These symptoms of women may be abnormal. If there is no accident, most of them are pregnant

For many families who are looking forward to the arrival of new life, confirming that "pregnant" is a "happy Papa" thing. For expectant mothers, confirming that the baby is coming, it can give the baby more safe and healthy protection.

But in fact, at the beginning of pregnancy, many expectant mothers may not have any feelings. In addition to fast -paced work and life, many people may ignore the signs of their pregnancy, and they will do some that may have an adverse effect on the fetus.matter,

For example, do high -intensity exercise, take cold medicine because of a cold and cough, have hair to dye your nails, have sex, take emergency contraceptives, and so on.

In daily life, what symptoms can expectant mothers judge that they are "happy"?Come and see, how many of the following common status?

The first signal of pregnancy is to discontinue menopation. For healthy childbearing age, once menstruation does not come for more than 10 days (women with regular menstruation), you can check whether he is pregnant.

However, for women with long menstrual cycle or abnormal ovulation, it is likely that it is more accurate to test it for 40 ~ 44 days or the 18th day after the same room.

Due to the effects of hormone secretion, the body temperature will rise, and it looks like a slight cold.

I often feel tired, and some people are even exhausted.

The bladder is located in front of the uterus, so the increase in the uterus will cause the bladder to be oppressed, which will cause urine.

The thirst indicates that expectant mothers and fetuses need more liquid.The daily intake of water is 1 to 1.5 liters.For the first choice of boiled water, eat more vegetables and an appropriate amount of low sugar fruit.

Nausea and vomiting are experienced by most expectant mothers and may happen at any moment of the day.The cause of nausea has not been fully determined, and it varies from person to person.

It is extremely sensitive to some flavors, such as the smell of oil fume and perfume flavor of cooking, and sometimes cause vomiting.

Affected by the sharp increase in hormones, increased vaginal secretions are the symptoms of normal early pregnancy.

The changes in hormones in early pregnancy may cause flatulence, and some people will feel this before menstruation.

In fact, after pregnancy, everyone’s response will not be exactly the same. You need to confirm whether you are pregnant as soon as possible through the correct way. You can judge through the blood HCG examination during early pregnancy, so go to the hospital as soon as possible to understand.I am the obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Wu, pay attention to me, and let you do not get lost during pregnancy.

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