There are four flaws in "Disappearing"?Most people do not understand, this is a "dreaming space"

"Disappearing her" was more than 1.2 billion in the box office 7 days after its release, and the results in the Dragon Boat Festival were crushing all the existence.

At the same time, the word of "Disappearing" fell from 7.5 to 6.7. This slope was almost as magical as the box office rising, but unfortunately it was reversed.

Interestingly, unlike other box office and word -of -mouth movies, "Disappearing her" has a lot of bad reviews that can indeed refute, because the bad reviews of others are well -founded, and there are four flaws that do not circle.

However, the author believes that these four flaws seem to be flawed, which is not a problem. The reason is that "Disappearing her" is actually a "dream of stealing dreams."

One or four flaws

There are four flaws that cannot be rounded in "Disappearing her", which is also the place where the film is most criticized.

1. Li Muzi has no photos

After encountering a fake Li Muzi, he was anxious to prove that she was fake. He needed to find a photo of the real Li Muzi. As a husband, he couldn’t find it, and he couldn’t find it online.

This is not very realistic. Even if the photos in He Fei’s mobile phone have been deleted, Li Muzi as the only heir of the well -known enterprise has been in the newspaper, and it is impossible for Shen Man to find all websites overnight and let them let them let them let them.Delete all Li Muzi’s photos and information.

This flaw can be round in the paper media era, but according to the plot, He Fei and Li Muzi married in May 2019. On the first anniversary of the island, it is 2020. It is already the era of the mobile Internet.

2. Li Muzi pregnancy dive

Li Muzi knew that she was pregnant, but she did not tell He Fei. She took her diving clothes and dive clothes with He Fei to dive in the sea. However, the high -pressure environment on the bottom of the sea had a great impact on the fetus.

Let’s put it that, normal women will definitely not take pregnancy to dive, not to mention that Li Muzi, as an orphan woman who died in both parents, will definitely pay great attention to this child.Looking at the health of the deep sea, regardless of the health of the fetus, so this flaw is not round.

3. Iron Cage Prison

He Fei was locked in Li Muzi in the deep sea cage. After her death, He Fei didn’t move the remains for more than ten days. This approach was too incredible.

You know, the place where He Fei and Li Muzi are located are international tourism islands. There are countless diving enthusiasts and tourists every day to dive with diving coaches. This deep sea and iron cage is under the well -known lighthouse.It’s right.

Once the police found Li Muzi in the iron cage, he knew that it was not the only way to investigate. He Fei was no different from the self -priority, so this flaw was not round.

4. Face is still

Li Muzi took off the oxygen mask and committed suicide in the deep sea cage. After more than ten days, her body floated in the iron cage. When Shen Man and others found her, her face was almost the same as when she died.It is in line with common sense.

You know, although the iron cage can block the shark, it can’t stop the seawater and small fish. Whether it is soaking in the seawater or the bite of the small fish, the face of Li Muzi’s body will be very terrible.Falun.

Not to mention the four flaws of the light, "Disappearing her" seemed to be badly injusted by some audiences.

2. "Dreaming Space"

Since there are at least four such big flaws that are not round, is "Disappearing her" a bad movie?

It’s really not. These four flaws are actually reasonable in this movie, because "Disappearing her" is actually a "dream of stealing dreams", that is, the main plot of the film is actually a dream.Nightmare on the beach lounge chair.

Are you surprised?Does most people understand it?Don’t worry, there are at least five reasons to prove this.

1. Li Muzi’s back photo

"Disappearing her" has been lying on the beach lounge chair many times and fell asleep. Li Muzi wore a lens that played alone at the sea. One of the shots was the back photo of Li Muzi took the camera with the camera.

Because this is the photo taken by He Fei before falling asleep, it becomes the "leader" of He Fei’s dream. Because it is the back, I can’t see Li Muzi’s face, so the "fake Li Muzi" was derived in He Fei’s dreamland.And the two plots of "Can’t Find Li Muzi".

Remember "Dreaming Space"?Before the Kopper fled, the two children were both backs when they looked at the child. In the dream of Cooper countless times, the two children were always back.

There is also that pharmacist who drank too much champagne before he fell asleep in the aircraft, so he rained under the sky in his dream.

It can be seen that "Disappearing her" and "Dreaming Space" are not much different in the details.

2. Fake Li Muzi and Zheng Cheng

In the ending of the eggs, He Fei woke up from the beach lounge chair. He and Li Muzi held hands on the beach with Li Muzi. There was nothing wrong with this scene.

The problem also appeared on the beach. There were two other people, fake Li Muzi and Zheng Cheng. In He Fei’s dream, they and Li Muzi girlfriend Shen Man were a group.Will it appear on the beach?Bour you to take pictures of He Fei and Zhen Li Muzi. They look more like a couple. What does this mean?

