The woman’s life is suffering, and she becomes a widow on the day of marriage.Elastic

Big brother, you can’t.Big brother, you can’t.Why?In the future, men have to die.But even so, there are still men who are willing to worship under her pomegranate skirt. You can let me die once.Since that day, Tao Zhi really took Tao traffickers as his man, washing his feet for the man, and helping him to trim his feet nails.The beautiful peach branches under the dim candlelight look more moving.The man did not hold back his hand that grabbed Tao Zhi.Whoever marries you, who is the first blessed man in the world.

Tao Zhi heard this, and his heart was climbing with caterpillars, and he always looked at the man quietly in the middle of the night.After a period of time, the man cured, and the peach branch took the man to pick the peach.Men looked at the tender peaches in the garden and thanked them, and decided to acquire all the peaches in the garden at a high price.Can you sell it with such a high price?I went to Goryeo Guo Taozi and sold your peaches to the King Palace of King of Korea.Tao traffickers collected dozens of baskets.When he was in place, the man grasped Tao Zhi’s hand and promised that the peach branches would come back again when the peach branch matured in the coming year.Tao Zhi looked at the man’s back.

After these days of getting along, Tao Zhi has loved this man, but he is afraid that men will no longer come back after leaving.Thinking of this, Tao Zhi rushed towards the man’s departure, and wanted to look at him again, but only saw a pair of footprints.Taozhi bent down and measures the size of the footprints by hand.Since then, every silent night, peach branches will sew shoes for men, and want to surprise him when he comes back.When the days flickered to the season of peaches, why did the peach familiar with the big brother not come?Taozhi, who has been in the same year, is looking forward to the arrival of a man who is thinking about.I am here.Suddenly hearing the familiar sound outside the house, Tao Zhi quickly dressed at the mirror, and adjusted the best state to go out.Big brother, you are here.Little sister -in -law enter the house.Unlike the last time, this time the man’s performance was even more relaxed. It was completely regarded as his own peach branches to make cakes for the man. Of course, the rock sugar poached eggs were indispensable.The two looked at each other with a happy smile.

At this time, the second grandfather came here and saw the strong scene of friendship. The woman in our Taoyuan Village made a lot of eggs and a sip of the man’s heart.Tao Zhi’s face was red instantly, and the poached eggs were made for their men.The man suddenly realized, understanding why peach branches always make poached eggs for themselves.On this day, the man couldn’t restrain his inner fanaticism, and finally tasted the fresh and juicy peaches.A few days later, the man left again.

Tao Zhi took out the shoes stitched by himself. The man was very moved after learning about it, promising to turn the seller back after selling the peaches to live with her.In addition, the man also gave all the money on his body, but Taozhi was very angry. What are you doing? We are the love of changing your life.

When Tao Zhi heard his heart sweeter than honey, he gave his ancestor’s jade and gave him to a man to bless him to return smoothly.The two reluctantly said goodbye.Thanks for attention!

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