The woman did not vomit after pregnancy. After going to the hospital for examination, the fetus disappeared, and the lesson behind it was thought -provoking

At noon one day, a hospital in Zhanjiang, Guangdong has a "heavyweight maternal".The woman was dressed very simple, and her belly was like a ball.There were a few farmers around, and carefully took care of.

The medical staff took a closer look and took a breath.The belly is too big, and it feels at least three or four.

According to the process, medical staff need to call the mother first.As soon as the result came out, everyone felt even more heartbroken.Women weigh more than 110 kg, what about the weight of the abdomen?It accounted for 55 kg!

55 kg, 110 catties.This is the weight of an adult.No wonder the woman’s family was so careful to take care of it.

The fetus is disappearing

The woman’s name is Peng Ximei, leaning on a stool, her face was pale, with a small sweat bead.At this time, a younger peasant woman stood out from the crowd, and she told the doctor: "This is my daughter -in -law. I have been at home before giving birth. What happens, I know" "" I know. "

The doctor nodded and wanted to ask the situation in detail.But the next words made him start doubting his ears.

"Xie Mei has been at home for 12 months. Recently, her stomach hurts. It is estimated that she is going to the pelvis." Peng Ximei’s mother -in -law told the doctor seriously.

Haven’t you give birth to 12 months of pregnancy?Is there such a big pregnant belly?As soon as the doctor heard this, the cold sweat went down.This is unusual!

The woman’s belly is so big, as if it will be broken in the next second.Doctors have never seen this situation. They can only take a step at a step, and arrange conventional B -ultrasound test for patients.

The doctor who operated the instrument frowned into a ball, and his expression became more and more dignified: "No. There is no fetus in your belly. I can’t even see the internal organs."

As soon as this remark, the people present were stupid.Is there a problem with B -ultrasound?How could the fetus fly in a wicked, and can’t see the internal organs?

Colleagues heard the abnormality and arrived at the scene.The two exchanged: "What’s going on? Can’t see the internal organs?" "Yeah! I can’t see those uterus, and they can’t even see the liver. It’s all liquid."

The two discussed that Peng Ximei’s belly was too large, which caused a problem with the B -ultrasound results.It seems that you should do a CT examination, take a good look.

The family was waiting for the result. As a result, the medical staff murmured and sent someone out.They were confused.Unexpectedly, a group of people waited for the CT examination room and had a problem.

It turned out that Peng Ximei’s belly was too big, and the CT machine’s caliber was too small. How did this suddenly scan?

Strange pregnant belly

At this moment, the inspection was in a deadlock.Doctors measured Peng Xixi’s abdomen, and they were increasingly discovered.The perfection of ordinary women’s pregnant belly is about 100 cm.

But what about Peng Ximei?Her abdomen is more than 160 cm.Even if you are pregnant, this is impossible.The doctor changed his mind again.

Peng Ximei looked pale and had no energy.When I was at home, I had difficulty breathing and fainting.Where is this normal pregnancy reaction?

In the eyes of the mother -in -law, the daughter -in -law’s pregnant belly is so large that she must have several dolls.While they were busy showing off with people in the villagers, they supplemented their nutrition for women.As for those abnormal reactions, they do not do other associations at all.

Based on Peng Ximei’s past experience and current situation, the doctor preliminarily inferred that she was not pregnant at all, but suffered from ovarian cancer.

After a closer look, the patient’s condition is already very critical.At this time, patients had symptoms of respiratory failure II, with too many ascites and large tumors.The family members who thought they were walking with the dolls saw this situation, and they were anxious and anxious.

Women who cannot be born are seriously ill.Family members scolded patients in the ward.At first, I just said that there were no children in my stomach.The husband shouted that he was going to go outside to find other women to live, so that the fine girl would not control it.What diseases are you seeing the tumor now?divorce!

The doctor just prepared to inform his family, and now he needs to remove the ascites in the giant belly urgently.But it is not possible to take a while.But they fled directly.At this time, with the help of hospitals and media, fine girls have a way to receive treatment.

Due to the decrease in abdominal pressure, the water in the blood metabolized a large amount of moisture in the abdominal cavity.This can easily lead to shock.Doctors can only draw 5,000 ml a day to increase the amount of plasma and serialin at the same time.

After taking 500,000 ml of ascites in the abdomen, doctors can determine the accurate position of the tumor, and finally perform tumor resection.

How to prevent ovarian cancer?

The experience of Peng Ximei made people sigh, and the family regarded her as a tool for the successful generation.For 12 months, he did not go to the hospital for examination.

The so -called "pregnancy" has no reaction of pregnancy, and the sound of the fetus cannot be heard. Everyone can’t find abnormalities and cannot distinguish between the difference between polylls and ovarian tumors.

If you can go to the hospital earlier, the situation of Peng Ximei will not be so dangerous.

In fact, as a common female healthy killer, ovarian cancer, its symptoms are very secretive and have certain confusion.

▲ Pelvic and small abdominal pain

Pelvic tumors may cause pain in lower abdomen.Many women mistakenly think that this is dysmenorrhea and may ignore a health alert.

▲ Decreased appetite, abdominal discomfort,

His ascites may cause patients with decreased appetite and indigestion.In the early days of ovarian cancer, many patients mistakenly thought that they had gastrointestinal disease.

▲ disgusting

Some patients may have intermittent nausea and vomiting.The increase in tumors causes the stomach to bulge and the symptoms of nausea, similar to pregnancy.

▲ frequent urine

Ovarian cancer cells gathered outside the bladder wall. When the pelvic ascites have been compressed by the bladder, the frequent urination phenomenon is obvious.

▲ lower limbs and vulva edema

When ovarian tumors increase, pelvic veins may be compressed, which hinders lymphatic flow.As a result, lower limbs and vulva edema may occur.

Dr.X said

Is there a fetus or tumor in the abdomen? Is it really difficult to distinguish?It’s better to say that this "giant belly" is a mirror.Can take out people’s hearts.

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