These people are not suitable for moxibustion, do you know?

How good is moxibustion

The effect of moxibustion, in the words of the ancients, is called "the medicine is inferior, the acupuncture cannot be acupuncture, and the need to moxibustion". What does it mean?That is to say, if you get sick and then take the medicine, if you do n’t have the effect, you do n’t have an acupuncture, you must use moxibustion, so moxibustion is a non -important treatment method in traditional Chinese medicine.Health care, of course, when using moxibustion for health care, you also need to choose different moxibustion acupoints and moxibustion methods based on physical fitness and solar terms.

Due to physical fitness, the right medicine is prescribed

The "right medicine" comes from the allusions of Hua Yan’s treatment.On one occasion, Guan Ni Xun and Li Yan went to Hua Yan to see a doctor together, and the disease was headache.After Hua Yan gave the two of them, he prescribed a laxative to Ni Xun and gave Li Yan a sweaty medicine.The two looked at the prescription, which was very strange, and asked: "Our diseases are the same, and the same condition is the same.It causes headache and fever, but Li Yan is due to the cold and cold. This is called the right medicine. "1

Different constitutions, moxibustion has a path

In the factors that cause the differences in the causes, human constitution is an extremely important part.

First, yin deficiency constitution.

Compared to yang, human body fluid is yin, like the spring water of life, moisturizing every corner of the body.If the liquid liquid is too much, it will cause the body to dry up, and the skin will no longer be tender, and the intestine will be like a river -loss river, which will easily accumulate into disasters.

Generally speaking, yin deficiency is the most common with blood deficiency and kidney deficiency. Friends with yin deficiency usually feel easy to feel dry and dry, hot and cold, cold drinks, red tongue and less tongue, insomnia, constipation, irritability and other problems.Therefore, nourishing yin is the most necessary.When choosing moxibustion therapy, moxibustion is recommended, Guan Yuan, Paste, Taixi, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Yongquan, Shenmen and other points.

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2. Yang deficiency constitution

If the yang in the body is insufficient, it will be like a cold wind, and you will feel chills and cold, the hands and feet are not warm, the muscles are not true, the mental is weak, and there will be frequent urination, diarrhea, thin hair, dark circles, sexual desire, leucorrhea, leucorrhea, leucorrhea, leucorrhea, leucorrheaWait for problems.

In yang deficiency, the three dirty yang deficiency of gastric spleen and kidney is more common.When moxibustion, you can choose acupuncture points on Renmai, Du Mai, and Back Bladder Meridian, such as Shenxuan, Qi Hai, Guan Yuan, Zhongji, Dazhui, Shenshu, etc.Essence

3. Qi deficiency constitution

Popularity will be easy to get tired, low voice, shortness of breath, easy to sweat, cold, etc.Qi deficiency is the most common with heart qi deficiency.

When moxibustion, you can choose acupuncture points such as Zusanli, Qihai, Xinyu, spleen, Shenmen, Nei Guan and other points to nourish qi and soothe the nerves, and give birth to blood.

4. Wet and humid constitution

Most of the external performance is oil noodles, bitter mouth, yellow moss, acne, prone to sleepy, upset, upset and irritability. Women are prone to increased, and men are prone to scrotum humidity.

For damp -heat constitution, when moxibustion, you can take Dazhui, Quchi, Hegu, Zhongli, Fenglong, and Middle acupoints, wide chest gas, dampness and heat.

5, phlegm dampness constitution

People with phlegm and dampness are generally fat, with more facial oils, and easy to sweat. They are sweet and sweet, which can cause problems such as hypertension and irregular menstruation.Therefore, the most important thing for people with dampness is the spleen and dampness, and the phlegm and degeneration.

When moxibustion, you can choose acupoints such as Yinlingquan, Guan Yuan, Shenshu, Zusanli.In particular, Yinlingquan has always been a dampness.

6. Blood stasis constitution

Generally, blood stasis is mostly due to qi stagnation, which shows that the skin tone is dim, prone to spots, pigmentation, dark tongue, or stasis, unhappy mood and easy to get angry.Therefore, it is necessary to promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

You can choose moxibustion, Gate, and Taichong acupoints.


These people are not suitable for moxibustion

1. Benatural tumors require strict syndrome;

2. Malignant tumors, not recommended moxibustion, moxibustion can cause bloody stirring;

3. Those who have metal buried parts in the body, cautious moxibustion

4. Moxibustion cannot be moxibustion during menstrual period and pregnancy

5. Patients with fever diseases and internal accumulation of evil fever

6, some infectious diseases, high fever, coma, wind, or lean moxibustion during the body’s extreme failure.

7. People without self -control, such as mental patients, avoid moxibustion.

8. Tabes of temporary situation

Temporary situation refers to the current situation of the human body of the human body such as storms, cold and cold heat, or patients with full, too hard, hungry, thirst, great terror, big fear, sweating, emotional instability, and emotional instability.The condition of qi and blood will be more chaotic, so it is not suitable for moxibustion.

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