There is a difference in stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy, and the consequences of the pain on the left are particularly serious.

After Xiaotuo married her husband, she quickly carried out the next item: raising a healthy and lively baby.After 3 months of pregnancy, they finally got their wishes.Xiaotuo is a very serious and meticulous woman. In order to protect the safety of the baby, she began to have various knowledge about pregnancy.In February of pregnancy, Xiaotuo found that her abdomen was a bit painful, but she checked the information and found that it was a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, so she didn’t pay attention to this, and she would be fine after a while.For this reason, Xiaotuo is quite complacent, but the next time he inspections, he found that Xiaotuo’s fetal baby has stopped developing.

Xiao Duo is sad and painful. On the one hand, it is painful. I don’t understand why they have been so careful about the child. The doctor listened to Xiao Duo’s telling, but said that the pain on the left side of the pregnant woman and the right side of the right side were different.I just don’t know that this happens.

1. Pregnant mother’s left pain

Pregnant mothers are generally early pregnancy, and the cause of this pain is generally not a good thing.

If the pregnant mother appears severe pain in the left abdomen in the early pregnancy and is accompanied by blood flowing out, then it is likely that the pregnant mother has ectopic pregnancy.I do n’t want to talk about this matter. If this happens, it must be dealt with early, otherwise it may really be unable to keep adults and children.

If the pregnant mother has persistent abdominal pain in the early pregnancy, the pain is not severe but the duration is long, it is likely that the fetus is going to be aborted. The pregnant mother must go to the hospital for examination.I can’t regret it.

2. Pregnant mothers on the right side of pain

If the pregnant mother appears right on the right side in the early pregnancy, this is really not particularly worried, because this is mostly a normal reaction during pregnancy.

After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the body will become heavy, and the uterus will become very heavy in a short period of time. The uterus itself rely on the uterine ligament to be fixed.Against the method. In this way, the pregnant mother will feel a bit painful in the right abdomen, but this pain is not violent, but it is a faint point, and it will not bring continuous discomfort to the pregnant mother.If the pregnant mother belongs to this situation, then there is nothing. If the pain on the right side of the pregnant mother is also very long or very severe, for the health of the baby, let’s go to the hospital to check it.

Our pregnant mothers are not easy to get pregnant, and the changes in the body during pregnancy are not easy. Pregnant mothers may not eat meals, might be severe vomiting, abdominal pain may occur.Be sure to protect yourself and your baby.

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