These three kinds of pregnant women, babies generally do not be born during pregnancy, is it?

Because I am pregnant, I believe we will start calculating our days to see when the child’s due date is.However, not all babies were born within the range of pregnancy.My neighbor Xiaoli had no children that day.Of course, most of them were born during pregnancy.Today, I will talk to you about the baby’s birth time, whether it is within the due date.Babies are generally not born during pregnancy and delivery during these three pregnant women.Let’s compare it, is it?

1. Girls of Auntie’s not on time

The mother who had given birth to a child knew that the doctor was judged based on the last vacation time.After pregnancy, there will be no holiday.However, some girls and aunts are usually not very timely, sometimes a few days in advance, and sometimes it is postponed for a few days.Therefore, there is no way to calculate the pregnancy period based on the date of the aunt.Even if it can be estimated, it is only within a month of pregnancy.

2. Girls with coarse branches

Most girls are more careful, but there are also some girls with rough branches and leaves.Sometimes I do n’t even remember that I did n’t even remember my aunt I came to. Even if the usual holiday was relatively normal, the information was not enough in the end.Even some girls have no obvious response to pregnancy. She hasn’t even noticed her pregnancy, and she knows first.

3. Girls with late birth checkups

Generally speaking, if the check -up is relatively early, the doctor can judge well, and the pregnancy cycle is already pregnant.However, some of the postal inspections are late, and it is not easy to calculate.Moreover, the subsequent check -ups also need to wait for a long time to carry out.Once some girls find that they are pregnant, they will go to the hospital for delivery and prepare in all aspects. This will not only help them calculate the due date, but also know whether the baby’s development is normal faster.

Therefore, netizens, if you know you are pregnant.Be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible for the first birth check.This is also a guarantee for the health of children, making a responsible mother, and making these preparations for the child in advance.

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