There are three performances in pregnant mothers during pregnancy, indicating that they are "smart babies", and pregnant mothers are very blessed.

When I was pregnant, the pregnant mother couldn’t help but imagine the appearance of her baby, in order to enable the baby to achieve their satisfaction in the future.Baoma has done a lot of homework for the baby’s intelligence, such as various prenatal education during pregnancy.It is just that the baby cannot show the development of his brain in the stomach of the pregnant mother. So which performance can you judge the baby’s brain development?In fact, we can observe the three performances of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, so that we can see if it is a smart baby.

A pregnant mother Xiaoli in Shanxi Province recorded various performance during her pregnancy. When it was close to the due date, Xiaoli found that the fetus showed a magical phenomenon, that is, he could distinguish Xiaoli.sound.

As the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, the baby is about to come out before the due date. At this time, the development of the fetus in the belly has matured. Once Xiaoli touched his belly with his hand on the sofa, he took care of himself, herself, and herself took care of himself.Chat with the fetus.Xiaoli did not want the child to hear what she really said, but the magical thing was that the child kicked Xiaoli’s belly to respond to her.

After this phenomenon was observed for the first time, I later felt this phenomenon in continuity, but Xiaoli found that when her mother -in -law or husband and child spoke, the child did not respond. Xiaoli also shared this phenomenon to the phenomenon toIn the pregnant mother group, many pregnant mothers have shown the same situation as Xiaoli. Whenever the pregnant mother interacts with the fetus, the fetus kicks her belly with her body and responds to a small response.

However, some pregnant mothers have found that their fetus has less response, and her feelings about the fetal response are relatively shallow.Different reactions also suggest the baby’s development.

Xiaoli, a pregnant mother in Shanxi, has shared the communication and interaction with the baby to prove the baby’s intellectual development, but in fact, only in the third trimester of pregnancy can we have such interactive exchanges with the baby.What about development?We can look at the weight growth rate of pregnant mothers. Some pregnant mothers like to eat special food during pregnancy. At a certain time, the weight growth is too fast.It will affect the development of the fetal brain, lead to slowing the splitting of the fetal brain cells, which will affect intelligence.

So why do some pregnant mothers eat a lot?This shows that these pregnant mothers’ pregnancy reactions are relatively light. Because there is no such strong pregnancy reaction, the fetus will be harmed by diet. Some pregnant mothers have a moderate pregnancy reaction, which shows that the fetus’s development in the body is very good.EssenceDuring the pregnancy, Baoma was very sensitive to all kinds of odors. When encountering the food that she didn’t like, it showed a very disgusted emotion. This also shows that the babies in the body are excluding these harmful foods to them, and those who eat them specially eat and eat special foods and eat them specially.Pregnant mothers are because of reducing the pregnancy reaction, so as to consume too many foods that the fetus does not need, which affects the growth and development of the fetus.

The emotional state of pregnant mothers is also clearly connected with the development of the fetus. We will find that some pregnant mothers are extremely emotionally unstable during pregnancy. A little things can make the pregnant mother lose their temper.It will have a strong spiritual impact on the fetus in the abdomen.Therefore, the stable mood will not have too much emotional fluctuations, which will help the fetus develop in the abdomen.

The importance of prenatal education has been realized by people. It is necessary to have a better prenatal education during pregnancy to give birth to a healthier and smarter baby. So how to do prenatal education?You can do it in the following aspects.First of all, Baoma can touches the baby by touching the baby. Every day, you can choose a fixed time to gently touch the belly with your hand. In this way, the fetus can feel the mother’s care, and the development in the abdomen will be more stable.A lot of spiritual energy.

If you want to give birth to a baby with more artistic cells, you can also perform artistic prenatal education. Some treasure mothers like to put various soothing music for the baby. Related experiments have proved that the fetus already exists in the palace memory.Putting some soothing music for the baby is greatly beneficial to the development of the palace. Some babies will also kick the mother’s belly with external music, indicating that they can hear these magical sounds.

Of course, Baoma also has to talk to the baby more language tutoring. When I am pregnant, I have to talk to the baby more. Although sometimes the mother thinks that this may be talking to herself, no matter how to communicate with the baby, as long as the mother says more, Babies can perceive that in addition to the mother’s need to communicate with the baby, father must continue to talk to the baby.In this way, the baby can be familiar with the voices of parents in advance, thereby promoting the better brain development.

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