The woman was violated and pregnant by a university professor, and abortion caused a lifelong infertility.

On May 10, a female netizen graduated from Zhengzhou University issued thousands of words on social platforms. Blood and Tears accused Professor Wang Mousheng, director of the Teaching and Research Office of the Marxist College of Zhengzhou University.According to the content issued by the female netizen, Wang Mousheng had sex with her PUA during her 16 years old. After the female netizen was pregnant, Wang Mousheng was brought to abortion surgery.After that, the female netizen found that she was infertility due to miscarriage.

Due to the family problem of the female netizen, she was timid and cowardly. After 11 years of forbearance, she finally broke out and issued a complaint against Wang Mousheng.

After the hot search in the incident, the Party Committee of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou University issued a statement that the school has set up an investigation working group to suspend all teaching activities of Wang Mousheng.

In the long article of female netizens, the details of the tools of Professor Wang Mousheng’s crime tool, the length is like a thumb, a diameter is like a little finger, and the medical term should be called "nodules".There are many other detail descriptions, so it seems that the incident should have happened.It has been 11 years since the incident, and the age is long. It is difficult to say whether the female netizen has conclusive evidence to prove her statement.

The university professor was originally a admirable occupation, and the stinky group of reputation was also them.Yuan Jiuhong, Minister of Propaganda, Southeast University and Dean of Marxist School, made public opinion uproar due to obscene photos in social groups.Later, Yuan Jiuhong was exposed to a series of issues such as subordinate women’s subordinates and fraudulent academic qualifications. The university professor who looked high, the true face was so unbearable, it was really surprising!

In recent years, there have been endless things about university professors and female students, and they will be exposed together after a while, which will make people eat melon dizzying.This also proves from the side that the benefits of professors at home universities are really good. The work is too easy to make them have time and energy to warm up and think of sexual lust, and to play with female students who are not involved in the world.

Whenever there are female students exposed such incidents, the female students who are injured will always cause netizens to criticize.Such this: Why did you say it after so long, did you not talk about the price?As if the victim was guilty.When your legitimate rights and interests are infringed, you must choose legal rights protection.It is not because the other party is a highly respected professor, or even a powerful academic valve. The two parties are not equal.When maintaining your legitimate rights and interests, you will choose to expose online, kill the enemy a thousand, and damage 800.

Anyone who has been in college and those who have dated those professors should know what some professors have become quality now, and some professors are even synonymous with "calling beasts".Some professors, who have already held high welfare benefits, are still not satisfied, only take care of themselves; some professors, they do not learn, in order to maintain their academic status, occupy the academic achievements of students; some professors, in order to satisfy themselves to satisfy themselvesThe psychological needs of the disease are forcing students to call "dad", and even forced students to jump off the building. Some professors, in order to exploit students, use cheap labor, let students postpone graduation, and even graduate …

Of course, I always believe that these exposed "beasts" are just a handful of people who are mixed with the professor team.Most of the professors still have talents and virtues. They devote themselves to academics and make great contributions to the progress and development of society.Often a mouse shit will break a pot of porridge.For these mixed -professions of Sven’s defeats, we must deal with it seriously, remove them to clear the team of professors, and maintain the purity of the professor team.

Professor, this high -end atmosphere, has been stinky by a handful of unique elements.If the relevant departments do not take out the courage to scrape the bone, the reputation of this group will become worse and worse in the future!If you want to recover again, it will not be so easy!

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