There is a sexual life before marriage. What will affect the relationship?Tell you the correct answer

In this era, as long as it is legal and reasonable, anyone has his own freedom of "sex".

Those who are more conservative in mind may tend to keep their body like jade before marriage, and will leave the first time to those who have spent their lives for their lives.Everyone who has a lot of thoughts, every time he falls in love, hopes to live a "sex life".

Regardless of the choice, some people will feel normal, and some people will feel exclusive.

But I do n’t discuss right and wrong here, but based on the knowledge of biology, psychology, sociology, etc., tell the truth and facts of pre -marital sex.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the intimacy is desperate for everyone.This is a natural component of our genetic and biological composition, and it is very normal for sexual intimacy or "desire".

As for how to satisfy this desire, it will involve personal thoughts and moral tendencies.Only when you understand some of the truths and facts about pre -marital sex, can you make a more wise decision in this regard.

This is the power of knowledge!

No matter what circumstances you are eager to "sex", there is a starting point for this sexual or sexual impulse behind you, that is, desire.

Sexual desire is described as a physiological need or desire, which makes it easy for individuals to accept sexual experience and sexual pleasure.In terms of biology, sexual impulses are compared with other biological motivation such as hunger.

There are some systems in our brain, which prompts us to mate (like most animals), and there are some additional systems in our brain to connect us with a person, and linked it for a lifetime (unlike it like it is like it is not likeMost animals).

Not just a brief pleasure experience in sexual life.When we are close, chemicals are released in our brain and linked us together.

Among them, compression is mainly released in the male brain, and oxytocin is mainly released in the female brain.However, when our relationship is broken again and again, we lose our ability to establish a solid relationship with the next person.

This is like the stickiness of the tape.When you first used to stick to the west, its chemical keys are very strong.But if you take it down and continue to stick to other things, its viscosity will be reduced.Soon, it became non -sticky.

The role of sexuality is the same.

Researchers have found that compared with those who have relationships before marriage, those who have sex after marriage before they get married are significantly more satisfied with the relationship, better communication methods, less consideration for divorce, more quality of sexual life, more quality of sexual life.good.

As for those who have occurred in the later dating and before they get married, these effects will be reduced, but they can only be consistent with the above situation.

Therefore, the idea of sexual intimacy is just the opposite, unless it happens to the same person who married you.

Another study shows that premature contact life will have a long -term impact on the quality of the relationship.

So why is it more beneficial to your sexual constraints than sexual behavior before marriage?Research evidence points to two reasons:

Interested in choosing partners and sexual symbols.

When you get a strong and direct chemical, emotion and relationship benefits through sex, the correct partner choice becomes difficult.

At this time, these chemicals produced by the body will affect your judgment.Once you see a girl’s growth figure in line with your preferences, you are desperately investing to pursue, regardless of whether the other party is suitable for you.

In the end, the feeling of pursuing sexual life was mistaken as a feeling of love.These "rewards will cause a person to ignore and deny the deeper and possible incompatibility in the relationship.

Most of us have experienced a "honeymoon" stage of a relationship.We wore rose -colored glasses to look at each other, which made it difficult for us to look at each other’s relationship correctly and rationally.

In other words, early sexual behavior creates a fake intimate relationship, making them think that the distance between them is closer than the actual distance.

When a pair of partners aware of emotional intimacy is the foundation of sexual intimacy, they will see the value of waiting until marriage.If you do well, the sexual behavior in the relationship will become a meaningful symbol of the intimate relationship between husband and wife.

But if the "sex life" is first at the beginning of the relationship, it is difficult to appear, because there is no time to spend trust, support, security, and guarantee.

Sexual constraints require couples to attach importance to communication and commitments, and use them as the basis of attracting each other.This is about seeking emotional intimacy and trust, not just pursuing a "sexual attraction".

All in all, the later the relationship between couples in love, the later the relationship after marriage is better.

As we all know, men and women have a very different view of sex.

Men are sometimes difficult to understand for women, because their way of thinking is completely different.Men can be inspired to have a relationship with the woman after seeing a woman a few seconds.

For men, there is a very gray or not obvious boundary to have sexual relationships with women and love her.

A man can love a woman because he is attracted by her body.This is difficult to understand for women, because although women also like handsome guys and men with good figures, they will also imagine that they have a relationship with them.

But when they really want to implement it, they will have various considerations, at least to figure out what kind of person this man is, so as to rest assured.

