There is a third child who accidentally got pregnant after the lane, so why is it so difficult to ligate you?

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There are always two sides of things. Some are upset because they can’t be pregnant with the baby’s distress.

When Nan Nan lived in my house, and when we lived in the old courtyard, the two of us were neighbors, which belonged to the typical hair.Yesterday afternoon, as soon as I came home from get off work, I heard the knock on the door. When I opened the door, it was Nan Nan, her eyes were red and swollen, and tears on their faces.

Listening to Nan Nan sitting down and talking about me for half an hour, I understand it. After Nan Nan gave birth to a pair of children, he asked her husband to ligate, but he just refused.EssenceUnexpectedly, he was pregnant unexpectedly after the upper ring. Nan Nan couldn’t control the two bars on the pregnancy inspection stick at the time, and began quarrels and cold war with her husband.Nan Nan didn’t understand that he had given birth to a pair of children for her husband.Looking at Nan Nan’s sadness, he couldn’t add it, and his comfort was pale.

We all know that for couples who have been married, choosing a ligation will minimize the chance of re -fertility, which is much more effective than condoms, oral contraceptives.

The difference between the ligation of the tubal and the fallopian tube

Volticism ligation has a very low failure rate and extremely low postoperative risk.However, the fallopian tube ligation is different. Its failure rate is much higher than the tubal ligation, and the risks are also very high. Some women will have strong and long -term pelvic pain, and may cause death due to infection.

So why do there be a large part of the male marriage and childcare?The reason is very simple. Men even wearing an ultra -thin suit will refuse with uncomfortableness, how can they be on their bodies for no reason.

Men have misunderstandings about ligation surgery

Many men think that ligation is equivalent to unable to ejaculate, and is equivalent to losing sexual function.In fact, ligation is only to block the transmission path of sperm, does not affect ejaculation, and it will not affect the erectile and cause sexual function abnormalities.And ligation can also improve the level of testosterone secretion, improve men’s sexual ability, and make the life of husband and wife more harmonious.

“What do you think about male ligation?” “


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