These three kinds of maternal anesthesia will not be too smooth, and the anesthesiologist is also very difficult. Try to give birth as much as possible

At present, women have two ways to have children, one is a smooth birth, and the other is a caesarean section.Although it is more promoted to the birth of the delivery today, there are still some mothers who are unwilling or not suitable for delivery, so they will choose a caesarean section in the end.Speaking of caesarean section, you have to talk about "anesthesia".

The child generated by a caesarean section directly opens the uterus and removes the child, and the reason why the caesarean section is "not so painful" is mainly because the maternal anesthesia will be anesthetized between the operation.However, the process will not be too smooth when the three maternal anesthesia is anesthesia. The mother is suffering by herself. The anesthesiologist is also very difficult.

1. Mother with excessive obese body

Obese maternals can have a caesarean section, but generally not to be too smooth. Anesthetic agents are generally calculated according to weight. When they are used, they need more doses to work.However, if the maternal body is too obese, there will be other difficulties in the process of anesthesia. The puncture of fatty anesthesia is not easy to find a place, and more may be required. In this way, the dose you need will be more.Under normal circumstances, anesthesia does not cause harm to mothers and fetuses, but if there is too much injection, the situation is not necessarily.

Second, psychological painful maternal

For the simplest example, I was injured and injured. I didn’t know myself, and I didn’t feel pain at all, but when others reminded, I immediately felt very painful and painful. In fact, there was a part of this pain.Psychologically.Through the mental suggestion, people will also feel very painful.Some mothers are more sensitive in this regard. Even if I heard that others have been injured, they are imagined in the brain to imagine the injury of injury. "It feels painful to think about it."In this category of maternal, when a cesarean section is born, the picture of a cesarean section will be fantasized in the mind. Even if it is anesthetic, it still feels very painful.

Third, maternal anti -anesthesia physique

It is indeed some maternal, and it is the constitution of anti -anesthetic. After the anesthetic medicine is used, there is basically no change. The pregnant mother of this constitution has the effect that the anesthetic should not have the effect, and the process of the cesarean section will not be smooth.And if the dose of hemp medicine is added, then it may also bring a certain danger to the fetus. If you are the constitution of anti -anesthesia, it is not suitable for a caesarean section.It is also very difficult, there is no way.

If you happen to be these three types of ladies, it is best to prepare for the smooth delivery when you are pregnant. The anesthesia of the caesarean section is not smooth, the process is uncomfortable, and it is easy to accidentally accidentally.

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