There are taboos eating meat!It is best not to eat the meat in these parts

Bull, sheep, chickens, ducks and fish are the most familiar meat.But do you know that eating meat is also taboo, and some parts of meat should not be eaten.

There is three incompetence in eating meat

Li Qun, director of the Nutrition Department of the People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province, pointed out in an interview that there is a "three do not eat" principle when eating meat: lymphatic does not eat, glandular body does not eat, and skin should not be eaten as much as possible.


The lymphatic system is an immune system in the organism, which is more likely to have some toxic and harmful substances. Therefore, it is generally not recommended that people eat the lymphatic tissue of animals.Such as the lymph nodes on the pig’s neck.

Don’t eat the gland

Endocrine -related glands in thyroid, adrenal glands, and endocrine -related glands may indeed adversely affect the endocrine system of the human body after intake. It is not recommended to eat it.Such as chicken butt, duck buttocks.

Don’t eat the skin

Animal "skin" actually includes leather, fat, lymph.The leather can be eaten because it is rich in collagen, but the other two are not recommended to eat it.Taking pork belly as an example, the thin and tough skin of the top layer is actually the leather.

But if it is the skin of poultry such as chickens and ducks, because it is very thin, its leather tissue is thinner, and it is difficult for people to distinguish, so they do not eat it.

For specific types of animals, which parts cannot be eaten?Tell you one by one now!

Pig, cattle, sheep: animal three glands

Dong Cai Tao from the Animal Quarantine Station of Gansu Provincial Cooperation City Published in the journal "Chinese livestock and poultry industry" pointed out that the thyroid, adrenal glands, and lesions of pork, cattle, sheep and other animals should not be eaten.

The nature of thyroxine is relatively stable, and it takes more than 600 ° C to destroy. Generally, it is difficult to destroy it.Too much consumption will affect our own endocrine system, causing physical discomfort, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The lymph nodes are immune to the body.It gathered a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and toxins during the lesion. Once you eat it into the body by mistake, it will directly cause various infectious diseases or poisoning.

Chicken, duck: ass

Chicken butt and duck butt, these areas that are full of "fragrance" for a few people should actually eat less.

Ruan Guangfeng, an expert in the field of nutrition and food safety, explained in the comparison of the whole people that there are many glands in this part.For example, chicken butt, where there are "tail gland" and "cavity sac". The tail gland will pollute the quality of the meat.Even if it is cooked at high temperature, some germs may not be killed.

Duck: The skin on the duck neck

Chicken feet and duck necks, these Europeans and Americans abandoned the "lower scripts" but were transformed into food by the Chinese.Nowadays, there are duck necks in the streets and alleys, and young people especially love to eat.

However, Wang Yanli, a master of nutrition and food health, pointed out that eating duck neck should be paid attention to!The duck neck contains more lymphatic tissue, and the lymph is the first immune line of the animal. The hormones in the virus, bacteria and feed in the duck may remain around the lymph.

If the lymph is not removed during the processing process, or the temperature is not high enough and the time is not long enough, the duck neck will eat the virus bacteria together to the stomach.

However, lymph nodes generally grow between meat and skin. You can see it with the naked eye. If you touch the crickets, this may be lymph nodes.Just remove the skin and subcutaneous fat on the outside before cooking.

In addition, sometimes the cervical injection is used for ducks, and the duck neck may remain vaccine, or it is not good for the health of the human body.Therefore, you must peel the duck neck.

Fish: fish gall

There are recipes in the people, and fish gallbladder is hailed as a good medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying. Many people, especially the elderly, are obsessed with this.However, the fish gall is poisonous.Media reported that there were many cases such as swallowing fish bile and causeing acute liver and kidney failure.

Why do fish gallbladder cause poisoning?Du Yu, director of the Emergency Department of Huaxi Fourth Hospital of Sichuan University, introduced in an interview that biliary is digestive organs, secreting bile to promote the digestion of meat and fat foods.Fresh fish bile contains a protein decomposition product with strong toxicity, namely bile toxin, which is not easy to be damaged by alcohol and heating.

In other words, whether it is swallowed or cooked fish gall, it is toxic.As a result, fish bile poisoning is mostly fish breeding. Common ones such as grass carp, catfish, cattle, catfish, carp, etc.

Therefore, when cleaning the fish’s internal organs, be sure to remove the gallbladder!If you accidentally break it, be sure to clean it!

Crayfish: shrimp head

Open the head of the crayfish, we can see the yellow and yellow things like crab -like. These are actually the liver and pancreatic of the crayfish. It looks delicious, but there is safety risk.An article published by Yang Juan, published in the journal "Public Health of the Capital" published by Yang Juan, Huai’an City’s Huaian City Centers for Diseases, pointed out that domestic and foreign studies have found that crayfish (Ketthachi) has a strong enrichment characteristics for heavy metals. It is in the water.During the process of life, some of the enriched heavy metal pollutants will be transferred to the shell of the crayfish and is transferred to the body with the shell, while the other part enters the body through the gill or feeding process.There are different degrees of enrichment in the organization.(Reporter Ji Wei)

Source: Workers Daily

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