These 7 kinds of food are "aging accelerators"!Every time you eat it, you may be urging you

The trace of time will always be left quietly on us. When we lament our ourselves in the mirror, we may not realize that some food you love in daily life is exactly the "acceleration agent of aging agent."" ".

The following foods are often eaten to make you accelerate, let’s see if you love to eat.


trans fat

The source of trans fatty acids can be divided into two types: natural and artificial synthesis. We need to control the main synthesis of manual synthesis.

Because artificially synthetic trans fatty acids will promote inflammation in the body, destroy collagen synthesis, and accelerate the aging of the skin; it will also increase the level of low density lipoprotein cholesterol, and at the same time increase the level of triglyceride and lipoprotein, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate blood vessels, accelerate vascularThe aging and lesions of the heart occur.

Studies have shown that the proportion of trans fats in the total dietary energy increases by 2%, and the risk of coronary heart disease will rise by 25%!

Therefore, pay attention to watching food ingredients when buying things.Anyone who contains artificial fat, artificial cream, plant cream, milk, album fat, refined vegetable oil, ghee, butter ghee, fat planting and other ingredients may contain artificially synthetic trans fatty acids, as little as possible.


High -salt and high sodium food

I usually like to eat pickled foods and processing foods, which can easily lead to too much sodium in the human body, and it is more likely to have a state of thirst or even water shortage. At this time, the skin is more likely to show signs of dryness and aging.

At the same time, after too much salt intake, it will directly cause damage to the gastric mucosa; it will increase the burden on the kidneys; it will cause increased blood capacity, increase the impact of blood on the blood vessel wall, damage the blood vessels …

Tip: Salt control is not only a daily meal less salt, but also sodium in the pre -packaged food (snacks, noodles, pickles, etc.).Before, look at the ingredients list and choose low salt.


Sweet foods such as sweets

Many people know that sweets will make people gain weight. Not only that, high sugar will also have a chemical reaction with collagen in the skin, destroying skin collagen, and accelerating skin aging.

In addition, eating too much sugar can cause increased sebaceous glands and easily cause pores to block.In this way, various skin problems such as acne and acne are very prone to occur.

Therefore, it is like high -sugar desserts, jams, ice cream, sweet beverages, etc.



Alcohol can dewater, including skin, wrinkles, puffiness, drying, etc., and it will come to the door; it will also give birth to the generation of free radicals in the body and speed up the aging of cells.

At the same time, alcohol can directly reach various organs with blood flow, which affects the normal work of various organs, and also increases the risk of organ lesions and further accelerate the aging of the body.


Fried food

Fried foods can produce peroxide lipids. After entering the human body, it will have a great damage to vitamins in the body and accelerate the aging of the body.

In addition, fried foods are high, high in heat, and can easily cause overweight and obesity. Excessive body adipose tissue will affect the body’s metabolism and endocrine, which will damage the tissue and function.Carcinoma such as acrylamide, so it is best not to eat it!


Foods containing metal

Lead -containing food

Excessive intake of lead -containing food can cause neurotropic blockage, which directly destroys the function of dehydrated ribosic acid in genetic material in the nerve cells. It not only makes people suffer from dementia, but also makes people face dark and prematurely aged.

Like puffed foods, it is easy to be found. This type of food needs to be transmitted through metal pipes. The heavy metals contained in equipment or pipelines at high temperature may be vaporized, which is easy to pollute food.

If you like to eat such foods, you can usually eat some foods, black fungus, seaweed, oolong tea, etc., which helps to discharge lead elements in the body.

Aluminum food

After entering the human body into the human body, it is difficult to be excreted. The human body is gradually accumulated. It will bind to a variety of proteins and enzymes to damage the brain, cause memory loss, and even dementia.Essence

Like some egg tarts, donuts, potato chips, cookie biscuits, etc., they may also add aluminum -containing agents; as well as aluminum pots for too long, it may also be precipitated.

In daily life, vitamin C, such as kiwi, grapefruit, winter jujube, orange, etc., can help speed up the metabolism of aluminum elements.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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