The woman did not feel at all in 9 months, and suddenly fell out of a child when I was bathing.

The so -called pregnant in October, once childbirth.Normally, women are very clear about whether they are pregnant. After all, after pregnancy, the physical characteristics of pregnant women are too obvious. In addition to the gradual growth of the belly, from the pregnancy that appears in the early pregnancy to the early pregnancy experienceWhen the fetal movement is moved, there are too many symptoms during pregnancy to let women know that they are pregnant with their baby.

But recently, some netizens have shared the experience of a baby mother abroad. This Baoma has not noticed that she was pregnant at all from early pregnancy to nearly delivery.The baby suddenly fell when he took a bath.

Foreign media also scrambled to report this strange thing. According to foreign media reports, the mother -in -law is Cindy, and her boyfriend Chris suddenly became a parent recently.Cindy gave birth to a 4.5 -pound male baby, but before the baby was born, Cindy did not know that he had been pregnant for 9 months.

According to Cindy’s memory, on the day of delivery, her body began to cramp, but she thought it was only a physical reason at the time, and didn’t think much.Subsequently, Cindy took a bath in the bathroom.She said, "I entered the bathtub as usual, but I suddenly felt that I wanted to work hard, but I came out of a baby."

Coincidentally, because Sindy’s boyfriend Chris went to visit his family, he was not at home, so Sidi completed his delivery alone.After giving birth to the baby, Sindy called the call for help. It was a ambulance that sent her to the hospital.

Subsequently, Cindy told his boyfriend Chris. After receiving the news, Chris was stunned at first, and it was difficult to believe this fact.

However, Cindy said that although she did not know she was pregnant and had not done prenatal care, she was still very satisfied with the results of childbirth, and the baby was very healthy.Moreover, Sidy also increased by 10 pounds (about 9 pounds) during pregnancy. At present, Cindy and her boyfriend are also adapting to their children’s lives.

Even if you are pregnant with your baby, you can not be aware of it. I have to say that the novice Baoma is also very nervous.However, there are also many netizens who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth. After all, for normal people, this process, especially the pain of childbirth, is not so unbearable.

In our daily life, in addition to the fact that they do not know about their pregnancy, some maternal women may also encounter a situation of urgent birth at home.What should pregnant women and family do in case of this situation?

If the expectant mothers who are nearly felt that the contraction suddenly feels uncomfortable and accompanied by a strong sense of consequences, and the mood is very unstable, this may mean that the baby can’t wait to meet you.The expectant mother should tell her family as soon as possible and seek help.And the prospective dad or family must keep calm at this time, because the next thing needs to be rely on you!

First, call 120 emergency calls.Parents do not hesitate to encounter this situation. They should call 120 for help as soon as possible.

Secondly, soothe the mother.I’m going to give birth soon. The mothers must be anxious. The prospective dad and the family should try to appease the mothers’ emotions as much as possible, give the expectant mothers to support and encourage them, let them calm down, and use the breathing method of reducing the pain during pregnancy to reduce the pain in pain during pregnancy.Breathing.

Finally, prepare to take care of the work.Generally speaking, before the doctor arrives, expectant mothers should not be blindly forceful, but if the prospective father can see the baby’s head, you must prepare for the birth of the child. Do not stop your baby from giving birth.

The prospective dad or family should let the expectant mothers lie on the clean bed. If not, find a clean cloth to spread on the ground to let the expectant mother bend and separate.

1. If time permits, the prospective dad can clean the disinfection hands first, and then wash the perineum of the mothers with a cleaner or soapy water.

2. Cushion with clean towels and blankets on the hips and around the expectant mothers to keep the ground clean.

3. In addition, prepare a clean towel or pillow cushion under the hips of the expectant mother to raise the hips and facilitate the fetal shoulder.

4. When the fetal head is delivered, the expectant mothers should be quickly angry at the ceiling when they are contracted. If necessary, they can be oppressed in reverse, so as not to give birth to the fetal head too quickly.

5. After the fetal head is completely delivered, the prospective dad should squeeze up gently from the fetus’s neck and chin, squeeze down from the nose, squeeze out the mucus and amniotic fluid in the fetal mouth.

6. When the baby’s head and shoulders have gradually exposed, the prospective father needs to gently hold the baby’s head and shoulders with both hands, so that the expectant mother can slowly give birth to the baby.

7. After the fetus is completely delivered, wrap the baby with clean clothes, and use the boiling cotton thread to knot at the umbilical cord 15 cm from the baby.

After doing these jobs, the hospital’s ambulance should be almost here, and novice mothers and babies should be sent to the hospital for follow -up related examinations.

Pregnancy and having children are a big event for any family. The prospective dad and family should attract enough attention, learn some basic knowledge in advance, and prepare early.The above is the response measures for pregnant mothers at home. I hope it will be helpful to the prospective father and mother.

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