There is a trick of contraception, a male doctor of obstetrics and gynecology teaches you short -acting contraceptives for scientific contraceptives (2)

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Last time I talked about emergency contraception methods. Although the emergency contraceptives were easy to use, the effect was unsatisfactory (the contraceptive effect was only about 85%, the use time was different, and the success rate would be different).The two -month menstruation is abnormal), and many people do not count their own ovulation period (of course, the safety period of the ovulation period is more unreliable, the effective rate is about 50%, this score stage), each time after each passion, one after passing the passion is one after the passion.The consequences are the vaginal bleeding of Didi, which also caused the six palace pink daisy to lose the color (speak human words, anemia!).So, can there be no time to toss and not get pregnant after taking the medicine without time. Come on, everyone will sit in a small bench. Today, let’s talk about the wonderful use of short -acting contraceptives.

The reason why short -acting contraceptives is called short -term because it takes short -term use to achieve the ideal contraceptive effect. After the drug is stopped, the ovaries quickly restore ovulation, which basically does not affect the subsequent fertility plan.Can fight; go lingering and go, hide your skills and name.The reliability of any contraceptive method can be measured by the Pearl Index (PI).It refers to the pregnancy rate that may occur within 100 women within a year.The lower the pearl index, the stronger the reliability.If PI is 1, it means that if 100 women use a contraceptive method for a year, one accident will occur.The short -acting contraceptive pearl index <1, the effective rate is more than 99.9%. Compared with sterilization, it is currently the most reliable and reversible contraceptive method.

The main way to play a role in short -acting contraceptives is to inhibit the ovulation of the human body, change the cervical mucus, make the sperm difficult to penetrate, or reduce the uterine glands, change the endometrium bed environment, change the swinging rhythm of the cilia of the fallopian tubeThe transportation of sperm, eggs and fertilized eggs can achieve contraceptive effects.Therefore, it is different from the fire -rescue player of the emergency contraceptive. Because it fundamentally suppress the ovulation of the ovaries, the power of contraceptiveness is naturally a ride.Then, many people will ask, if ovulation is not ovulated for a long time, will there be problems with ovarian function in the future, premature ovarian failure, and endometrium cancer?As mentioned earlier, the reason for shortening is that its inhibitory effect on the ovaries is temporary. Generally, the normal ovulation or menstruation will be restored for one to two months, which will not have any impact on subsequent fertility.At the same time, the main component of short -acting contraceptives is estrogen hormones. Wilderlasses have a protective effect on our uterine endometrium. Taking short -acting contraceptives will not only increase the risk of endometrial cancer, but also prevent endometrial cancer.There are certain benefits in the occurrence (regular menstruation will reduce the risk of endometrial cancer).

According to the content differences in different tablets in short -acting contraceptives in different tablets, the current short -acting contraceptives are divided into three types: single photos, double photos and three photos. There are currently unparalleled photos in China (double photos of oxygen hypoxine).Three photos (three photos of Zuo Nuo Genone) are most reasonable because the elegance content is distributed. In fact, the incidence of breakthrough bleeding and amenorrhea is significantly reduced, and there are relatively few side reactions such as nausea and vomiting.This is so rigorous, but everyone may generally do not know the existence of this drug. Many doctors may not know the existence of this drug. This may be related to the price, the production process, and the promotion of the manufacturer.

And the short -acting contraceptives we usually say are generally single photos. It is characterized by the dosage of estrogen and progesterone in the entire cycle.Essence

