The woman plastic surgery was full of hemp. After a few days, she found that she was pregnant, and her husband found that the truth was furious to divorce

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Xiaoli and Zhenhuan’s love is very poetic. They meet in the winter of plum blossoms. At first sight, they fell in love and embarked on the journey of love regardless of everything.

After falling in love for a year, it was logical to enter the palace of marriage.

Xiaoli is a beautiful girl. She always pays attention to her appearance.

Although her face was good and her figure was good, her legs had always made her always worried.She has a pair of O -type legs, and she is not particularly obvious to wear skirts. It is ugly when she wears pants. Walking on the way, she has greatly hit her confidence.

She also mentioned this trouble with Zhen Huan, but Zhenhuan told her warmly: It doesn’t matter, in his eyes, she is the most beautiful and beautiful.

One day, Xiaoli passed a plastic surgery hospital, and her eyes were attracted by a publicity poster.

It shows a pair of beautiful and slender legs, which is the leg shape she has always dreamed of.A strong impulse in her heart wanted to change her leg shape and get rid of the trouble of the O -legs.

She walked into the plastic surgery hospital, full of expectations and nervousness.At the reception desk, she met a professional doctor who patiently listened to her about her trouble and gave her a sufficient explanation and suggestion.

The doctor told her that it was relatively safe to correct the surgery of the leg shape, and showed her some photos of pre -surgery and postoperative surgery, so that she had a clearer understanding of possible effects.

And now there are activities, there are many prices, as long as more than 20,000 yuan, you can have a pair of perfect legs.

Xiaoli hesitated, and her desire to defeat rational thinking.She thinks that if she can have a pair of beautiful long legs, there will be a lot of changes in her physical and mental!

Therefore, she made up her mind, paid the deposit and made an appointment for the operation date.

In order to surprise Zhenhuan, she didn’t tell him about the operation and lied that she would go on a business trip for a few days.

On the day of the operation, Xiaoli was disturbed, but was full of expectations.She was taken into the operating room, and the doctor and nurse injected her all the hemps, and she gradually entered the dreamland.

The operation was very smooth, and the doctors operated in an orderly manner to create her long -lasting leg shape for Xiaoli.

After the surgery, Xiaoli felt a little pain in her legs when she woke up, but she endured, looking forward to having a perfect leg shape.She imagined that she put on beautiful pants and skirts, confidently showing a slender and charming posture.

However, a few days after the operation, Xiaoli’s routine holiday did not come on time, and she began to feel uneasy and doubtful.

She quietly tested, and shocked her -she was pregnant!Her mood suddenly changed from expectation to anxiety and contradiction.

He told Zhenhuan about the news, Zhen Huan was full of joy, looking forward to being a dad.

But when he came to see Xiaoli, who was going to walk by the helper, he was particularly puzzled.

Xiaoli had to tell herself about her leg surgery.

Zhen Huan was angry after learning the truth. He always told Xiaoli that he didn’t care. He loved her original appearance, whether she had a perfect leg shape.

He felt that there should be business and quantities between husbands and wives, and coexisting equally.Essence

Faced with Zhen Huan’s decision, Xiaoli was inherently painful, and she deeply regretted her choice.She regretted that she did not discuss with Zhenhuan and did not fully consider the consequences. Her selfishness and impulse caused their marriage to break down.

The pursuit of beauty is the right of everyone, but we should make full thinking and weighing the advantages and disadvantages at the expense of other important things when making a decision.

We should cherish and respect our bodies, as well as others’ love and tolerance for us.

In love, sincerity and understanding are the most important, and the appearance of appearance can never replace the beauty and sincerity in the heart.

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