There are always wonderful tricks for pregnant women’s lips

Pregnant women, put down lip balm. Although lips are easy to crack during pregnancy, lip balm on the market is stimulated to the fetus. In order to avoid fetal malformations, do not use it.So, what should I do if pregnant women’s lips are dry? Self -made lip balm is a good choice.

The cause of dry lips of pregnant women

1. Allergies

Many women deliberately supplement vitamin B12 after pregnancy, and excessive B12 may cause cobalt allergies, and their manifestations are lip cracking.

2. The body is dehydrated

Insufficient body water is the main cause of dehydration.

3. Poor habits

Many people always like to lick with their mouths when they feel that their lips are dry. In fact, the human body’s saliva can only play a temporary humidity, and the result is that the water evaporates faster, so it will aggravate the dry lip dryness.The problem.

Methods of dry lips of pregnant women

1. Prevention of allergies

In particular, pay attention to cobalt allergies, and usually pay special attention when supplementing vitamin B12.

2. Replenish water in time

Do not let the body dehydrate. At least eight cups of water are ensured every day. Pinded water is not only conducive to avoiding dry lips in autumn, but it will also be greatly helpful for promoting physical health.

3. Wear mask

Bringing a mask in autumn and winter can not only reduce the damage of the cold wind, but also cut into some allergies in seconds. Empathy is actually helpful for maintaining the humidity, temperature, and preventing water shortage of lips.

4. Massage lips

If the lips of the expectant mother are particularly dry, you can use a cotton pad to dip some honey on the lips every day, and then gently massage with your fingers to promote blood circulation.EssenceOf course, if you have olive oil, then the effect is better?

5. Use lip balm correctly

There is a lip balm suitable for expectant mothers on the market. Putting a little in a timely manner will also help protect the lips.In fact, the controversy of the parties of lip balm is actually very large. Many people think that lip balm itself is a drug, so it will not be known whether it will not have an impact on mothers. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose carefully from the perspective.EssenceIn addition, according to experts, natural vitamin E is a relatively good method of lip moisturizing, so it is recommended that expectant mothers can give it appropriately.

If the lips are too dry and peel, then try not to touch the water, otherwise it is easy to increase the problem of peeling.Avoid cold and heat stimulation, otherwise it will easily cause more severe pain.

Improved food therapy


30 grams of waterfields, a moderate amount of rock sugar.Wash the water for 30 grams of Tremella, add water into the casserole, add water and add sugar.2 times on the 1st.Suitable for lack of lung yin.This product has the function of nourishing yin and lungs, coughing, lowering blood pressure, and lowering fat.Wind cold cough and cold people should not take it.

Honey brewing white pear

1 big white pear, 50 grams of honey.Take a large white pear to the nuclear, add 50 grams of honey, and steam cooked food.Dun, twice a day.Even for a few days.It is suitable for dry lips, dry throat, hot hands and feet, dry cough, long cough, less sputum.

Cucumber kiwi juice

200 grams of cucumber, 30 grams of kiwi, 200 ml of cold water, two spoons of honey.Wash the cucumber to remove the seeds, leave the skin and cut into small pieces, peel the kiwi, put it in the juicer together, add cold water and stir, pour out the honey and drink it one hour before the meal.Cucumber is sweet and cool, can enter the spleen and stomach meridians, can clear heat and detoxify, and benefit water.Can treat body heat, thirst, throat swelling and pain.The kiwi is sweet and cold, can enter the kidney and stomach meridians, and function to relieve heat and quench thirst, so the two combined use can moisturize lips.Other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins can also be used, such as tomatoes and grapefruit.

In addition, the expectant mothers are reminded that if the lips are dry and skinny, do not tear the dry skin on the lips with your hands, so that you may tear your lips; the correct way is to apply a hot towel for 3-5 minutes first with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes.Then use a soft brush to brush off the dead skin on the lip, and then apply vitamin E.Usually pay attention to eating more fruits and drinking plenty of water.

Secret of anti -drying: DIY healthy lip balm


Lip balm tube, beeswax, honey, coconut oil.Specific mothers who don’t like coconut oil can use olive oil.


Moisturize the lips, make the lips with soft luster, and improve the shining of lips.

Applicable skin texture:

Dry lip skin, cracked lip skin.

Production Method:

1. First pour the vegetable oil and honey and beeswax into the bowl, and place it in the pot in the pot.

2.1-2 minutes until the beeswax is dissolved.

3. Stir gently to prevent beeswax.

4. Pour the heated oil and beeswax into the lip balm tube while it is hot.

5. After the liquid is slightly cold, place it in the refrigerator.

Take it out after 6.10 minutes, and the lip balm is completed.

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