These dangerous movements will hurt the fetus, and pregnant women in office workers avoid 9 wrong postures

The posture of work habits and the movement of home affairs is actually hidden in danger!Sitting, long -standing, Qiao Erlang’s legs, kneeling or squatting things, toes, etc. These seemingly ordinary postures will affect the health of mothers and fetuses. You can’t know!This article also reminds you, what are the posture of sleep errors during pregnancy?Hurry up and understand.

Nine error pose, try not to do it during pregnancy

The pregnant mothers of office workers are running every day and their homes. They are busy like a gyroscope. Some of the moves do every day accidentally hurt themselves and their fetuses, but they may not pay attention. Which actions should be avoided as much as possible?


The pregnant mother who has been sitting in the office for a long time may be over 8 hours a day, but sedentary can make the vein return to the worse, easily cause edema, and even blood embolism. The varicose cycle of the lower limbs will cause pain in the muscles near the lumbar spine.

Therefore, please try not to sit for a long time, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, it is easy to sit with numbness and cramps because of sedentary. If you maintain the same posture for a long time, the damage intensity will be more obvious.As for the fetal part, the venous return is not good, and the blood supplying the placenta will be affected, which will reduce the nutrients obtained by the fetus.

In addition, if the pregnant mother travels on a business trip, you must take a long -distance aircraft. Don’t sit in the seat without moving. During the flight, you should get up every 60 minutes to walk around and go to the toilet, so as not to sit for a long time and cause leg numbness.

Long -standing station

Many pregnant mothers engaged in the service industry, even if they are pregnant, have to stand in work for a long time. Does standing for a long time affect the mother and fetus?The long -term station will affect the return efficiency of the vein, which may reduce the output of the heart blood, and the posture of the posture of low blood pressure will cause dizziness.On the other hand, standing for a long time will also increase uterine contraction.

In addition, because the long stations will cause the leg vein song, the pregnant mother who needs to stand for a long time can wear elastic socks to improve edema. After returning home, you can use a pillow under the legs to reduce edema, but you must not be 90 degreesLift your legs.As the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, it takes a long time to stand. It is recommended to use the belt to reduce the burden on the uterus on the spine and lumbar spine.

Dajiro legs

Qiao Erlang’s legs are a move that needs to be reminded and not only in all improper posture. Not only is it bad for pregnant women, it may also cause pelvic tilt; after pregnancy, varicose veins and lower limbs have deteriorated.It will make the vein return more blocked. After a long time, it may cause back pain, lower limb edema, feet numbness and cramps.It is worth noting that because the legs are clamped, the blood flows to the placenta is resistant, which will affect the growth of the fetus.

Heavy lifting

After pregnancy, the uterus will be compressed to the pelvic cavity. When the pelvic pressure is very heavy, if you are lifted or moved, the abdominal pressure may be increased, causing the postpartum to have symptoms of uterine prolapse and leakage.Balance, increase the chance of falling accidents.

Suddenly bending down or squatting down

Pregnant mothers of office workers should be careful of any sudden movements. When the uterus is suddenly oppressed, it will increase the risk of uterine contraction and bleeding. Therefore, try to avoid bending.

When you pick up something, you can bend your feet and squat, and slow down the movement. You must also be slow when you stand up. It is best to support the handle and furniture on the side.The dark condition in front of the eyes causes falling and danger.

Kneel or squat to do things

The kneeling posture is easy to make the pregnant woman’s center of gravity unstable, and it hurts the knee very much, so no matter whether it is pregnant or not, it is not recommended to kneel and do other things.For too long, the pregnant mother will feel that the pelvic pressure is too large, affecting the postpartum structure to relax. In the future, the opportunity of uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence is high.


Try to avoid the movements of the toes in the middle and late pregnancy, so as not to fall and be injured.


High climbing during pregnancy is easy to fall, which may cause physical vibration and affect the environment in the uterus.Therefore, there must be climbing high -quality objects at work, and other personnel should be asked to help; there must be climbing high in family affairs, and you can help the prospective father or other family members.

Hold a child

During pregnancy, children hidden many dangers during pregnancy. In addition to falling due to unstable focus, if the pregnant mother holds a child with a big belly, if the child is uneasy, kicks with feet, and unconsciously kicks the mother’s belly, it may cause the placenta to bleed and bleed; thisAfter evaluating the blood volume of the placenta, if there is a slight blood clot, it is recommended that the mother should stay in bed as much as possible. When the condition is serious, the baby must be born as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the blood loss is too much, the pregnant mother and the fetus will be in danger.

If you want to hug a child in the middle and late pregnancy, it is recommended that the pregnant mother sitting and let the child sit on the thighs. Do not directly press the stomach.When hug, you can also let the child sit, and the pregnant mother approaches him.It must be reminded that do not walk with your child to prevent the pregnant woman from being unable to load.

Do not do these sleep errors

Sleeping is important during pregnancy. You should sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. There are also some precautions and wrong sleeping positions when you go to bed, sleep, and wake up. Pregnant mothers can pay more attention!

Don’t drink water 1 hour before going to bed

If the pregnant mother drinks too much water before going to bed, it will cause frequent urination in the middle of the night. One hour before going to bed, do not drink water again, and should empty urine before going to bed.

Don’t sleep after the middle of pregnancy

If the pregnant mother usually has the habit of sleeping, do not sleep after the middle of pregnancy, so as not to compress the stomach, try to keep up with long sleep and side sleep.

Don’t lie down in the late pregnancy

It is not suitable for lying in the late pregnancy. After lying flat, it will press the uterus, placenta, and fetus, which will affect the blood supply of the uterus.In the later period, it should be mainly to sleep on the left side, because the heart is on the left side, and the left side of sleep will not compress the vein back.

Wake up and get up directly

When the pregnant mother wakes up, do not get up like a sitting up and sit up, because this action waist must be forceful. The pregnant woman has a big belly.When you get up, let your body lie on the side, and then get up slowly.

Correct 3 bad postures during pregnancy!

There are many bad postures that are used to develop in life, which may have a negative impact on the body during pregnancy, correct the bad posture, and start now!

Reform 1: 37 steps, eight stations inside or outside

Many pregnant mothers will three -seven steps, relax, stand casually, or stand in the inside eight or eight stands. From the side, the ears, shoulders, pelvis, knees, and ankle joints will be on the line.The back of the head, the back of the thoracic vertebrae, and the hips will be on the same lead vertical line.

When standing, the knee is slightly bent, so that the support force can be dispersed in the foot on average, and the center of gravity is maintained in the middle of the feet and the heel.

Correction 2: Bend over the humpback, the chair is not full

When sitting, bending the humpback, the chair is too short, or if it is not full, and the back is not supported, it will make the blood of the legs unable to smooth; the chair is too low or the small bench will make the body lean forward, aggravate the burden on the waist, thoracic spine, and knees.The correct sitting position, the knee must be bent about 90 degrees and the ground vertical, the waist and back and the chair should be 90 degrees, the soles of the feet can be placed on the ground, or a stool to avoid suspending;With support.

Correction 3: Walking with sound, inside or outside walking eight walking

Pregnant mothers avoid drag on the heel when walking, and do not excessively force when they follow the ground. Otherwise, not only are the knees easily injured, but also cause degenerative arthritis.If you want to test whether your own strength is correct, you can test the wooden flooring of the wooden foot. If you make a sound and cricket, you need to correct it.

In addition, when pregnant mothers choose shoes, they can choose the sole with shock absorbing effect to absorb the instant impact of the foot to contact the ground, thereby protecting the knee joint.

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