There were 15 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hong Kong. A 39 -week pregnant woman was preliminary diagnosis

Source: Global Network

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Liyuan] According to Hong Kong’s "East Network" reported on the 30th, Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Division of the Infectious Division of the Infectious Disease Office of the Hong Kong Department of Health, said today (30th) that 15 new crown pneumonia is added in Hong Kong, 5 of which are of 5 cases, of which 5 of them are, of which are of 5 cases, of which are of 5 cases, of which are of them, of which 5 of them are, of which 5 of them are, of which 5 are of them, of which 5 of them are, of which 5 of them are, of which 5 of them are, of which 5 of them are, of which 5 of them are.Input cases, the two were from the Philippines, and they were foreign helpers and seafarers. The three arrived in Hong Kong from India. The remaining 10 cases were local infection cases.As of now, there are 4,801 confirmed cases in Hong Kong.Another 10 were preliminary diagnosis, including a 39 -week pregnant woman.

Zhang Zhujun (source: Hong Kong "Headline Daily")

It is reported that 5 of the 10 cases of confirmed cases are related to previous cases, and 5 cases of infection are unknown, including 1 part -time taxi driver, who have been to Renai Hall and nearby markets on weekdays;Yuanzhou Village has a housewife with long -term patients. She will go to the Fulin Restaurant in Changsha Bay Trading Plaza every day to drink tea; a complaint class police officer who works at Wan Chai headquarters. He has no contact with the public.To seven police officers colleagues were listed as close contact, those who needed quarantine.The remaining two are cleaners, one of which work in Taikoo Plaza, and the other one will be cleaned in Hong Kong wooden balls.

In addition, He Wanxia, the head of the Hong Kong Hospital Administration, said that a 31 -year -old pregnant woman with a 31 -year -old pregnancy of 39 weeks went to the emergency room for medical treatment at 11 am on the 29th.The room diversion station did not have a fever when she measured her body temperature, and she arranged for her to stay in the internal medicine ward to stay in the doctor. Until the test results confirmed that her preliminary diagnosis was confirmed, the hospital immediately arranged for her to transfer to the isolation ward. Pregnant women and fetal conditions were stable.

He Wanxia said that 10 patients who lived with the pregnant woman were listed as a close contact with those who had to quarantine. The pregnant woman also visited the prenatal ward, but in the single -person diagnosis room, no patient was listed as close contacts.He Wanxia admitted that the pregnant woman was arranged to be in the internal medicine ward on the day of her admission, and said that patients who had a fever generally would be sent to the isolation ward for test results.She said that the Hospital Authority will review the process of pregnant women in the hospital, find out the improvement of the place, and apologize for patients who are quarantine in the same ward.

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