According to the plot of "Dreaming Space", people will bring the details of the scenes, characters and other details into the dream. That is to say, we can think in turn. That fake Li Muzi and "Zheng Cheng" are originally a couple.During the stroll, he had a sting with He Fei Li Muzi, so the appearance of the two of them was remembered by He Fei, and then appeared again in He Fei’s dream.

Because Li Muzi and "Zheng Cheng" are strangers, He Fei can arrange his identity at will in his dreams. After a while, he is a friend of Shen Man and arbitrarily, because they are people in the dream.

3. Where did Shen Man go?

Still at the end of the eggs, including Li Muzi, He Fei, Fake Li Muzi and Zheng Cheng. Where did the other main character Shen Man go?Shouldn’t she stay with fake Li Muzi and Zheng Cheng?Or stay with his girlfriend Li Muzi.

In fact, we can still think about it. Shen Man was not on that island at all. At this time, she was still a director abroad, and Li Muzi and Zheng Cheng did not know Shen Man at all.

Before He Fei fell asleep, he didn’t know what Li Muzi’s girlfriend Shen Man looked like. He only saw the half face in her group photo. He also saw the tattoo in Shen Man’s head and knew that Shen Man was the director.

There is a shot in the film. He Fei saw a piece of news on the TV while drinking in the bar.Essence

We can reason from this. Maybe a characteristic on Chen Mai’s face is a bit like the half -faced face exposed by Shen Man, so in He Fei’s dream, Shen Man and Chen Mai were synthesized by the same person. She could investigate the case.There is a ability, and at the same time, it also has director talents.

In "Dreaming Space", Imes turned herself into a small pose -in -law’s godfather Bronin in the dream. His brain and Bronine’s body were two. Shen Man and Chen Mai wereThe same is true in dreams.

Since this is a dream, when He Fei woke up on the lounge chair, the real Chen Mai was still dealing with the case on this island, but He Fei and Chen Mai did not know, and the real Shen Man was still abroad.Nothing will appear on the beach.

4. Take medicine

He is a diving coach in "Disappearing her". According to the fake Li Moko in the photo, because he has worked in high -pressure underwater for a long time, there are some problems in He Fei’s brain.The side effects can cause Hefei’s spiritual problems.

Since He Fei’s mind is problematic, it is easy to understand that he has some strange dreams and nightmares because of his high spirit.

Don’t forget, He Fei has a strong stimulus memory. He was beaten by people because of owed high loans, and he hurt his head. Perhaps this is also a foreshadowing that caused his head nerve problems.

5. Prisoner

On the night of the first anniversary of the marriage, He Fei locked Li Muzi in a deep -sea iron cage. I said above, this approach is simply stupid. Why did he do this?

In "Dreaming Space", Cooper also locked his wife Mel in a prisoner in a dream. Sometimes the prisoner was their home, and sometimes they were dating their dating on their wedding anniversary.

Coincidentally, it is not the prisoner of his wife, all of which are wedding anniversary.

In other words, He Fei still has some "reluctant" Li Muzi, so he arranged a iron cage that would not miss or disappear in the dream. After all, he fell in love with Li Muzi at first sight, and Li Muzi rescued him.

Starting from the above five o’clock, we can basically reason a conclusion. In addition to the plot of "Disappearing her", in fact, it is a nightmare dream that he does on the beach lounge chair.

Since it is a dream, just like Emus educated Arthur in "Dreaming Space": dreaming, you have to make bigger.

Therefore, what Li Muzi could not find, Li Muzi’s pregnancy deep dive, and Li Muzi’s death after ten days, such as "flaws", are actually He Fei’s dream. In the dream, he does not want to see Li Muzi’s face.I saw a lifelike face in the movie.

What is the truth?

He Fei’s dreams are not all fiction. From He Fei’s nightmare content, we can probably reason a truth:

He Fei and Li Muzi came to the island to celebrate the plot before the first anniversary of marriage. He Fei was indeed a gambler. He did take up his painstaking efforts to pursue Li Muzi. After marrying Li Muzi, he did re -embark on the gambling table., I owe huge gambling debts again, as high as 10 million.

Li Muzi did plan to divorce He Fei. He Fei’s divorce agreement was true, and then He Fei did formulate a plan to kill Li Muzi on the island.Non -designed criminal details, but have not been implemented yet.

Before He Fei was going to implement the murder plan, Li Muzi gave He Fei’s B -ultrasound photo, and then she forgive He Fei again for the child.For the child, he will help He Fei again.

So, after spending the economic crisis, "Father and Zi Gui", He Fei can finally give up his wife -killer plan. He fell asleep on the beach, but the wife of the killing wife was still in his mind, so he naturallyI had a nightmare.

During the nightmare, He Fei brought a couple on the beach into a dream, and then brought Shen Man, which was far away from Europe into the dream and Chen Mai, to form a clear flaw, but the ending was very horrible to He Fei.Nightmare.

Of course, although the whole "Disappearing her" is almost a "dream of stolen dreams" except for eggs, He Fei’s gambler identity and wife -killing plan are real. These reality can also be alert to us.

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