t know!" Oda saw Xiao Wu said that she was not herself, and she was panicked.

She tried to remember the memory of that night, but she couldn’t remember anything.

Xiao Wu’s anger!But what can you do?

Alas, it’s all about drinking!Xiao Wu thought.

Xiaowu and Oda like each other very much, and their feelings are deep.

Even if this kind of thing happened, Xiaowu never thought about breaking up with Oda.

But who is not angry?

So many people that night, who knows who would that person?Xiao Deng, two cousins of Xiao Deng, three men at the other table, homestay staff, and customers who residents. These people are likely.

Now it’s not to find who is the problem. The current problem placed in front of Xiao Wu is that since there is, is it or the problem?

If he said no, he was afraid Oda was sad.

But if he wants, he feels blocked again.

Until Xiao Wu’s feet were full of cigarette butt, he was still difficult to decide.

No matter how Xiao Wu decides, one thing is very sure:

Whether or not, he will be very unwilling in the future!

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