The woman was 30 weeks pregnant and found that there was a problem with the fetal brain.

Once an examination, I found that the dysplasia of the dyspasis in the lower end of the fetus in the abdomen in 30 weeks

Ms. Wang, 29, is already a expectant mother who is seven months pregnant. This is the first child since Ms. Wang and her husband Zhang got married.The baby’s condition.

Ms. Wang’s mother and Mr. Zhang’s mother have taken turns to prepare healthy and delicious meals for Ms. Wang, and also bought a lot of clothes in the baby Wang’s belly for Ms. Wang.Large, I bought several sets of clothes in three months, and Mr. Zhang also desperately worked during work in order to afford high milk powder money. I hope to be promoted.Looking forward to the birth of this baby.

In order not to have a bad impact on the fetus in the abdomen, Ms. Wang also asked for leave at the company for three months of pregnancy. Every day, according to the advice on the advice of pregnant women on the Internet, she often reads stories in the fetus in the abdomen., Listening to music, spent a lot of energy as prenatal education, can be said to sacrifice a lot for the baby.

Some time ago, when Ms. Wang had been pregnant 30 weeks, she went to the hospital to check the children in the hospital in accordance with the rules. I did not expect that this inspection brought a clear thunderbolt to Ms. Wang’s family.

That day, Ms. Wang walked into the hospital with a not small belly and conducted a conventional pregnancy test, that is, check the palace high, measure the abdominal circumference, measure the heart sound of the fetus, measure blood pressure, and check the fetal position.Very conventional projects.After doing it, the doctor saw that the four -dimensional B -ultrasound was abnormal, so he called Ms. Wang to review the B -ultrasound.

After the pregnancy test, I waited for a while, and the doctor looked at Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang in the office seriously.

The doctor told Ms. Wang and the couple that after she passed by the pregnancy test of Ms. Wang, the doctor carefully observed the nuclear magnetic results and determined that the underworld in the fetal cerebellum in the abdomen of Ms. Wang was poor.Essence

The doctor specifically stated that the dysplasia of the underworms under the cerebellum is already a congenital disease. If Ms. Wang and his wife insist on giving birth to the baby, there may be a child with intellectual obstacles, and this intellectual barriers will be comparison.In severe cases, it is likely that you can’t even learn it.

Ms. Wang suddenly felt a thunderbolt on a sunny day. They couldn’t accept the child who had been looking forward to the seven -month -old child. There was even a problem with the brain. Even after birth, it was likely to be a child with intellectual obstacles.The kind, if you want to raise a child with intellectual obstacles, they can’t imagine how hard they will have a future life.

The doctor continued to tell Ms. Wang’s couple that in the face of such a fetal dysplasia fetus, the general hospital’s suggestion was to induce labor, because based on the principle of eugenics and eugenics.It is not in line with eugenics.

And giving birth to a child with intellectual disabilities is indeed a painful thing for parents. It is a big problem to raise and be able to adhere to nourishment.

Of course, the doctor also told Ms. Wang that whether or not to induce labor mainly depends on their wishes. If they insist on giving birth to this problematic fetus, it is not possible, but the couple must be prepared accordingly.And to be responsible for this poor child, after all, the child is not willing to come to this world. If Ms. Wang insists on giving birth to a child, she must be responsible for the child’s life.

Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang were panicked and didn’t know what to do. They quickly called their parents and wanted to hear their parents’ opinions.Knowing such a thing, both parents quickly drove to the hospital.Faced with the results in front of them, everyone caught in silence.

Ms. Wang’s mother was spoken. She wanted Ms. Wang to give birth to her child. She said that this child is not just a psychological barrier?It does not mean that there may not be intellectual obstacles. As for the abnormal development of the brain, they can also work hard in the next time, and can improve treatment by taking some drugs.

How difficult it is to get pregnant now, and Ms. Wang ignores her work for her children. If this time it is induced, it is not only to recover for a long time, but also the work may be gone.This is to waste the time and energy of Ms. Wang.

Mr. Zhang’s father did not agree. He believes that this high probability of mentally retarding will definitely have problems, and what is the use of mental retardation if it is born?I have to rely on Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang for a lifetime. How big is this two young people, and Ms. Wang is now only 29 years old. I can rest for a period of time after the labor.Essence

After some disputes, out of eugenics, Ms. Wang eventually chose to induce labor.

So what is the dysplasia of the underwormness in the cerebellum?

First of all, poor cerebral development means that the cerebellar development is not mature, and it is divided into three parts of development, which are lower earthworms, cerebellar hemispheres and cerebral cortex.The dysplasia of the earthworms under the cerebellum is one of these three types.

If the child with a dysplasia under the cerebellum is born, first of all, the child’s balance function will have obstacles, and the intelligence will also cause obstacles. At the same time, it will also be accompanied by vague speaking and unclear symptoms.

◇ What should I pay attention to when the fetal cerebral development is poor? What should Ms. Wang pay attention to the next pregnancy?

Ms. Wang’s pregnant fetus has a dysplasia of the earthworms under the cerebellum. Although she chose to induce labor, she still intends to get pregnant and give birth to a baby in the future. At this time, Ms. Wang was a little scared. She was really afraid of herself.The fetal cerebellar development was checked for the next seven months of pregnancy. If such a situation occurred, Ms. Wang really didn’t know what to do.

So Ms. Wang worriedly asked the doctor what she needed to pay attention to when she was pregnant next time.

The doctor told Ms. Wang that in fact, this situation should be accidental. It should be caused by other reasons such as genetic mutations in the fetus or other reasons in the early pregnancy. Ms. Wang does not need to worry about the next pregnancy.

And there is also a way to avoid this situation. Doctors say that Ms. Wang can properly take some folic acid in the early or next pregnancy to promote the development of the fetus’s nervous system, and also pay attention to avoid some virus infections.In this way, the fetus has a high probability in terms of cerebellar development.

I hope that Ms. Wang’s induction surgery will be smooth, and she can also give birth to a healthy and lovely baby in the future.

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