The short -acting contraceptive pill is divided into four generations according to the different progesterone.The first generation of short -active contraceptive progesterone components are chimotonone and hyperthylone, which will increase the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, especially smoking people, and similarrogen -like effects. Some people will increase acne.This type of contraceptive represents Mom Fulong.The second -generation short -acting contraceptive progesterone component is olivethone and leftogenonone, and progesterone activity is significantly increased compared to the first generation. This type of drug faithful compound pyrone tablets are represented.The third short -active contraceptive progesterone component is dexonone, progesterone, and nododine. It has a stronger effect of inhibiting ovulation and has a good antibro -androgen effect. However, the risk of venous thrombosis is higher than thatThe second generation, typical representative Da Ying-35, Min Dingpi, of which the cyclopidthone in Daying 35 is the strongest in all contraceptives in all contraceptives.Patients with hormone increased symptoms or signs) doctors like to use this medicine.Because of the effect of estrogen hormone, the previous three generations of short -acting contraceptives may cause a slight increase in weight (about 15%of the incidence). Note that it is slight, and the incidence is not high. Do not throw the weight of the pots to the short -term effect.After all, the weight gain is closely related to your diet structure, exercise, and absorption. Many people do not take contraceptive pills as weight as the Internet, and contraceptives cannot carry such a large pot.

The first three hearing pills will increase the weight slightly, which is simply providing a merchant with an excellent opportunity to make money.Dangdang, the fourth -generation short -acting oral contraceptive is grandly debuted. This product is simply tailor -made for beauty lovers (yes, the manufacturer just wants to make everyone’s money.Its progesterone is alcohol ketone, and its structure is completely different from traditional progesterone. Not only will it not increase weight, but it can also reduce weight to a certain extent. Yes, you can read it right.Oral contraceptive pills, and you can get pregnant in the second month after stopping the medicine. It is not surprising.Its typical representative is You Siming and You Siyue. Byer also fights for money to make money, but the price is slightly more expensive. It requires a box of about RMB128 (You Siming, the price of different channels is definitely not necessarily, teenagers).

Since the short -acting contraceptive pill is so effective, when will it be taken?Generally speaking, short -term contraceptives are orally in the first to five days of menstruation. The most common method of taking is to start on the first or fifth day.Starting from the first day of menstruation, use 21 days to stop the medicine, and start taking the next cycle of medication on the seventh day of the drug (regardless of whether the menstruation is clean).It is best (after all, sinus follicles have not yet started to raise), but the menstrual time is short and the amount is less, but it is better than not to remember.The second method of taking is to start taking on the fifth day of menstruation. It is used for 21 days and the menstrual menstrual periods are closed for 1-3 days. The next cycle is used on the fifth day of menstruation.Recommended this is more, that is, it is better to take menstrual time, which is not as convenient as the first one.Both medication schemes are okay, and both contraception effects are similar.

Many comrades are not good. During the process of taking the medicine, I always forget to take medicine. This will have a great impact on the effect of short -acting contraceptives. Generally speaking, taking medicine within 12 hours of forgetting the medicine will not reduce contraceptives without reducing contraceptives.The protection effect, but if it exceeds 12 hours, the contraceptive effect will be reduced.If the first week of the medication is missed, there is a possibility of pregnancy, you need to take the medicine as soon as possible, and you need to use a condom contraception in the next week.There is no need to use other contraceptive measures, but if there is more than one leakage, it needs to be contraceptives for condoms in the subsequent seven days.Short -acting contraceptive contraceptives are very high, but you have to stop two tablets, and you are not wonderful.When you take it, you can set an alarm by yourself, take almost time every day to minimize the possibility of missing clothes.

The effect of short -acting contraceptives is so good, but not everyone can take it safely. So who can not take it?Smoking, suspicious pregnancy crowds, obesity (weight index exceed 30kg/㎡), cannot move for a long time (surgery, paralysis and other people), gynecological malignant tumor history (not all, the type of hormone dependence), breast cancer patients, hypertension hypertension, Cardiacow disease or history of surgery (such as after myocardial infarction support), migraine, blood clotter or cerebral infarction history, or family history, severe liver disease (abnormal liver function), diabetes accumulated blood vessels and other people are not suitable for people.Take short -acting contraceptives, if you do n’t know, it is best to consult a professional obstetrician and gynecologist (regular two words) before taking the medicine.Well, let’s talk about this this time. Next time we will take a long -term contraceptive measure.

I am a doctor of Lan Yibing at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang Province. Welcome everyone to consult with me on related topics.

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