There is not necessarily that there is a response. Do you know how to judge true and false pregnancy?

Test strip test

There are often such plots in TV series. The male and female lead quarreled. The female lead suddenly fainted. After being taken to the hospital, she found that she was pregnant.There are also the female lead vomiting suddenly when she eats meals, understanding that people know they are pregnant at a glance.In fact, many people in our real life also judge whether they are pregnant through vomiting.

However, the response is not necessarily pregnant!IntersectionIntersection

Anyone who has seen "Zhen Huan Biography" knows that Shen Meizhuang was framed and pregnant, and was imprisoned by the emperor for a long time. Although the emperor returned to her innocence, she completely hurt Shen Meizhuang’s heart.In fact, in ancient times, it was also judged whether a person was happy through vomiting and menopause. In addition, he could judge the pulse through the imperial doctor.

With the development of modern medicine, if you want to know if you really have it, you can judge more accurately through inspection!IntersectionIntersection


1: Mencopical menstruation

Especially the first reaction after menstruation after the same room is "Am I pregnant?", And the easiest way is to buy a test strip test, some will display two bars, but even if it is displayedThe two bars cannot be absolutely determined that they are really pregnant, or they may be "false positive". Of course, this probability is very small.However, it is not possible to judge that there is no pregnancy. If the fertilized eggs are just in bed, it cannot be detected with test strips.

In addition to pregnancy, those reasons will menopause?

For example, the recent work pressure is relatively high, or having gynecological diseases will cause menopause. Of course, it is normal for menstruation for a few days.

Discontinue menstruation

Two: vomiting

Every time I watch TV, if someone eats meals and suddenly covers my mouth to the toilet, we will think that this person is happy.Last time my sister’s child watched the TV series, and a woman vomited in the toilet. The little guy quickly said: Is the baby in this aunt’s belly naughty again? A three -year -old baby doll made us a circle of people.In fact, the woman was drunk and vomiting.

In addition to pregnancy, those reasons will vomit?

For example, stomach disease, and there may be vomiting in the appetite of disobedience.


Three: Fine

Most of the expectant mothers after pregnancy will be weak. Of course, the recent work pressure or low immunity will also appear weak.

Four: Sleamed

In addition to the impact of early pregnancy reactions, it is also affected by the seasons. Generally, it is "spring sleepy and autumn lack". There is also the recent work pressure and poor sleep quality.

Five: frequent urine

Many pregnant mothers will have frequent urination after pregnancy, and it will be more obvious in the middle and late pregnancy.

In addition to pregnancy, what are the frequent causes of urine?

For example, urinary infection also occurs frequently and urgency.

Frequent urine

6: Abdominal pain

Pregnant mothers will have less abdominal pain, and some may be considered as dysmenorrhea before the holiday.

Through the comparison of these symptoms, have you ever been the same. In us, we cannot say it in the first three months of pregnancy. In addition to superstition, you may also be afraid of jokes!

One: Blood HCG

Two: urine HCG

3: test strip test

Four: B -ultrasound


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