And a man and a woman have sex. After waking up, she forgot what her name is. It is very normal, and she is not even interested in to understand her various things.

In short, one of the main motivations for men to love women is to eager to have sex.Similarly, this idea may be very confused for women who look at love from a completely different perspective.

Many men can pursue relationships, just to have sexual relationships without any other goals.

This psychology is reflected in pre -marital sex, which will have different impacts.

When a man falls in love with a girl, the relationship does not know long after knowing it. When he wants, the girls are satisfied with him. Then, in the long run, the man will gradually lose interest in her.

Because men can chase a woman for different reasons.A man pursues a girl, maybe because he likes you, or just because he wants to have sex.

In fact, there are indeed many men who will at all costs to achieve the goal of pursuing this girl.Regardless of whether he is married.

In the process, some men can lie, and they are very emotional, and they have made many stories, just to eventually have sexual relationships.

And some naive women were deceived by them, and then willingly dedicated themselves to these men.Then men lost interest in them.marry?Think again!

Why is this so?

You may have guessed that men who have lost interest after having sex are those who only want "sex".But this is just a superficial reason.

We need to know that psychological factors can affect sexual desire.Humans will become excited for psychological reasons and physical reasons.

When a man has a sexual relationship, the reason why he loses interest in that woman is because his sexual desire mainly comes from psychological goals.

In other words, when a man is allowed to have sex before marriage, it means that they can pursue short -term goals, and then they will abandon their women shortly after achieving these goals, and then chase another short -term goal.

A typical "love player" will feel more confident about every prey he hunt, because he always needs to be recognized, so unless he understands what happens, it is difficult for him to give up his habits.

Only a man who is extremely interested in a woman will invest in her relationship, money and time with her, and then get married.

When sexual behaviors occur after marriage, men focus on their long -term goals when choosing a life partner, and will not pursue very short -term goals that cannot bring effective relationships.

What about a woman?

Before certain psychological factors appear, most women do not enjoy sexual life.In order to enjoy sex, girls need to feel safe and guaranteed in this relationship.Marriage is one of the guarantees.Because there is no marriage, this sense of security is difficult to fully realize, and women are more likely to suffer from pre -marital relationships.

Of course, those powerful boys will also know how to create this security and guarantee for women to obtain "sexual rewards".For example, driving luxury cars, entering and leaving high -end places, this high -value display will be given this hint.

Therefore, women are different from men, and their sexual desire is strictly controlled by psychological factors, not just appearance.Because when a man is pursuing a relationship, his mind may have only a very short -term goal, and when the true intention of men becomes obvious, women are likely to be injured.

When marriage is first established, men’s serious possibilities will be much higher, because it is difficult for a man to promise a very long -term relationship without determination.

This also caused, once a bad result of pre -marital sex, then the psychological trauma of women will be stronger than men.

Unless, everyone’s "sexual concept" is more open, that is another matter, there will be no discussion here.

Pre -marital sex is not "no place".

For example, many people think that when they are in love, they can sometimes be considered to test whether a couple is compatible, and whether this relationship can withstand the test of time testing, especially the harmony of sexual life.

I don’t deny this statement.

It’s just that what I want to say is that the benefits of pre -marital sex have certain prerequisites, such as:

Sexual life can indeed increase the chemical reactions between partners.It not only establishes understanding between the two, but also establishes good mutual respect between partners.

However, it is best to have restraint. Once you start this sexual life, it will become a natural habit with at least two or three times a week.This will not only destroy the intimate relationship between them, but also the desire to break the life with the same girl to enter the next stage.

Because it is used as a regular practice before marriage, it will definitely reduce your interest in your partner.

Another advantage is that you can clearly understand every process that each other cooperates with each other.In this way, it helps to remember your partner’s behavior and habits, so as to get better cooperation after marriage.

At the same time, some people may not be able to satisfy the wishes of their partners, and others may be satisfied soon.In order to avoid this problem, pre -marital sex will definitely help you.

Once you find that you or your partner cannot satisfy each other, you can follow some remedial measures as soon as possible to get enough health and give your partner you want.

You can see that these are some moves to get married.In other words, if you don’t run to get married at the beginning, then these conditions will not care at all, and you will leave anyway.

If you and your other half have this idea, it doesn’t matter if you have appropriate pre -marital sex.Otherwise, think about it!

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