These three kinds of fruits during pregnancy are best not to touch, otherwise it will affect the development of the fetus, which will cause abortion seriously

For many women, the body may change greatly after pregnancy, and at the same time, there will be huge changes in diet and living habits.Because fetal development needs nutrition after pregnancy, many expectant mothers have begun to eat fruits, because the content of water and nutrients in fruits is very large, which is very helpful for fetal development.But even so is not all fruits that can be eaten, especially the following three types. It is recommended that pregnant women should not eat more during pregnancy, otherwise it may affect fetal development.

1. Hawthorn fruit

Many pregnant women have a bad appetite for various reasons when they are pregnant. At this time, they may consider eating some spicy or sour foods, and many pregnant women will think of hawthorn at this time.Because hawthorn can help digestion, it has a good appetizer, but not everyone can eat hawthorn, especially for pregnant women.However, because the body indicators of pregnant women are not stable during pregnancy, some ingredients in hawthorn may stimulate hormone secretion, easily lead to contractions, and more serious also cause miscarriage. Therefore, it is better to eat less.

2. Durian

Many expectant mothers know that you can eat durian when you are pregnant, because durian contains a lot of calories and belongs to thermal food. Occasionally eating some is good for the body.However, it cannot be eaten too much at one time, otherwise it is easy to get angry and constipation, causing a large accumulation of toxins in the body. If it cannot be ruled out for a long time, it may form fetal poison, which will be greatly adverse to the baby’s development.Essence

3. Snow lotus fruit

Some women like to eat snow lotus fruit very much. Some treasure mothers may not be familiar with Xuelian. He comes from high mountains and belongs to cold fruits.Pregnant women should eat less cold foods as possible due to physical reasons, such as Snow lotus fruit, crabs, etc. If they often eat it, they may cause cold body cold, cause diarrhea for a long time, and have a more severe abortion.

Summary: Diet may change greatly during pregnancy. Try not to eat these three fruits above. If you can’t control it, you may wait until the baby is born before eating.

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