These situations belong to the uterus abnormal bleeding. Women must learn to distinguish and reduce damage

The uterus is a very important organ for women. The health of the uterus is related to women’s good fertility. If there is a problem with the uterus, the development of women or future fetuses will bring great hidden dangers.Now more and more women have begun to attach importance to the protection of the uterus, fearing that there is a problem with the uterus and endanger health.

If there is an abnormal uterus, women will definitely panic, such as abnormal uterus bleeding.So what causes these abnormal bleeding problems?If these symptoms are really occurred, how should we usually condition and improve?

1. Bleeding caused by uterine diseases

Abnormal bleeding problems are generally caused by the disease. The uterine abnormal bleeding is mostly in the uterus.When there is inflammation in the uterus or breeds uterine fibroids due to hormone disorders, it may cause bleeding from the internal blood vessels inside the uterus. The blood is discharged through the vagina, accompanied by the leucorrhea excreted, showing a faint blood wire.Friends who often have blood in the leucorrhea should be vigilant. This may be caused by inflammation or fibroids in the uterine. If the problem is not found in time, it is very likely that the disease is worse and cancerous.

2. Uterine bleeding without ovulation

The amount of blood produced after ovulation every month is a normal aunt. This kind of bleeding is a normal bleeding that we recognize, but there is a uterine bleeding called ovulation -free uterine bleeding, that is, there is still blood flowing out without ovulation behavior.It usually occurs after the aunt is not come completely.This bleeding is very unreasonable, and it may consider cancer in the uterus.Do a scientific examination as soon as possible, diagnose the cause of blood, and check whether there are bleeding caused by fibroids or polyps in the factor.

3. Bleeding caused by endocrine disorders

There is also an abnormal uterine bleeding, which is caused by hormone disorders and endocrine disorders.Generally manifested as due to endocrine disorders, causing hormonal disorders or excess, which causes persistent bleeding, like a aunt who is coming to a big aunt. During a month, he kept bleeding, lasting for a long time, and never ending.Uterine bleeding exceeding normal menstrual time is regarded as abnormal uterus bleeding, which can easily lead to problems such as anemia and losses of qi and blood.

1. Severe anemia

Disates such as uterine fibroids will cause a large amount of blood loss in the uterus, severe damage to the body’s qi and blood, causing anemia.Anemia can make the human body worse, without strength, and often get sick.

2. Infertility

Uterine abnormal bleeding is a morbid state. It not only causes blood loss, but also causes blood supply problems and affects ovarian development.The ovaries are harmed, naturally affecting conception. It is not easy to expel high -quality eggs, and the eggs are not easy to survive. This will increase the difficulty of women’s pregnancy.

3. Gynecological inflammation

The long -term bleeding of the uterus allows the uterus to be in an open state, which will cause bacteria to breed and enter the uterus, and it is easy to induce infection gynecological inflammation.

1. Professional diagnosis and treatment

First of all, do not blindly treat and stop bleeding. Instead, you should go to the hospital for detailed B -ultrasound examination to confirm what causes bleeding abnormalities caused by diagnosis. The right medicine and treatment are the safest way.If there are uterine fibroids or endometriosis, it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor’s guidance, surgery or drug treatment as soon as possible, so as not to delay the condition and cause greater hidden dangers.

2. Balanced nutritional intake

Balanced nutrition can help women’s physical absorption, promote the normal operation of physical functions, and improve inflammation in the body.Usually you should eat more fish protein and some blood supplements to ensure the health of uterine development and reduce uterine inflammation and disease.

3. Pay attention to the protection of the uterus

The uterus plays an important role in women’s own health and future regeneration ability. Usually, we must strengthen the protection of the uterus, pay attention to the warmth of the uterus, do not stimulate the uterus, and not frequently abortion to harm the endometrium.It is necessary to regularly work and establish the correct living habits to protect the health of the uterus.

Uterine abnormal bleeding will cause physical damage and increase female psychological panic. Therefore, once you find the problem of abnormal uterine bleeding, you must pay attention to it, go to special examination as soon as possible, and control and treat them in a timely manner.Uterine health can make women more at ease.

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