There are a few bars on the pregnancy test stick to appear two red lines at the same time.

If you test your pregnancy, you can use the pregnancy test stick or the pregnancy test paper, but there are a few bars on the pregnancy test stick to be pregnant? Maybe you can understand it with the editor!

There are a few bars on the pregnancy test stick to be pregnant

1. Two red lines appear at the same time.If two purple -red money appears at the same time, the test area is clearly clear.It is a positive manifestation, indicating that you are pregnant.

2. There is only one red line.A purple and red strip appears at the Cingle line C. There is no purple red strip at the T -test area T, which is negative, indicating that it is not pregnant.

3. A deep and shallow.The labeling in the test area T is lighter, and the color of the control line C is darker. It is a weak positive phenomenon, indicating that there is a possibility of pregnancy.

4. There is no red line in the pregnancy test stick.Even if the new pregnancy stick is worse, there is generally no problem with the less 2 yuan, and if there is no purple -red belt, it may be that you are incorrect or it may be a problem with the pregnancy test stick.

5. In another case, if only the test area T is displayed, and the control line C is not displayed, it also means that the result is invalid.

6. Invalid: The test results are viewed in about 5 minutes, so you must check it at any time in 5 minutes, and it is extremely inaccurate.If it is displayed for more than 5 minutes, the test may be invalid or failed.

Is the pregnancy test stick better or the pregnancy test paper is better?

Early pregnancy test strips are the same as the detection principle of the pregnancy test stick, but the pregnancy test stick is more hygienic, more accurate, the response is faster, and the results are clearer.Therefore, conditional friends are recommended to choose a pregnancy test stick.

The detection principle of early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks is that the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a kind of glucocrin hormone produced by the placenta in the pregnant woman.Golden indicator marks to detect the HCG concentration in urine to diagnose whether women are conceived.

However, the unique direct urine design patent of the pregnancy test stick eliminates the trouble of using urinary cups to connect urine and use a straw to urinate.When we wear urine, wear a disposable plastic film glove to prevent the urine splashing fingers by accident. The whole process can be easily completed in the bathroom. The pregnancy test stick is tested and discarded. It is very convenient to protect your privacy and cleanliness.

Ovulation is about the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Assuming that the fertilized eggs are achieved at this time, the fertilized eggs need to produce HCG as soon as 6 or 7 days, and the pregnancy test rod is judged by measurement of HCG to measure HCG.The HCG really starts to secrete a large quantity is that after the bed is bed, the synthetic nourishing cells begin to secrete a large number of HCG.It takes at least 11 days to bed in bed.Therefore, the earliest 6 days, if you want to be more accurate, wait for 11 days, then it is more accurate.You can speculate yourself.

Although the pregnancy test stick is better, the effect of pregnancy is better, but here I still want to give you a little suggestion for female friends who need pregnancy testing to improve the accuracy of pregnancy testing.First, try to detect the first urine in the morning, because the level of hormones at this time is the easiest to detect.Do not drink too much moisture to increase urine, because this will dilute the level of hormones.Some drugs may affect the results of the test, so you must read the label description carefully.”P”副”E”

What brand of pregnancy test stick is good

It is understood that most of the pregnancy test products on the market currently use colloidal gold method. HCG in urine is qualitative or semi -quantitatively detected according to the principle of dual antibody sandwich to determine whether it is pregnant.The ranking of pregnancy test sticks on the market is a special pregnancy stick, David pregnancy test stick, one testing pregnancy test stick, Huitong pregnancy test stick, Ishi pregnancy test stick, Wanhua pregnancy test stick, these are word of mouth, these are word of mouth, all of which are reputation, these are word of mouth, all of which are word of mouth, all of which are reputation. These are reputation.It is better, and the results of pregnancy test are more accurate.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the box and ensure that the drug has not yet expired.Common brands are: David, pregnant friends, early pregnancy, etc.The pregnancy test stick is still necessary to go to the hospital for further diagnosis after pregnancy. The pregnancy test stick is not necessarily a normal pregnancy. It may also be at ectopic pregnancy or hydatidal tires.The main principle of the pregnancy test stick is to detect the HCG value, that is, the value of the human velvet hairy pregnancy for a monthly membrane promoter gonad hormone.It is a hormone secreted by a pregnant woman. It exists in urine and blood. Generally, it will appear in urine after a few days of pregnancy.14 days are increasingly obvious.Therefore, it is recommended to test it 10-14 days after menstruation delayed, and try to use the first urine in the morning for testing.

We must buy the pregnancy test stick at a regular pharmacy, and the usage method should be done strictly in accordance with the requirements.Morning urine pregnancy test is the easiest to detect. When you get up in the morning, try not to drink water and start detection, because sleeping will dilute the level of hormones.The detection process is as follows: tore the packaging and take out the pregnancy test stick; wear the golds you match, pinch the end of the handle of the pregnancy test stick with your thumb, and tilt one end of the urine absorbing hole at the bottom. Pay attention to the observation of the pregnancy test stick.Then, you can take urine pores and urine, so that the urine passes through the urine -absorbing hole. The time of the urine is about 2 seconds. Then the pregnancy test stick will be observed above the window. The pregnancy result can be judged after 1 minute.The result must be determined after 3 minutes.

There is a control line in the pregnancy test stick, that is, there is no pregnancy. If there are two lines and clearly clear, there are two lines. If one of them is not very clear, it means that you may be pregnant.Once; there was no interview line in 5 minutes, indicating that the test was invalid or failed.

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