These 4 kinds of foods during pregnancy can easily cause fetal malformations, remember that you can not eat it often

Eugenics and eugenics have become a key indicator for each family to welcome the next generation. Children must be healthy, so women will do a relevant examination before pregnancy.Pay special attention to the movement of the fetal treasure.

And after pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have changed in diet. For their babies, many things they like to eat before can no longer be eaten.But sometimes it ’s too much mouthful, always wanting to quietly have a mouthful of mouth addiction.

At this time, we must know that the diet of mothers during pregnancy is very particular. After all, the nutritional nutrition required for fetal development comes from the mother.If the mother eats improperly, it will inevitably affect the health of the fetus and delay their development.For pregnant mothers, it is necessary to ensure a comprehensive balance of daily nutrition.

Xiaobian also wants to remind everyone here that after pregnancy, do not eat these 4 kinds of food, it is easy to bring "deformity", let’s take a look.

01. Now it is hot pot in winter, and it is barbecue in summer.Hot pot is one of the favorite foods of the majority of young people, especially when it is cold, several people eat hot pot together, which is super feeling.

Of course, for pregnant mothers, the hot pot that smells full of fragrance may naturally not be able to move.However, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers eat hot pot, such as those meat and seafood ingredients may have some parasites, which cannot be completely eliminated after a short period of heating.

The pregnant mother may affect the health of the fetus, so you can control your mouth.

02. Spicy strips are also welcomed by women. Some women like to treat it as a casual food before pregnancy.Pregnant women who prefer this bite after pregnancy also do not account for a few.

Pregnant mothers, have you stolen it?There are many additives in spicy strips and low nutritional components. Some unconventional manufacturers have not guaranteed the sanitation. Facing the temptation of taste, pregnant mothers should still take the fetus as the main health and hold their mouths.

03. If expectant mothers like fried foods such as fritters and oil cakes as breakfast, they do n’t want the baby to stop eating, because these foods are foods with high aluminum and high lead., Even some dementia, which has a great hindrance to the development of the baby.

04. Drinks containing caffeine

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should try to stay away from coffee as much as possible. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine. This substance will cause the fetus to develop slowly. Occasionally it is okay to drink it once. If you often drink it, the fetus will be in a very dangerous environment.Don’t take this danger.

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