There are suffering during pregnancy, constipation during pregnancy, five -size tricks, so that mothers’s pregnancy is not distressed during pregnancy.

Feier has been pregnant for five months. She is a novice expectant mother. Her husband hurts her family during pregnancy. Feier either eats and sleeps every day or eats. She also enjoyed the happiness of expectant mothers.Success.

But recently, Feier found that he was always constipated. He was terrible every time. He had a bad stomach, but it was useless to squat for a long time, but he had suffering, making him very painful.Later, I asked an experienced girlfriend that I knew that I had to change my life during pregnancy, otherwise the constipation would often come to the door to make the pregnant mother very uncomfortable.

Constipation during pregnancy with suffering

Constipation during pregnancy is a very common situation. This is due to changes in progesterone in the body after pregnancy, which will cause the gastrointestinal muscle tone to weaken, slow peristalsis, slow down the bowel movement, and make it difficult for pregnant mothers to defecate.At the same time, the increasing uterus compress the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in poor bowel movements.

In addition, most pregnant mothers are rarely exercised during pregnancy, and their diet is too fine. A large amount of high -protein and high -fat foods are consumed. The lack of fiber intake will not be conducive to defecation, which will lead to constipation and difficult defecation.

Constipation during pregnancy, it turned out to be the case

Although many pregnant mothers have experienced constipation during pregnancy, they are also very dangerous. They will be more or less harmful to pregnant mothers’ bodies. Therefore, they should prevent more prevention during pregnancy to prevent constipation.

A lot of exercise during pregnancy

Scientific exercise can effectively prevent and improve constipation. Pregnant mothers can choose more gentle ones, such as walking, pregnant women’s exercise, yoga, etc., and can also choose a slightly large amount of exercise, such as swimming, can promote blood circulation and intestinal motility of the body, but it must be surePay attention to safety and avoid excessive labor.

Pregnant mothers should not spend during lying and sleeping during the whole pregnancy. The amount of exercise is not conducive to the health of the pregnant mother, nor is it good for the good development of the baby. Therefore, the appropriate scientific exercise during pregnancy is very important.

A lot of exercise during pregnancy

Multi -left lying sleep

Preventing constipation, pregnant mothers should have a lot of sleeping position on the left side, which can relieve the pressure of the intestinal tract to be affected by the huge uterus and fetal first exposure. The local blood operation is poor, resulting in weak intestinal peristalsis.Cause constipation.

Pay attention to the scientific diet

Pregnant mothers should have a reasonable and balanced diet, and it is not advisable to make up for special supplements. Excessive intake of high -fat and high protein, which will increase the burden on the stomach and cause constipation. Instead, it is necessary to consume high fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, beans, all the whole.Cutchs can increase the speed of gastrointestinal motility and soften stool.

However, it should be noted that high -fiber foods should be added slowly, and too much high fiber food can cause stomach pain.

In addition, pregnant mothers drink more water every day, and supplement more water to prevent constipation. Eat less food and food that should not be digested.

Multi -left lying sleep

Develop the habit of timing defecation

Pregnant mothers should develop the habit of timing defecation. Good bowel habits can effectively alleviate constipation. Whether there is any convenience, you can try to get up every morning, try to defecate after eating or before going to bed.Well, long -term persistence can form a habit of defecation.

At the same time, pay attention not to look at your mobile phone during bowel movements, avoid dispersion, squat for too long.

Keep a pleasant mood

Pregnant mothers must maintain a happy mood and keep enough sleep without being too anxious and nervous to better prevent constipation during pregnancy. If they are irritable, they will also cause or aggravate the symptoms of constipation.

Develop the habit of timing defecation

Reminder: If the pregnant mother is severe during pregnancy, they must seek medical treatment in time to relieve the symptoms of constipation, and do not use the drugs at will to avoid harm to the baby.

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